***Swiss cardiologist Thomas Binder: “Enough is enough… This modified RNA genocide is the greatest crime in human history, a humanitarian disaster of unprecedented proportions. Currently, the pharmaceutical industry is working on transferring all vaccinations to the modified RNA vaccine platform.”

Swiss cardiologist, Thomas Binder, calls for the abolishment of the WHO. “Enough is enough!” Watch this short but damning video statement by cardiologist Thomas Binder – and look at the content in the various responses: https://x.com/thehealthb0t/status/1792750008409960784

***May 2024 – Short documentary featuring the high incidence of injuries and deaths across the world from the HPV vaccination given to young girls routinely

A new documentary written and narrated by Joan Shenton and directed by Andi Reiss ‘How young girls are being seriously damaged by the vaccine with the highest reported adverse reactions of any existing vaccine‘ https://www.sacrificialvirgins.org The video above (a relatively

***6th May 2024 – Dr Tess Lawrie announces, “Swiss Solicitor Philipp Kruse delivered Notices of Liability to four individuals at the World Health Organisation today.” And further developments…

Dr Tess Lawrie and team fight back on the world’s behalf. Watch the short video statement by Solicitor Philipp Kruse and follow the X thread for any developments… https://twitter.com/lawrie_dr/status/1787448205996605689 14th May 2024 – UK Parliament debate about the WHO Pandemic

*** 18th April 2024 – ‘EXCESS DEATHS DEBATE’ – Watch Andrew Bridgen’s full speech in the UK House of Commons. They tried to cut down his speech to half the allocated time ten minutes before his presentation (to an almost empty room) – this is the despicable state of Parliament in the UK. Plus, links to extensive information about covid jab harms and deaths …

18th April 2024 – Andrew Bridgen addresses the gathered crowd outside Parliament following his speech, “They tried to half my speech today in the Chamber…” https://twitter.com/StarkNakedBrief/status/1780996886251352469 This is a very short video clip of Andrew calling for a complete withdrawal

*** “Corporate, psychopathic, tyranny” Dr Aseem Malhotra’s two-hour testimony in the Helsinki district court to expose the ‘corporate, psychopathic, tyranny’ of the biggest medical crime in modern times … (And further international revelations)

12th April 2024 – I do hope Dr Aseem Malhotra’s testimony, amongst others, will finally turn the corner to expose perpetrators and bring some justice. Dr Malhotra writes: ‘BREAKING: About to enter the Helsinki district court for my 2 hour

***Professor Masayasu Inoue, Professor Emeritus of Osaka City University Medical School, delivers sincere and severe warning, “The pandemic was used as a false pretext by the WHO to drive vaccinations of all peoples in the world.” He says the fraudulent use of “experimental gene therapy to healthy people” was not only an “extreme violation of human rights,” but “the result was the induction of the terrible drug-induced injury that has never [been] seen in human history.” He describes political developments in Japan for the production of further, dangerous ‘vaccines’ for ‘disease X’

11th April 2024: Thank you to Vigilant Fox for featuring this important, science-informed message via a short video statement by Professor Masayasu Inoue. As always, do read the responses too: ‘Japanese Professor Delivers Stunning Message Everyone Needs to Hear “The

*** April 2024: ‘Spring and Resurrection’ by Emanuel E. Garcia M.D. (and more) – NewZealandDoc’s Newsletter – everyone should read this… And a powerful, heartfelt, evidence-informed, four year summation by Dr Claire Craig – a ‘must watch’…

This was sent to me by one of my amazing sisters to ‘circulate widely’ – and I couldn’t agree more that this is a ‘must read’ – written from the heart without a doubt: https://newzealanddoc.substack.com/p/spring-and-resurrection?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=1144743&post_id=143123535&utm_campaign=email-post-title&isFreemail=true&r=ufmur&triedRedirect=true&utm_medium=email ‘Spring and Resurrection – the

*** ‘…we scored a huge win for doctors and patients across the country, as the FDA settled in the case that our own Dr. Paul Marik, as well as Dr. Mary Talley Bowden and Dr. Robert Apter brought against the agency, and acknowledged that it will pull down all social media and website posts that relate to using ivermectin for COVID-19. It is categorically clear (and now legal precedent via the Fifth Circuit ruling): the FDA is not a physician and cannot interfere in the practice of medicine. Per Dr. Marik, “This vindicates our position that the FDA overstepped its regulatory authority by trying to dictate appropriate medical care.” With this settlement, the FDA effectively lost its war on ivermectin.’ 

26th March 2024 – John Bowe flagged up this very important development stating: ‘Dear John, Late Thursday night, we scored a huge win for doctors and patients across the country, as the FDA settled in the case that our own

***Mike Yeadon’s letter sent to Ben Bates of the Metropolitan Police – Mon 11th March 2024: ‘Introductory statement about serious crimes per Mark Sexton communication’

From: MikeYeadon Date: On Mon, Mar 11, 2024 at 22:56 Subject: Fw: Dr Mike Yeadon: Introductory statement about serious crimes per Mark Sexton communication To: Ben.Bates@met.police.uk Ben.Bates@met.police.uk Cc: Mark Sexton Dear Ben Bates, I have been asked by former policeman,

***Calls for investigating the regulators – long overdue! Listen to Mark Sexton, “They all knew, they’ve all got blood on their hands”… Plus: Extremely serious letter to Metropolitan Police from Andrew Bridgen MP… Mark lists the crimes which amount to TERRORISM. See his 19th March video.

27th February 2024 – In England’s context, UsForThemUK flags up this development: ‘A watershed moment to see this in mainstream press. Well done @Telegraph @sarahknapton “The MHRA oversees a failing system that is slow to act, causing harm to patients

***’Deaths During the “First Wave” of the Pseudopandemic Were Caused by Iatrocide’ by Patricia Harrity (The Expose, Feb 2024) – Iatrocide: The act of killing a patient by medical treatment

3rd February 2024 – Please view the article via the link below and support ‘The Expose’ in its provision of independent journalism: https://expose-news.com/2024/02/01/deaths-during-the-first-wave-of-the-pseudopandemic-were-caused-by-iatrocide/ There is some fundamentally important information in this article, and as the World Economic Forum (WEF) and

***Watch this short video by Dr Dan Neides – IT ENCAPSULATES QUESTIONS THAT ARE SO IMPORTANT – and then consider ‘what’s changed?’ considering the covid-19 toxic jabs that have killed so many with ZERO liability of the big pharma companies. Dr Neides summarises, ‘We must uncover the truth about vaccines’ – never a truer word – many of us are trying but we have corrupt and complicit governments and powerful other organisations and people!

23rd January 2024 – Jessica Rojas writes on X: ‘Dr. Dan Neides, former medical director and chief operating officer of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute gives a tearful apology to the families he may have unknowingly harmed.’ https://twitter.com/catsscareme2021/status/1749399388235997203 For your

***Dr David Martin gives a short presentation to the European Parliament revealing the plans and crimes against humanity in the making in the US since the 1960s. This is yet another, essential, ‘MUST WATCH’. Our UK politicians have also been presented with this information – so now what?

18th January 2024 – I have already got links and references to the damning and shocking information provided by Dr David Martin on previous blog posts so I have been aware of his revelations for some time. By now, we

***16th January 2024: Andrew Bridgen MP gives his strongest and most revealing speech in the UK Parliament to date – this is a MUST watch indeed! He really calls out the HUGE failings of the UK Government and Parliament – including their failure to investigate ‘excess deaths’… (and further developments – PM Rishi Sunak still claiming the covid jabs are “safe” in the House of Commons)

Dr John Campbell provides a video featuring only Andrew Bridgen’s very powerful speech informing the ‘Excess Deaths Debate’ on 16th January 2024. The link below also provides a direct link to the official ‘Hansard’ parliamentary record of the full debate.

***What did the creator of the PCR test, Dr Kary Mullis, say about its use? And what role did the test’s (mis)use play in driving up the numbers of people who were identified as ‘infectious’ – therefore being instructed to isolate leading to ‘contact-tracing’ and further enforced isolation …

Many people who use Twitter (now X) have known about Dr Kary Mullis’s statements about the effectiveness and (mis)use of the PCR test for a considerable time. The PCR testing regime has been used to drive the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ narrative

***January 2024 – The UK Post Office scandal given wide publicity by an ITV four-part drama of the true story, ‘Mr Bates vs The Post Office’ – resulting in a public outcry, what will happen next?

8th January 2024 – The well-made ITV drama of this true and ongoing story has really hit the headlines in the UK and resulted in an upsurge of people (1.1 million) petitioning for ex-CEO of the Post Office, Paula Vennells,

***January 2024 – news about farmers’ protest in Germany… and in France… and other countries – the fight back is happening… The damage of ‘Net Zero’ and ‘reducing your carbon footprint’ is huge and challenges to this globalist and fear-mongering narrative are not represented in the mainstream media (censorship as usual)… A developing international crisis as farmers in other countries actively protest against their governments complete with their tractors!

6th January 2024 – Efrat Fenigson writes on X: ‘The German government announced Net zero “it’s only two weeks to save the planet” taxes on agriculture, and the farmers are giving the finger. They blocked roads and protested, which caused

***Satirist, Bob Moran, makes it clear that the tyranny imposed on ordinary people by political authorities (supported by others) was never acceptable ‘even if’ the covid jabs turned out to be ‘safe and effective’ as claimed. Read what he says about this …

I’ve copied and pasted what Bob wrote in his X message because I don’t want this to be ‘lost’. I think the point he makes is very important. Note that he makes his comments below in the context of him

***A 9 minute video presentation by Dr Denis Rancourt – a MUST WATCH – ‘unbiased hard data’ revealing that ‘there was no pandemic’ as seen from ‘all cause mortality data’ – ‘hard scientific facts from looking at the data’ – ‘we found the vaccines are a toxic substance’ – PLEASE WATCH… And watch the tiktok video of Trista – one of millions of victims… We need ALL heads to get out of the sand…

1st January 2024 – Dr Denis Rancourt via X writes: ‘It’s out. Let a scientist speak. Here is the 10-minute presentation I gave at the Christine Anderson @AndersonAfDMdEP and Eva Vlaardingerbroek @EvaVlaar“Make It Your Business” event in Ottawa on November

***Another case of censorship and vilification – Dr Simon Goddek describes his experiences … (and further examples of other people hounded and excluded for voicing their concerns)

28th Dec 2023: I’m highlighting Dr Simon Goddek’s experiences as an example – one of many – censored and vilified, career totally undermined. I think it is so important that people gain an awareness of the range of livelihoods and

***An absolutely brilliant ‘MUST WATCH’ short speech standing up against the ‘Globalist Parasites’ and calling out the undemocratic, unelected World Economic Forum… referring to 15 minute cities and the intent behind them – and more…

Thank you to Jim Ferguson for flagging up this uplifting speech up – citizens fighting back: ‘Canadians slap down Klaus Schwab. Canadians are standing up against the the Globalist Parasites and calling out the undemocratic unelected World Economic Forum. Well

***18th Dec 2023: The ‘International Health Regulations Amendments Debate in Westminster Hall’ (including Andrew Bridgen’s speech) on the vile overreach – the slippery global power grab – of the World Health Organisation (WHO)

I really hope that all UK citizens wake up and make an effort to learn about this vile power grab (my unapologetic terminology as I do consider this scenario to be vile and a global power grab). This is not

***Book: ‘The Accountability Deficit: How ministers and officials evaded accountability, misled the public and violated democracy during the pandemic’ by Molly Kingsley, Arabella Skinner and Ben Kingsley – out now! Plus, ongoing references to the UK’s official covid inquiry… (Additionally, Prof Stefan Homburg describes similar lack of accountability in Germany in response to ‘covid’)

Mike Fairclough writes via X: ‘This explosive new book is already rocking the establishment with its devastating exposés and forensic order of receipts from the pandemic. There can be no more hiding the truth by the key decision makers of

***The Maggie Oliver Foundation – Maggie Oliver “resigned from the Greater Manchester Police in disgust”. “Victims failed… in the most inhumane and unlawful of ways”. She founded a charity leading a team to support victims and survivors of abuse “knowingly, deliberately and, in many cases, unlawfully”…

Connect with @MaggieOLiverUK – she writes, ‘Over 10 years ago I resigned from Greater Manchester Police in disgust at what I saw. Victims failed by Senior officers, Chief Constable and ACCs in the most inhumane and unlawful of ways, feeling

***In VERY strong terms, the UK Parliament has told the British people that the UK WILL NOT be leaving the World Health Organisation (WHO). Plus, responses and developments around the world… Please sign this petition: ‘End the UK’s membership of the World Health Organisation’

18th November 2023: As one person of nearly 59,000 people (thus far) who has signed a parliamentary petition entitled, ‘End the UK’s membership of the World Health Organisation’, I received this official response via email today – note the VERY

***Neil Oliver’s monologues summarise the state of the world due to corrupted leaders and warmongers – Neil has a series of recorded monologues – and he sure packs a lot into them… “Telling More Lies”…

DD Denslow writes via X: ‘No good deed goes unpunished, but lying for the Establishment is a path to success and wealth. Repeating the Establishment’s lies, cheerleading for them, pushing and supporting whatever lies the Establishment tells, carries no damaging

***Nov 2023 – Crowdfunding to take AstraZeneca and the UK Government to court for jab-injured and bereaved – please, please support. Learn how the UK Government is treating the jab-injured and bereaved…

Please listen to the circumstances of the AstraZeneca jab-injured and bereaved – a full explanation is provided and a heartfelt plea for support. These injuries and deaths could have occurred to anyone who had the jabs. Remember people were told

***’Modern Medicine’s Great Controversy’ – exceptional, succinct summary of the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex by Dr Peter McCullough – this is a very important ‘must watch’ video described as ‘one of his best talks’ – relevant world-wide (plus Reiner Fullmich’s detailed ‘grand jury’)

NOTE (12th October 2023): With regard to world events these past few years, below is a talk by Dr Peter McCullough which in my view is an important, succinct summary described as ‘one of his best talks‘. I suggest everyone should find

***The hounding of an inspirational headmaster, Mike Fairclough, who spoke out on Covid-related safeguarding issues for children (including covid jabs for children) – It’s looking like he was only one out of 20,000 UK headteachers to raise questions publicly about the official Covid-19 narrative and responses – please support Mike with fund-raising for his legal fight

Please support Mike in his legal fight: https://bournefreelive.co.uk/controversial-eastbourne-headteacher-who-resigned-asks-public-for-80000-to-fund-his-legal-costs/#:~:text=Now%20he%20has%20launched%20a,Langney%20because%20of%20these%20views. Sally Beck writes about the issues raised publicly by the, then, highly popular and successful headteacher, Mike Fairclough, and the subsequent official ‘investigations’ that followed (in The Conservative Woman). I fully support

***’Exit the WHO, it’s the right thing to do’ – Dr Tess Lawrie and the World Council for Health

Here’s hoping that the WHO (World Health Organisation) loses any and all of its unelected authority: https://twitter.com/lawrie_dr/status/1707091269644644582 See David Bell’s commentary on the plans of the WHO for global dominance: https://debbiehepplewhite.com/posts-about-the-world-economic-forum-wef-the-world-health-organisation-who-and-similar-sinister-and-unaccountable-organisations-who-collaborates-manipulates-plots-and-pays-to-rule-the-wor/ It’s really upsetting to see the UK is a

***Censorship – THE sign of the times – it’s everywhere and it’s chilling to the core. Governments, corporate entities, universities and medical establishments conspire against the people.

The amazing Molly Kingsley who does so much on behalf of others writes: ‘Let’s get this straight. @YouTube is censoring testimony given by a Kings Counsel barrister to the official UK Covid Inquiry on vaccine-related injuries on the basis it

***ESSENTIAL WATCHING – VERY SHORT VIDEO STATEMENT (2 minutes 10 seconds) by Robert F Kennedy Jr about the totalitarian and evil state of the world: “People in authority lie… they abuse every power we relinquish to them… they’re going to have access to our children… to compel unwanted medical interventions on us… they did that in the war…” “They are orchestrating obedience on us to enslave the entire human race and plunge us into a dystopian nightmare…” It’s already happening isn’t it.

This is a very short video statement by US Presidential Candidate Robert F Kennedy Jnr confirming the evil and totalitarian regime being imposed on the world – truly a ‘must watch’. We cannot afford to ignore this warning – and

***September 2023: Rolling out covid jabs again – including for children – “unconscionable”, How can this still be happening? Global figures: 17+ million dead from covid jabs; 2 billion serious adverse reactions.

@PierreKory “Completely untested, variant-outdated, toxic vaccines approved for infants. I called it unconscionable as the (P)FDA no longer even bothers to pretend science and public health are their guideposts. They used to do a much better job of pretending.” https://twitter.com/PierreKory/status/1701951778470924409

***An amazing mother lambasts the school board for putting cult-like gender ideology before the safe guarding interests of the children and for undermining parents’ responsibilities and rights. This is a ‘MUST WATCH’ indeed! And further links on this topic…

There is no need for further introduction, please watch this short video which says it all about the demise in our schools and in our societies: Merianne Jensen @MerianneJensen ‘Spoke to the PWCS School Board tonight about #ParentalConsent and their

***Bill Gates and his ‘decade of vaccines’… His plan – to vaccinate the world… and further information about various vaccines…including the very dangerous HPV jab now given to boys as well as girls

https://twitter.com/Inversionism/status/1699527745103913431 Thanks to @inversionism on X (Twitter) for flagging up this documentary: ‘Bill Gates and his decade of vaccines. This is a great report from James Corbett on Bill gates and his nefarious agendas to inject every human being on

***We have thus far failed a generation of children and young people, what about their experiences and voices in schools? Listen to Montgomery Toms’ responses to the cognitive dissonance of his teachers who blindly followed the irrational government covid mandates…

@TomsMontgomery ‘PLEASE WATCH & SHARE An inside story, from age 14-18: How I fought against the education system during the Scamdemic, where this has led me and the responsibility my generation has when fighting against Agenda 2030. Time Stamps: Going

***Music, art and poetry documenting the covid-19 plan, the global totalitarian responses to ‘covid’, and the covid-jab/s invention and roll-out – all crimes against humanity

Doctor Dr McHonk-Honk – a satirist and talented song-writer and musician – launching with his original song no. 101, ‘Anything But Ordinary (Do Not Comply)’. This made me cry: https://twitter.com/TheEyes2022/status/1697970572091605069 For links to his work, go here: https://twitter.com/TheEyes2022 Here is

***Why are the covid jabs still being manufactured and used when there are so many injured and killed by them? Their continuation can only be considered as intentional evil and greed…

My blog now includes links to videos of numerous truth-tellers, whistle blowers, medics and scientists, and statisticians giving evidence as to covid jab injuries and harms. The numbers are huge for covid injuries and deaths with significant excess deaths unaccounted

***After the “BUILD BACK BETTER” global leaders’ mantra, note the latest adopted mantra by leaders who implemented merciless, military level propaganda, totalitarian covid lockdowns, covid jab regimes and heavy-handed police responses to deal with mask and mandate protestors: “NO-ONE WAS FORCED” to get the jabs!!! Dearie me!

As the level of covid jabs deaths and injuries are revealed from studying world-wide statistics (an estimated 20 million deaths globally at the time of starting this post), hear what the leaders are now saying – with not an ounce

***ULEZ – the shocking truth about the work and connections of London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan… Have you heard about the C40 Group? And the work of the ‘Together’ organisation to address the assault on democracy, cars and transport…

Thanks to June Slater for flagging up this information about Sadiq Khan and his connections – this information needs to be common knowledge to understand the long-term plan for ‘the car’ and for ordinary citizens (read through the responses with

***What does the data show about ‘excess deaths’ (all-cause mortality) – this is an incredible analysis by Dr Denis Rancourt that should be watched by everyone right to the end… the pandemic was not a pandemic and roll-out of the jabs followed significant spikes in deaths – looking irrefutable… This is very important information and evidence.

This presentation by Dr Denis Rancourt really needs to be watched by everyone. The summary and findings are based on careful analysis of the data from several countries. Dr Rancourt’s delivery is easy to follow, calm and professional, based entirely

***Banks’ and Finance Companies’ corporate bullying – what’s this all about then…

Claire Fox is brilliant at identifying what should be established Points of Principle, promoting them, and challenging when these are abandoned or abused… https://twitter.com/Fox_Claire/status/1681771652730822658 Another example – PayPal this time: https://twitter.com/UsforThemUK/status/1681757834730430467 People informed of how to investigate why Nat West

***ClimateGate – an international scandal – more fear mongering not only for the general public – but for the world’s younger generations… What is the reality of the plot behind the goal of ‘Net Zero’?

Trying to understand more about the world’s climate and its history, I’ve been watching numerous climate presentations via YouTube. It’s fascinating to discover the scale of people internationally (the sheer number of them) with the requisite credentials and lifelong experience

***TheBadLawProject: “PSHE as currently taught is unlawful and criminal… The State is a terrible parent… Abolish PSHE in schools… We are going to sue the Department for Education…” Children are being exposed to ideological child abuse, indoctrination and sexualisation in our schools. Please listen to this short, powerful statement to the end. Please sign the letter to Rishi Sunak ‘Sex Matters’ – it takes seconds.

Time to get behind this important campaign – whether you’re a parent, a teacher, a member of the public or a politician: https://twitter.com/FamEdTrust/status/1680161232593068032 This is what I wrote (via Twitter) in response to listening to this speech, “The end of

***Senator Malcolm Roberts – and his serious questions with regards to political events in Australia – including the harms of covid jabs. He raises the alarm about the global take-over plans of the World Economic Forum (WEF)

Senator Malcolm Roberts (‘One Nation’, Australia) is another brave soul who has spoken out loud and clear during this ‘covid’ period. This short speech speaks volumes – and it represents so many others across the world, not just the ‘One

***UK Government’s Counter Disinformation Unit

Government’s authoritarian overreach – featuring unaccountability and inhumanity to the children: https://twitter.com/lensiseethrough/status/1665061479761027075 The situation: https://twitter.com/Togetherdec/status/1665599331695751168 In The Telegraph: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2023/06/05/molly-kingsley-interview-covid-19-government-extremist/ Living in parallel worlds – the charade: https://twitter.com/WofEUnion/status/1669422098891132961

***ESSENTIAL TO WATCH: D. Martin from 13 minutes to 35 minutes “From 1965… Nature was hi-jacked… Science was hi-jacked… Morality was suspended… This is premeditated domestic terrorism…”

I really urge people to watch the section which is David Martin’s talk of an explanation of ‘premeditated domestic terrorism’ – plans from 1965 – the beginning of modifying the naturally occurring common cold to engineer the coronavirus chimera (by

***Is your local Member of Parliament associated with, and/or supportive of, the World Economic Forum and/or the World Health Organisation? If you don’t know, try to find out – ask him or her… I have

It’s clear to see the growing international alarm via Twitter regarding the plans of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). Those of us who believe in freedoms and democratic nation states, and truly value them,

***Author Ben Irvine’s description and analysis of lockdown events in the UK – and the extraordinary role the unions played that Boris Johnson was up against – important information and food for thought

I’ve started reading Ben Irvine’s work and, having lived through the covid lockdowns in the UK, what he has written certainly resonates. I am going to read further – but I’ve read enough to think it’s worth flagging up his

Our traitorous mainstream media – Tucker Carlson’s stating this reality loud and clear. His short monologue will go down in history as a classic example of the boy in the Naked Emperor story! But when will the tide publicly turn? We’re waiting for the truth to prevail. Others speaking truth to power via this post too.

Andrew Bridgen MP is indeed another boy pointing at the Naked Emperor of the debacle (wilful silence about covid-19 jab harms, deaths, and excess deaths) in the UK Parliament. He is also being vilified by the highest politicians in the

***Three year anniversary of the covid lockdowns – time to reflect or move on? What about accountability and inquiry into lockdowns and jab harms? And where did ‘flu’ go?

Dr Clare Craig provides a comprehensive summary/overview for her witness statement for a Covid Public Inquiry: https://twitter.com/threadreaderapp/status/1655500812787896320 This is a heartfelt description of Tonia Buxton’s experiences and thought processes from events these past three years. I can identify with her

***Another theory about ‘covid’ (and other diseases and vaccines) by Dr. Michael Yeadon – after all, various theories abound! Time might tell (though this is no guarantee) which theory is closer to the reality – or spot on…

Dr. Michael Yeadon is one of those brave individuals who has worked very hard with various warnings about the nature and potential harms of the covid jabs themselves from an early stage in the ‘pandemic’. His warnings are always heartfelt

***Are you an ostrich, a sheep, a blind-faith truster, a ‘hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil’ monkey, simply indifferent, complacent, cowardly, courageous, curious – or what? Because some people are working day and night to bring you evidenced information… Do you even care?

A heartfelt and passionate message speaking from the position of working hard to inform, and alert, others – regarding the truth of the global scenario… Some self-reflection is warranted – and probably some appreciation and thanks. Don’t take such ALERTERS

***’MISTAKES WERE NOT MADE – AN ANTHEM FOR JUSTICE’ written by Margaret Anna Alice and read by Dr. Tess Lawrie – the roles of the many participants…

This anthem is not long – please watch, listen and reflect: https://twitter.com/Jikkyleaks/status/1637389267864551424 Not a mistake – substances in chemtrails: https://twitter.com/nbreavington/status/1637588098769887233 Not a mistake – the planned pandemic: https://twitter.com/nbreavington/status/1637600292907646976 Not a mistake – deadly vaccines for many years: https://twitter.com/VigilantFox/status/1637514998401359875 Not a

***2) Disgraceful absence of parliamentarians when Andrew Bridgen MP raises the issue of covid jab injuries and deaths yet again in the House of Commons (17th March 2023) – high time the UK Parliament was officially disbanded pending a full national, independent inquiry!

Well folks, I am beyond disgusted. Andrew Bridgen speaks to an empty House of Commons on raising again the very, very serious issue of the high numbers of jab injuries and deaths in the UK and beyond: My speech in

***Jordan Peterson’s video statement: ‘Back Off, Oh Masters of the Universe’ – plus Elon Musk responds to Eva Vlaardingerbroek – “What rules do you want governments to change?” To stop the globalists pernicious take-over of course.

Jordan Peterson shares his analysis of the ‘presumptuous, power-mad, globalist utopians ‘ and the ‘utterly delusional leaders ‘ noting that ‘a clearer statement of totalitarianism inclination could hardly be better penned ‘ … This is an important analysis of the


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