***Three year anniversary of the covid lockdowns – time to reflect or move on? What about accountability and inquiry into lockdowns and jab harms? And where did ‘flu’ go?

Dr Clare Craig provides a comprehensive summary/overview for her witness statement for a Covid Public Inquiry: https://twitter.com/threadreaderapp/status/1655500812787896320 This is a heartfelt description of Tonia Buxton’s experiences and thought processes from events these past three years. I can identify with her

***Another theory about ‘covid’ (and other diseases and vaccines) by Dr. Michael Yeadon – after all, various theories abound! Time might tell (though this is no guarantee) which theory is closer to the reality – or spot on…

Dr. Michael Yeadon is one of those brave individuals who has worked very hard with various warnings about the nature and potential harms of the covid jabs themselves from an early stage in the ‘pandemic’. His warnings are always heartfelt

***Are you an ostrich, a sheep, a blind-faith truster, a ‘hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil’ monkey, simply indifferent, complacent, cowardly, courageous, curious – or what? Because some people are working day and night to bring you evidenced information… Do you even care?

A heartfelt and passionate message speaking from the position of working hard to inform, and alert, others – regarding the truth of the global scenario… Some self-reflection is warranted – and probably some appreciation and thanks. Don’t take such ALERTERS

***’MISTAKES WERE NOT MADE – AN ANTHEM FOR JUSTICE’ written by Margaret Anna Alice and read by Dr. Tess Lawrie – the roles of the many participants…

This anthem is not long – please watch, listen and reflect: https://twitter.com/Jikkyleaks/status/1637389267864551424 Not a mistake – substances in chemtrails: https://twitter.com/nbreavington/status/1637588098769887233 Not a mistake – the planned pandemic: https://twitter.com/nbreavington/status/1637600292907646976 Not a mistake – deadly vaccines for many years: https://twitter.com/VigilantFox/status/1637514998401359875 Not a

***2) Disgraceful absence of parliamentarians when Andrew Bridgen MP raises the issue of covid jab injuries and deaths yet again in the House of Commons (17th March 2023) – high time the UK Parliament was officially disbanded pending a full national, independent inquiry!

Well folks, I am beyond disgusted. Andrew Bridgen speaks to an empty House of Commons on raising again the very, very serious issue of the high numbers of jab injuries and deaths in the UK and beyond: My speech in


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