6th February 2024 – no words…


5th February 2024 – Report via ‘Democracy Now – How does one ever recover from this loss? You will be chilled to hear of this family loss and the appalling circumstances of their annihilation:

After Losing Nearly 100 Relatives in Gaza, Palestinian American Doctor Refuses to Meet with Blinken


Massive demonstrations against the genocide across the world – are we seeing much reference on the TV – or references in the House of Commons in the UK – or on BBC news? This one took place in London at the beginning of February after the International Court of Justice ruled the genocide is ‘plausible’ and made rulings that Israel is blatantly ignoring:


26th February 2024 – I watched this on Al Jazeera news before it was flagged up on X. I thought it was an incredible summary and clear delivery. Uncle Klaus via X writes:

‘Those interested in the ICJ deliberations on Palestinians right to self determination and the Israeli Illegal occupation of Palestine will want to see this:

A Legal Masterpiece by the British Barrister Ralph Wilde on behalf of the Arab League’


1st March 2024 – How does anyone justify this – and there are thousands more like this:

‘The emaciated 9 year old boy who was pulled from underneath the rubble of his home after spending nine days trapped among his decomposing family members.’


3rd March 2024 – Here is a very short video statement about Israel made by Professor Jeffrey Sachs:

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: “Israel is in non-stop war crime status, in genocidal status, without shame, without remorse, without truth… This is a murderous gang in government. They are zealots. They are not going to stop.”


14th March 2024 – Arnaud Bertrand flags up this exchange via a short video. He comments:

This is an immensely satisfying must-watch: extraordinary rebuke of Scholtz by Malaysia’s Prime Minister, while standing right next to him.’ https://twitter.com/narrative_hole/status/1768136418700767356/video/1

“You cannot find a solution by being so one-sided, in terms of looking only at one particular issue and erase 60 years of atrocities. The solution is not just releasing the hostages. What about the settlements? What about the behavior of the settlers now? It continues daily! What about the dispossession? Their land, their right, their dignity, their men, their women, their children? Are these of no concern? Where have we thrown away our humanity? Why this hypocrisy?”


THIS: What did Tony Benn have to say about war. Andrew Bridgen flags this up:

‘What a great speech by a fine politician and an incredible orator. This speech is incredibly relevant today as we watch unnecessary wars and conflicts begin and cause pain and destruction to millions of people.

Tony Benn was right on the Iraq war from the start.’


19th March 2024 – Some back story about Israel – Brandon Taylor Moore on X states:

‘If you’re looking for THE BEST SPEECH that explains what’s happening in our world,


David Ike is naming the people who are running the subversion we are all experiencing globally. #WeThePeople need to get this. Please share far and wide’

‘Rothschild Zionism’ – Do watch this video and reflect…


19th April 2024 – Ireland4Palestine flags up this (short video clip and full speech provided):

‘After the US vetoed UN membership to Palestine the Palestinian Ambassador gave an emotional speech. The Security Council President from Malta can be seen wiping a tear from her eye’


***Ceasefire Now…

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