Dr. Michael Yeadon is one of those brave individuals who has worked very hard with various warnings about the nature and potential harms of the covid jabs themselves from an early stage in the ‘pandemic’. His warnings are always heartfelt – and always censored. His work history certainly suggests he knows what he is talking about when it comes to ‘vaccines’. And, over time, it looks like various warnings of his (and others of his ilk) are coming to pass such as jab injuries and deaths. With regard to political and globalist motives, dearie me, isn’t that a hornets’ nest… With regard to plots and plans, here are Dr. Yeadon’s current thoughts… via a quick and straightforward read (posted March 2023):


A Twitter thread featuring Dr. Yeadon’s article – see the responses:


James Delingpole writes in The Conservative Woman (TCW) referencing both Michael Yeadon and Simon Elmer:

Covid, imaginary pandemic of the brainwashed (by James Delingpole, March 24th 2023):


Below is the link to another post featuring questions raised about ‘vaccines’ including additional content raised by Michael Yeadon:


***Another theory about ‘covid’ (and other diseases and vaccines) by Dr. Michael Yeadon – after all, various theories abound! Time might tell (though this is no guarantee) which theory is closer to the reality – or spot on…

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