No matter how much Parliamentarians continue to resist and deny ‘the truth’, the truth will still be told. The longer this goes on – complete denial of any accountability, or refusing to engage in the need for an urgent, transparent, national inquiry into covid-19 jab injuries, deaths and the rise in excess deaths – the more the people will learn that their Parliament is now completely rogue and unworthy:

On the issue of ‘Truth Be Told’, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is doing his utmost to reveal the depths of corruption in the pharmaceutical industry – it just keeps coming and coming. This video clip features the MMR jab and the consequences of autism that have been covered up:

Years of ‘Truths’ about the corruption and malpractice revealed in Kennedy’s book – it is harrowing (very heavily referenced):

And this book is written on the basis of research in recognised journals – these books are wake-up calls that all citizens of the world need and deserve:


Here is a brave truthseeker and truth teller:

Dr Naomi Wolf and her team are compassionate truthseekers and truthtellers:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. describing some consequences of Bill Gates’ actions in the world:

Although I have a whole post devoted to the work of Christine Anderson, I also wanted a record of her here on this ‘truth tellers’ post:

“The journals are paid off…” :

***TRUTH BE TOLD rally in London May 13th 2023 – and other ‘Truths’ from Truth-tellers and Truth-seekers…

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