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This is a 25 minute video presentation that every citizen in the world should watch. Here’s your choice, don’t watch it and continue to bury your head in the sand (understandable, because we are in truly horrific and dystopian times so who wants to acknowledge this) – or watch it to find out what has happened these past years. I have no idea what, if anything, can be done to address these atrocities instigated by the USA Department of Defense:


Pfizer: “We did not defraud the government, we delivered the fraud that the government ordered.”

We must hope that the criminal case described in this video really represents the ‘turning of the tide’ and even if this is possible, that it does not take too long as people and children are continuing to be jabbed with the experimental toxins of the covid jabs. Watch to the end, apparently animals are being injected with the mRNA technology under the radar. Heaven help us:

A group of people have been attempting to file criminal complaints against the government in England for some considerable time. I don’t think anything has come of this despite a mountain of evidence provided to various police forces as the basis of the criminal complaint.

Different forms of court cases taking place around the world – this one is in America. Who ordered the censorship on Twitter to silence those doctors and scientists who voiced their warnings:

This is so important, please watch this 16 minute video to the very end. My heart is so heavy to feel compelled to share this kind of information having spent decades fighting the fight for literacy-for-all, but this is so very important for everyone to know. It may change how you move forwards with your healthcare and the care of your families, and it will show how important it is to know about and support local, state, and ancient constitutional law:

“This is what they’re doing. They’re doing war crimes.”

The UK Government has signed up a deal with Moderna so this is looking like the next development:

Shortly after adding the Katherine Watts video to my blog, this tweet (below) flagged up President Lula da Silva making mandatory childhood vaccinations a condition of receiving government subsidies in Brazil. This is what Katherine noted in her video as part of the globalist plan. I really encourage people to watch her video, link above. It is important to note developments in the various countries around the world. It’s looking like the USA, for example, is planning to add the mRNA vaccinations to the childhood schedule (children in America receive a huge number of listed vaccinations which I find shocking in itself). In the UK, the government is in some kind of contract to develop mRNA vaccinations with Big Pharma (Moderna) with some questions about Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s commercial links behind the scenes. (Isn’t there always some question about top politicians commercial links behind the scenes?) We certainly have to wonder why there has been such absence of parliamentary interest or concern about the ‘excess deaths’ in the UK and across Europe (and the vaccine injured and killed), and why MP Andrew Bridgen has been vilified and discredited for raising this issue in the House of Commons – and even ‘had the whip withdrawn’ from him by the governing Conservative Party (kicked out in effect).

More on President Lula da Silva:

What really happened to the people:

Fraud and manipulation from the outset:

“Half a million Americans did not need to die…”

I was learning about the efficacy of alternative treatments such as ivermectin from an early stage in the ‘pandemic’ (via various social media news sources) so surely government leaders, mainstream media and the medical profession would have known too – so how come they all went along with the emergency ‘vaccine’ solution alone?

This evidence (below) was circulating as early as 2020 but many governments and ‘health’ organisations around the world chose to ignore it. And yet ordinary people, like me, were learning about the efficacy of these treatments from an early stage of the ‘pandemic’. But trying to acquire ivermectin, however, became trickier and trickier as various ‘others’ chose to discredit the efficacy, vilify the promoters of alternative treatments, and even block acquisition in multiple ways (clearly alternative treatments to covid-19 stood in the way of the need and legitimacy for the experimental, novel mRNA ‘vaccines’):

Read this book as an example of this ‘blocking’:

Complicity in the UK?:

Costa Rica making the covid-19 jabs part of the childhood vaccination schedule. Every time I learn of this in more countries, it’s literally breaking my heart:

In case of any doubt, ‘vaccines’ were already made prior to the pandemic, see here:

The conflict of interest is everywhere – anyone following developments via Twitter will have seen this state of affairs over and again -not least that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has funded every institution imaginable involved in ‘the science’ and regarding the pandemic and subsequent jabs:

We may never find out what really happened in Africa to the ministers who did not fall in line with the global covid narrative and jab solution:

Who ordered what?

Dr Martin names people:

‘BREAKING: Physicians and members of Congress gather at the Supreme Court of the United States with over 100,000 petition signatures to call for an investigation into Fauci’s misleading & corruption.’

Kennedy himself states Pfizer and Moderna were instructed by the Department of Defense and NIH – and that those big pharma companies did not manufacture the covid jabs:

***A very important presentation about the COVID vaccines and their manufacturing standards (the lack thereof) – and shocking information about the criminal cartel responsible for planning the ‘pandemic’ and vaccine regime. Why has the USA Department of Defense (and other countries) plotted against the world’s peoples?

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