Debbie: It is always very heartwarming to receive feedback about our programmes and resources. We hear from people all over the world using our resources ranging from teachers, to tutors, to parents, to intervention specialists – even occasional librarians and other phonics teacher-trainers, university lecturers and resource providers! We always appreciate the feedback – here is an example from a parent in New Zealand (sent Dec 2022) aspiring to promote phonics provision locally using our free Phonics International resources:

“Dear Mrs. Hepplewhite,

Warmest Holiday Greetings to you and your family from New Zealand!

The No Nonsense Phonics Skills pupil book 2+ is what I was looking for my 5 year old daughter (Kristina), and we are almost at the end of this workbook. I have done my own search for phonics instructions, and your phonics program is the most affordable and of the highest quality. 

I am a Filipino migrant from Coromandel-Thames, New Zealand. A mother of two lovely daughters 7 yo  Anna Maria, and 5 yo Kristina. I have been searching for a really good quality, easy to use, phonics instruction, that could help me support my children’s journey to literacy. I have found the Phonics International Online Synthetic Phonics Programme the answer to my quest!  I am most amazed because for such a high quality resource, it is actually for free! I also liked the ‘Pick Up and Go Phonics’ Pupil Books (the commercial version of PI and No Nonsense Phonics Skills available via Amazon).

These materials are very easy to use for parents like me. The step-by-step method of delivering the phonics instruction is embedded in each page. The pictures are colourful and attractive. Most importantly, I find the presentation very comprehensive. My kids are able to practise reading, spelling, correct handwriting and comprehension. I am well assured that my children are on the right path to literacy. 

I am so inspired by your work and resources Mrs. Hepplewhite, that I want to launch a parent initiative, reaching out to other Filipino/families, to trial the Phonics International programme. I have started with my circle of friends, and hoping to reach further with other nationals who’s children are struggling to read. This is a very bold and ambitious dream of mine, as I am constrained with work (I work as a RN at our local hospital) on top of my family responsibilities. But one thing is for sure, I just love coaching children to learn how to read, I volunteer at my children’s school during my free time to do this. I am saving up to subscribe to Wand Phonics soon.

Thank you very much for your time!  All the best for your work!

Sincerely yours,

Goldamir Baguio Falis”

Debbie: Information and free training about the No Nonsense Phonics (Skills) programme and materials, and access to buy the ready-made materials, including links to the Pick Up and Go Phonics pupil books via Amazon for DIFFERENT COUNTRIES (but not 2+ and 5+), and our series of decodable Phonics Reading Books (including inexpensive ebook versions ideal for home use BUT scroll past the school-packs to reach the single reading books) can be found at this site.

Full information and free training is via the embedded videos on the homepage and via this page About No Nonsense Phonics.

Here is a quick overview of our range of hard-copy resources to buy which can support No Nonsense Phonics (and the ‘Pick Up and Go Phonics‘ Amazon pupil books which have the same content as No Nonsense Phonics Skills pupil books 1 to 9), the free Phonics International programme provided online as printable/projectable pdfs (for all ages as required) and the digital, interactive Wand Phonics body of work (with full and comprehensive ‘audio’) published by Wand Education.

PLEASE NOTE: To access the embedded PowerPoints via the site, you may need to use ‘Chrome‘ rather than ‘Safari‘ for your internet connection. Safari does not seem to allow all the PowerPoint slides to be shown. I don’t know why!

***Feedback from New Zealand for home-schooling with Phonics International and No Nonsense Phonics Skills (entitled ‘Pick Up and Go Phonics’ via Amazon)

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