I’ve already posted videos via Tweets on another thread but I thought it was time to start a fresh thread as this disastrous story unfolds – a development of authoritarian misappropriation of the Dutch Farmers’ land. This is heartbreaking – and deeply chilling – how will it end:

So this is the reasoning:

This is an incredible snippet of Dutch parliamentary video (below) – please watch in full. It was actually filmed some time ago. Between this exchange in the Dutch Parliament and now (May 2023), does it look like Mark Rutte has subsequently been persuaded to enforce the misappropriation of the land of hundreds of Dutch farmers causing massive demonstrations of farmers in their tractors and other meetings and protests of clearly distraught protestors? Or, does it look possible or probable that Mr Rutte was lying all along about his knowledge of the Great Reset and his association and plotting with Klaus Schwab?

And in China:

‘Prepare for battle’:

So heartbreaking:


In America:




The attack on individual and community farmers – @inversionism on X explains:

‘The USDA and FDA should be considered terrorist organizations for what they do continually to small farmers and businesses. Similar to the Rawesome raid, these farmers were doing what’s called a cow share, where people in the community all pay up front and invest in a cow for milk or meat. This has been done by numerous farms all across the country as a means to avoid using meat processors and big business to just to get clean, properly raised, healthy food, without all the extra fees and government bullshit attached. It’s the perfect business model that supports local farmers and cuts out the criminal corporations and captured government orgs. As expected, the USDA and FDA can’t have any of that happening because they are too busy allowing heavy metals, pesticides, plastics, and forever chemicals in your food, or rubber stamping toxic COVID vaccines for your 6 month old child, so they went to this farm and took all his meat in fridges and freezers, took it to the dump, and threw it all away with a court injunction because he refused to listen to their unconstitutional dictates. This is the same food he fed his family with, but they didn’t care. Thousands and thousands of dollars of nutrient dense quality animal foods, all thrown away. The FDA and USDA both need to be completely dissolved. They don’t protect public health. They destroy it.’


***The Farmers are in Trouble – The World Economic Forum (WEF) has decided to … ‘Transform Food Systems and Land Use’ …

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