*** ‘Before and After’ – short revealing video by Jeffrey Peel and Joel Smalley featuring statistics (graphs) of covid deaths from countries all over the world before and after the experimental injections. This is a reality check.

https://www.thenewera.uk/p/before-and-after This video and commentary raise very serious questions indeed as to whether any claims can possibly be made about ‘vaccine’ efficacy and the saving of millions of lives. Really? Thank you to Jeffrey Peel and Joel Smalley. Before and

***Christine Anderson MEP – a politician of integrity, courage, and one of few we can truly trust – talks to a full house about the criminal investigations underway

https://twitter.com/Hookie62/status/1613117581186965504 Christine Anderson has long since spoken clearly about the unacceptable and undemocratic events that have taken place in the European Parliament and elsewhere. She has not been a lone voice in the European Parliament – a handful of MEPs

***Over 17,000 physicians and scientists from all over the world state, ‘We declare, and the data confirm, that the COVID-19 experimental genetic therapy injections must end.’

https://twitter.com/GTSascha/status/1609962354904797184 “17,000 Scientists and Physicians warn that the COVID (Vaccines) Experimental Genetic Therapy Injections Must End. They cause far more harm than good. Vaccinated more at risk of disease and death. It damages the heart, brain, reproduction, lungs and immune


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