***Book: ‘The Accountability Deficit: How ministers and officials evaded accountability, misled the public and violated democracy during the pandemic’ by Molly Kingsley, Arabella Skinner and Ben Kingsley – out now! Plus, ongoing references to the UK’s official covid inquiry… (Additionally, Prof Stefan Homburg describes similar lack of accountability in Germany in response to ‘covid’)

Mike Fairclough writes via X: ‘This explosive new book is already rocking the establishment with its devastating exposés and forensic order of receipts from the pandemic. There can be no more hiding the truth by the key decision makers of

***The Maggie Oliver Foundation – Maggie Oliver “resigned from the Greater Manchester Police in disgust”. “Victims failed… in the most inhumane and unlawful of ways”. She founded a charity leading a team to support victims and survivors of abuse “knowingly, deliberately and, in many cases, unlawfully”…

Connect with @MaggieOLiverUK – she writes, ‘Over 10 years ago I resigned from Greater Manchester Police in disgust at what I saw. Victims failed by Senior officers, Chief Constable and ACCs in the most inhumane and unlawful of ways, feeling

***In VERY strong terms, the UK Parliament has told the British people that the UK WILL NOT be leaving the World Health Organisation (WHO). Plus, responses and developments around the world… Please sign this petition: ‘End the UK’s membership of the World Health Organisation’

18th November 2023: As one person of nearly 59,000 people (thus far) who has signed a parliamentary petition entitled, ‘End the UK’s membership of the World Health Organisation’, I received this official response via email today – note the VERY

***Neil Oliver’s monologues summarise the state of the world due to corrupted leaders and warmongers – Neil has a series of recorded monologues – and he sure packs a lot into them… “Telling More Lies”…

DD Denslow writes via X: ‘No good deed goes unpunished, but lying for the Establishment is a path to success and wealth. Repeating the Establishment’s lies, cheerleading for them, pushing and supporting whatever lies the Establishment tells, carries no damaging

***Nov 2023 – Crowdfunding to take AstraZeneca and the UK Government to court for jab-injured and bereaved – please, please support. Learn how the UK Government is treating the jab-injured and bereaved…

Please listen to the circumstances of the AstraZeneca jab-injured and bereaved – a full explanation is provided and a heartfelt plea for support. These injuries and deaths could have occurred to anyone who had the jabs. Remember people were told


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