Jordan Peterson shares his analysis of the ‘presumptuous, power-mad, globalist utopians ‘ and the ‘utterly delusional leaders ‘ noting that ‘a clearer statement of totalitarianism inclination could hardly be better penned ‘ …

This is an important analysis of the globalist dictats for Net Zero which are already punishing the world’s poorest to the point of starvation and revolt:

Elon Musk asks Eva Vlaardingerbroek, “What rules do you want governments to change?”

Glastonbury Town Council meeting on 15 minute cities (England) – and more… I think Jordan Peterson would be proud of this passionate lady who has made it her concern to know the globalist long-term plans to curtailing people’s freedom and robbing them of any privacy:

I’m so disappointed to discover ‘what kind’ of organisation Jordan Peterson is now involved with – it’s not at all what I hoped it might be with no mention of the people I imagined would be involved – on the contrary. ‘The Amazing Polly’ has been doing some of her sleuthing and she always provides considerable food for thought. Do consider watching her video (it’s important to watch it right to the revelations at the end) in case you had your hopes up about an alternative organisation to the World Economic Forum involving Jordan Peterson:

***Jordan Peterson’s video statement: ‘Back Off, Oh Masters of the Universe’ – plus Elon Musk responds to Eva Vlaardingerbroek – “What rules do you want governments to change?” To stop the globalists pernicious take-over of course.

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