***Calls for investigating the regulators – long overdue! Listen to Mark Sexton, “They all knew, they’ve all got blood on their hands”… Plus: Extremely serious letter to Metropolitan Police from Andrew Bridgen MP… Mark lists the crimes which amount to TERRORISM. See his 19th March video.

27th February 2024 – In England’s context, UsForThemUK flags up this development: ‘A watershed moment to see this in mainstream press. Well done @Telegraph @sarahknapton “The MHRA oversees a failing system that is slow to act, causing harm to patients

***’Deaths During the “First Wave” of the Pseudopandemic Were Caused by Iatrocide’ by Patricia Harrity (The Expose, Feb 2024) – Iatrocide: The act of killing a patient by medical treatment

3rd February 2024 – Please view the article via the link below and support ‘The Expose’ in its provision of independent journalism: https://expose-news.com/2024/02/01/deaths-during-the-first-wave-of-the-pseudopandemic-were-caused-by-iatrocide/ There is some fundamentally important information in this article, and as the World Economic Forum (WEF) and


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