No matter how much Parliamentarians continue to resist and deny ‘the truth’, the truth will still be told. The longer this goes on – complete denial of any accountability, or refusing to engage in the need for an urgent, transparent, national inquiry into covid-19 jab injuries, deaths and the rise in excess deaths – the more the people will learn that their Parliament is now completely rogue and unworthy:

On the issue of ‘Truth Be Told’, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is doing his utmost to reveal the depths of corruption in the pharmaceutical industry – it just keeps coming and coming. This video clip features the MMR jab and the consequences of autism that have been covered up:

Years of ‘Truths’ about the corruption and malpractice revealed in Kennedy’s book – it is harrowing (very heavily referenced):

And this book is written on the basis of research in recognised journals – these books are wake-up calls that all citizens of the world need and deserve:


Here is a brave truthseeker and truth teller:

Dr Naomi Wolf and her team are compassionate truthseekers and truthtellers:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. describing some consequences of Bill Gates’ actions in the world:

Although I have a whole post devoted to the work of Christine Anderson, I also wanted a record of her here on this ‘truth tellers’ post:

“The journals are paid off…” :

Carol Vorderman seeking the truth:

“Top finance and banking Professor Richard Werner, a former WEF young global leader says the globalists ultimate goal is to implement CBDCS as a chip under the skin. The technology was ready in 2015 but they have delayed the agenda, implemented various crises to soften people up so they eventually accept it. Eg through universal basic income.” :

July 2023: England’s Secretary of State for Education, Gillian Keegan, states ‘schools were not shutdown’ during the covid era – read the outcry from parents of locked down and badly affected children:

Many people’s understanding of the medical profession will be forever changed – and this clip indicates why, doctors may not be putting patients first (and that was certainly the case when they ignored the precautionary principle and instead cooperated with governments to jab the nations with experimental materials including young people and pregnant women):

Another doctor who refuses to be silenced:

After watching umpteen court-style testimonies in America, covering various events and developments, nothing ever seems to come of them despite extraordinary, evidenced revelations of one kind or another. This is about Hunter Biden’s laptop cover-up – so what now? Are there no outcomes based on truth and justice? Is it impossible to hold anyone in authority to account? It’s certainly looking that way (something I’ve observed for many years – even before covid times):

The covid virus was already out of the Wuhan lab in 2019 – this is not the first time, nor the first source, that I’ve heard this:

Matt Hancock disregards professional caution about the use of midazolam – this is an important read:

This is a heartwarming video of England’s Matt le Tissier described by interviewer Ash Mahmood as a ‘humanitarian who transcends football, standing for freedom, risking all, the legend & kind soul Matt Le Tissier as he discusses his life, career & the past 3 years of state sponsored tyranny”. Ash presents as a caring and compassionate man too:

‘Vigilant Fox’ has been outstanding in the information provided via Twitter:

Ash Mahmood’s ‘Planet Uplift’ – a series of important and heartwarming interviews of wonderful people describing their experiences in this dreadful period:

I haven’t had time to watch all Ash’s interviews but I highly recommend this one with Dr Ros Jones. The questions have been very carefully considered to cover a wide range of circumstances regarding covid and the Government’s response – and the answers Ros provides illustrate the disgraceful responses of the Government – not a precautionary principle in sight and totally disregarding the worries of many, appropriately experienced doctors and scientists:

The shocking truth about London mayor, Sadiq Khan – as posted by June Slater via X (Twitter):

“Why do so few people join the dots between Sadiq Khan, the C40 Group & Bill Clinton…C40 Group targets ZERO private car ownership by 2030…Khan is Chair of C40…Clinton & Bloomberg 2 “key people” as noted by Wikipedia…all in plain sight”


Thank you to Doctor Dr McHonk-Honk:

Folks, I genuinely can’t believe the way the song has been received.


A lot of people asking where they can buy it, so I’ve set up a Bandcamp here;… The lyrics are on there too. You can also pre-save it on Spotify here;… It’ll be released on all platforms on the 8th September. Thank you again, from the bottom of my monkey-heart. xo

***TRUTH BE TOLD rally in London May 13th 2023 – and other ‘Truths’ from Truth-tellers and Truth-seekers…

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