***Does CVC refer to letters or sounds? Post by Debbie Hepplewhite written at first as a guest post for Dr. Kathryn Garforth of Garforth Education

The need to distinguish between consonant letters and vowel letters through teaching about ‘the alphabet’ compared to consonant sounds and vowel sounds through teaching about the ‘alphabetic code’ Teachers need to teach about both ‘the alphabet’ and ‘the alphabetic code’

***Trust the science. What’s really happening? “We have been unwittingly trusting the psychopaths.” Dr Aseem Malhotra’s hour long talk – essential information, not misinformation – a MUST watch as the covid vaccines should immediately be stopped pending transparent analysis

‘Has Big Pharma Hijacked Evidence Based Medicine?’ Twitter thread featuring links to the talk and responses: Dr Malhotra: “Watch, learn & share. We can overcome wilful blindness with the cold hard facts!” Major conference in Sweden – nothing in the


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