The spread of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs), and restrictions under different titles such as ’15 minute cities’, is yet another sign of authoritarian control of ordinary people against their wishes.

Dearie me – the world is full of little despots (councillors) as well as the bigger despots (governments and globalists) – so let’s take a look at this development.

There are a number of interesting and important issues flagged up by Jim Ferguson if you take a look at his Twitter profile:

Jim Ferguson


“The Brits are fighting back. No to LTN,s. We don’t want to live in controlled Zones with fines for those who dare to leave watched by CCTV cameras. Its time for free people to fight back and say No More. We also demand #FreedomOfSpeech#Resist No to this Dystopian Nightmare.”

And here is a classic example of a LTN restriction in action – do watch this video clip because it makes the point so quickly and clearly (and it’s funny despite the issue not being at all funny):

Raised in the House of Commons:

It’s a global thing…

I’m with the farmers – without the farms, and food, we are lost. See this Twitter video and thread about what’s looking like enforced appropriation of farmland. It seems to me that the Dutch Farmers are heroes, akin to the Canadian Truckers. This is the tip of the iceberg of misappropriation of lands across the world – it’s been happening for centuries has it not:

Delays to ambulances in Oxford:

Report about an ambulance blocked in a Low Traffic Neighbourhood:

This is encouraging – perhaps it will become a trend:

Below: “Brothers working together…” “Warriors of Truth”:

18th February 2023 – protest in Oxford against ’15 minute cities’ – clearly people understand this is just a curtailing of their freedom of travel no matter how ’15 minute cities’ are put forward as a good thing: “Government takes a good thing and then uses it as control… They always take a step too far“. Don’t they just!–no-15-minute-cities/

“Move over Greta…” Out of the mouths of babes:

Trying to dupe people yet again – talking about 15/20 minute cities providing services within this time scale when in reality countries with enforced lockdowns utterly trashed local businesses and services. Restricting people into ‘zones’ and fining them for going beyond or breaking the local stipulations regarding their journeys is nothing but taking further freedoms away:

Buses in a pickle in Oxford:

Fight back in Norfolk:

The Dutch farmers and their tractor protest supported by thousands of people:

Elon Musk asks Eva Vlaardingerbroek what she wants governments to change:

I wonder what has justified this action – same thing happened in Sheffield, UK:

This result may not be enough to make enough of a difference – but at least people are voting through their protests and the ballot box.

I hope this happens in the UK where many people think that none of the mainstream parties are worthy of their vote. Better to turn out even to spoil the ballot papers than not to turn out at all:

Glastonbury Town Council meeting on 15 minute cities – and more:

More cutting down trees because of ‘climate change’:

Turning Tides:


***The spread of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs), 15 Minute Cities – and the misappropriation of land (Dutch Farmers) – the undemocratic loss of travel freedoms and so much more – yet more unacceptable totalitarianism to control the people

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