***ESSENTIAL TO WATCH: D. Martin from 13 minutes to 35 minutes “From 1965… Nature was hi-jacked… Science was hi-jacked… Morality was suspended… This is premeditated domestic terrorism…”

I really urge people to watch the section which is David Martin’s talk of an explanation of ‘premeditated domestic terrorism’ – plans from 1965 – the beginning of modifying the naturally occurring common cold to engineer the coronavirus chimera (by

***Is your local Member of Parliament associated with, and/or supportive of, the World Economic Forum and/or the World Health Organisation? If you don’t know, try to find out – ask him or her… I have

It’s clear to see the growing international alarm via Twitter regarding the plans of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). Those of us who believe in freedoms and democratic nation states, and truly value them,

***Author Ben Irvine’s description and analysis of lockdown events in the UK – and the extraordinary role the unions played that Boris Johnson was up against – important information and food for thought

I’ve started reading Ben Irvine’s work and, having lived through the covid lockdowns in the UK, what he has written certainly resonates. I am going to read further – but I’ve read enough to think it’s worth flagging up his


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