***Jordan Peterson’s video statement: ‘Back Off, Oh Masters of the Universe’ – plus Elon Musk responds to Eva Vlaardingerbroek – “What rules do you want governments to change?” To stop the globalists pernicious take-over of course.

Jordan Peterson shares his analysis of the ‘presumptuous, power-mad, globalist utopians ‘ and the ‘utterly delusional leaders ‘ noting that ‘a clearer statement of totalitarianism inclination could hardly be better penned ‘ … This is an important analysis of the

***Drag Queen story time and various gender identification issues – and how this is affecting the school curriculum which may be hidden from the parents – alarm and outrage is justified

Drag Queen story time is not acceptable. There are thousands of families expressing their deep concern about this development including by approaching their children’s schools, their local members of parliament, signing petitions and active protesting. I myself have heard from

***”The Time for Ignorance is Over…People Need to See the Damage That’s Been Done…This is a Humanitarian Crisis” – Vaccine Injured and Bereaved ignored by the Mainstream Media and the UK Parliament

"The Time for Ignorance is Over" People Need to See the Damage That’s Been Done "This is a Humanitarian Crisis" As the the founder of CoviLeaks, Fiona Hine spearheaded the #TruthBeTold Covid Vaccine Victim Awareness Month campaign in January 2023.

***A very important presentation about the COVID vaccines and their manufacturing standards (the lack thereof) – and shocking information about the criminal cartel responsible for planning the ‘pandemic’ and vaccine regime. Why has the USA Department of Defense (and other countries) plotted against the world’s peoples?

In a nutshell… Our D.O.D. at the Pentagon owns the vaccines that were produced to kill off humanity! pic.twitter.com/1GNXr5uPzT — TeeJay (@TrevorJukes1) February 16, 2023 This is a 25 minute video presentation that every citizen in the world should watch.

***Common Law Constitution – if you are a responsible, compassionate, UK citizen concerned about holding those in (increasingly despotic) authority to account, I suggest spending some time reading the information and proposed actions of this organisation: the New Chartist Movement

The New Chartist Movement featuring the Common Law Constitution This is a very brief interview, but leaves one wondering, ‘How can the rights in the Constitution be translated in practical ways, in current times, for addressing all the unaccountable actions

***The spread of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs), 15 Minute Cities – and the misappropriation of land (Dutch Farmers) – the undemocratic loss of travel freedoms and so much more – yet more unacceptable totalitarianism to control the people

The spread of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs), and restrictions under different titles such as ’15 minute cities’, is yet another sign of authoritarian control of ordinary people against their wishes. Dearie me – the world is full of little despots

***Posts about the World Economic Forum (WEF), the World Health Organisation (WHO) – and similar sinister and unaccountable organisations. Who collaborates, manipulates, plots and pays to rule the world?

Heaven knows all the goings-on in organisations such as the WEF and the WHO are way above my head, but there are many discerning and knowledgeable people who report on developments featuring such organisations, including suspicious collaboration with government figures


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