***Banks’ and Finance Companies’ corporate bullying – what’s this all about then…

Claire Fox is brilliant at identifying what should be established Points of Principle, promoting them, and challenging when these are abandoned or abused… https://twitter.com/Fox_Claire/status/1681771652730822658 Another example – PayPal this time: https://twitter.com/UsforThemUK/status/1681757834730430467 People informed of how to investigate why Nat West

***ClimateGate – an international scandal – more fear mongering not only for the general public – but for the world’s younger generations… What is the reality of the plot behind the goal of ‘Net Zero’?

Trying to understand more about the world’s climate and its history, I’ve been watching numerous climate presentations via YouTube. It’s fascinating to discover the scale of people internationally (the sheer number of them) with the requisite credentials and lifelong experience

***TheBadLawProject: “PSHE as currently taught is unlawful and criminal… The State is a terrible parent… Abolish PSHE in schools… We are going to sue the Department for Education…” Children are being exposed to ideological child abuse, indoctrination and sexualisation in our schools. Please listen to this short, powerful statement to the end. Please sign the letter to Rishi Sunak ‘Sex Matters’ – it takes seconds.

Time to get behind this important campaign – whether you’re a parent, a teacher, a member of the public or a politician: https://twitter.com/FamEdTrust/status/1680161232593068032 This is what I wrote (via Twitter) in response to listening to this speech, “The end of


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