Trying to understand more about the world’s climate and its history, I’ve been watching numerous climate presentations via YouTube. It’s fascinating to discover the scale of people internationally (the sheer number of them) with the requisite credentials and lifelong experience in the field, who are doing their utmost to point out that ‘global warming’ and fear about the rise of carbon dioxide leading to the notion of ‘Net Zero’ is not what we are led to believe.

Well, I have no expertise whatsoever on this topic but I do concern myself with the level of doom-mongering and mainstream manipulation and propagandising that I have noted these past years. I reckon our poor children and young people face nothing but ideas of catastrophe in the world which must be a truly awful world to live in. I have vivid recollections when I was a youngster in primary school, of a television being wheeled into the classroom and being shown a nuclear explosion (I can see the mushroom cloud in my mind’s eye right now) and, sure enough, it was terrifying. It included film of a building obliterated in a split second by a side-approaching blast. Growing up in a mining area in South Yorkshire, it was not unusual to hear cliren warning sounds coming from the mines no doubt. I used to wonder what calamity was approaching. I would be less than ten years old. Why was there any need whatsoever to show children less than ten years of age such a scene? Did teachers even those days not understand the effect this may have?

And now what are teachers, and others, exposing children to?

The adults in this world have lost their senses and sensibilities and seem unable to put themselves in the shoes of a child.

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Adding carbon dioxide improves vegetation growth:

Check out this ludicrous scenario in Australia:

People are cynical about the new colour-coding for weather maps – and sceptical about the cause of any climate changing and what ‘Man’ can, or should, do about it:

‘The dark side of David Attenborough’… food for thought in The Conservative Woman:

The different natures of the Attenborough beast’ by Niall McCrae (July, 2023):

‘BBC climate editor made false claims on global warming for Panorama broadcast, inquiry finds’:

Australian Senator Malcom Roberts launched a blistering attack on climate alarmists calling upon what is happening in the UK re ‘Net Zero’ scam:

Do read the full statement by ‘Northern Variant’ via Twitter (link below) which starts, “If you believe we must achieve Net Zero at any cost, you have to believe two things. First that there is indeed a climate emergency. Secondly, that the rest of the world is committed to the same objective and if they aren’t, they will follow Britain’s lead.”:

‘Award-winning journalist, Alex Newman: The “human-induced global warming” narrative is merely a pretext for unelected globalists to control every aspect of your life, under the guise of “saving the planet”. “The notion that CO2 is pollution is absolutely preposterous… The idea that [it’s] going to destroy the planet or change the temperature of the Earth is totally ludicrous. But from a totalitarian perspective, if you can convince people that CO2 is pollution, there’s no human activity that doesn’t result in CO2 emissions, including living, including dying, turning on a light switch.” “Every single aspect of your life, then, if we submit to the idea that CO2 is pollution, then comes under the regulatory control of the people who claim to be saving us from pollution.” Watch the full video:… For more content like this, visit: :

‘The “climate crisis” runs on fear.’

Northern Variant ( @FUDdaily ) writes a commentary on Wind Farming, read in full via the link below:

‘Yesterday’s events suggest the writing is on the wall for the great renewable energy scam. The industry was already entering a death spiral and it’s difficult to see how even the most determined government could revive it when all other costs and complexities are taken into account. Sadly, that won’t stop them trying, wasting even more of our money, but there is an upper limit to how much delusion the system can tolerate. The industry can’t deliver. The grid can’t support it.’

***ClimateGate – an international scandal – more fear mongering not only for the general public – but for the world’s younger generations… What is the reality of the plot behind the goal of ‘Net Zero’?

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