Heaven knows all the goings-on in organisations such as the WEF and the WHO are way above my head, but there are many discerning and knowledgeable people who report on developments featuring such organisations, including suspicious collaboration with government figures (and influence on government policies), that should be ringing alarm bells loud and clear for we ordinary citizens of the world.

It seems to me, even in my naivety about world affairs, that the signs of the evil rise in totalitarianism are everywhere. As a mother, and grandmother, and simply as a compassionate human being, I take my responsibility to society and the next generations seriously such that I cannot just bury my head in the sand like so many others seemingly choose to do.

This thread is another on my Naked Emperor Blog dedicated to sharing information and analysis from those with ‘eyes wide open’ (thank you) who are doing their best to alert others who apparently ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil ‘. This will simply not do.

So, let’s start with Nick Dalton’s contribution:

Desperation in Davos’



I retweeted this message below – and read in full the ‘Annotated Guide’ about the amendments to the World Health Organisation’s ‘International Health Regulations’. I really do urge people to read this article by David Bell – what is going on is THAT serious – terrifying and unaccountable – and will affect us all:

Amendments to WHO’s International Health Regulations: An Annotated Guide



And with all this global emphasis (and the determination of known globalists such as Bill Gates and Tony Blair) on ‘everyone needs to be vaccinated’ (multiple times it seems), this UK government job advertisement is circulating on Twitter described by Dr David Cartland as ‘ominous’ – it certainly is:


This is a very short video clip describing the sleight of hand to amend the WHO’s ‘International Health Regulations’ – relevant to the above article by David Bell:


If you’re reading this post, now go to the video presentation of the revelation that the USA Department of Defense planned the COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ and the mRNA ‘vaccinations’ here:


See the short video below – Conclusion: Drop the W.H.O and drop the UN entirely! I couldn’t agree more. This is one senator in Australia who is on the case – well done!


A series of article featuring the unacceptable take-over by globalist organisations by Karen Harradine:


More and more forms of court cases taking place around the world – this one is focused on the censoring that has taken place on Twitter apparently under official directives:


These three very short video clips of a continuous statement (below) are very important. Senator Malcolm Roberts in Australia, and other warriors of his ilk, give one hope that there are people who are fighting the globalists’ take over of the world’s countries and their people with some safeguards and effect:


Bill and Melinda Gates: “We didn’t practise this.”

Not only have pandemic responses been simulated and ‘practised’, pandemics have been planned and implemented for many years including in 2019:


See scale of funding, and where funding goes, from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – do you think this doesn’t influence what happens for ‘public health’?




Top Universities: Tools of the WEF:


Petition to sign:


Important speech on the proposed World Health Treaty 17 April 2023 by Danny Kruger MP:


Esther McVey MP describes her concerns too:

Read what Andrew Bridgen has to say about this treaty and the context for the proposed treaty:



Make no mistake, this is what is planned for the world’s population and words cannot describe how unacceptable and chilling this is:


Christine Anderson MEP and colleagues continue to warn about the dangers of handing over authority to the World Health Organisation – this time, Mislav Kolakusic MEP warns us:


Christine Anderson, “Simply say, No”:


Watch the embedded discussion regarding the WHO plans for total control of the world’s population on the pretext of ‘health’ including “They’re targeting our children” (for jabs):


About the Twin Towers:


KEVIN – WE THE PEOPLE writes via X:

‘The club of Rome’s former president and former executive director of the United Nations, Calin Georgescu sits down for an interview with, Reiner Fullmich

Listen to these allegations: “The United Nations agenda is the same as the DAVOS agenda” #Agenda2030

“Oligarchs run the United Nations and Europe!! These people control all the prime ministers/presidents in Europe” #Illuminati

“Donald Trump was NOT supposed to win, Clinton was and that’s what messed up their plans!!

The #Covid pandemic was supposed to start in 2016!!

In 2020 they planned for a WATER and FOOD crisis, which has now been pushed back to 2025”

“The Oligarchs are connected to a system of PEDOPHILIA!! More than 8 million children go missing each year” ‘


***Posts about the World Economic Forum (WEF), the World Health Organisation (WHO) – and similar sinister and unaccountable organisations. Who collaborates, manipulates, plots and pays to rule the world?

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    Thank you for sharing my piece! I am honoured.

    Keep in touch.


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      I am honoured to have it to share! Best wishes, Debbie


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