Perhaps for the very first time for many people, they are asking questions about vaccines – the risk/benefit analysis – that we have never thought to ask in that most people have trusted the medical profession so completely.

In fact, to even question the use of vaccines has led to the notion, the accusation, of being an ‘anti-vaxxer’ as if that is something truly bad and irresponsible.

In the light of the covid-19 jabs and the severe consequences for so many children and adults around the world, trust has disappeared for many people and serious questions have been raised about efficacy and dangers of vaccines generally – good – as ‘vaccinating’ babies and children is an enormous responsibility.

If ever there was a ‘must watch’, this is one of those:

It’s overdue for people to understand more about vaccines and whether they are necessary – or whether the risks of the various vaccines outweigh the benefits.

Has the advent of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) really been a consequence (in at least some cases, if not many) triggered by some vaccines? Certainly there are parents on Twitter describing just this circumstance – utterly heartbreaking when considering that these deaths, or injuries, could have been avoidable if parents had been more fully aware of such possible consequences. And just like covid-19 jab injuries and deaths, parents of these children have seemingly had little sympathy or acknowledgement from the medical profession. They have just been left in their grief, and in trying to cope.

It’s looking like we may be moving into a very different era, when people are no longer assuming the medical profession know what they are doing and they are certainly questioning ‘Big Pharma’ and the lack of transparency, accountability and care:


It could be that the ‘same’ vaccines are essential at some point in the future for children or adults, but particularly in America, babies and children are being given a huge number of vaccines which is chilling. Are they really necessary? What happened to the notion that human beings have an immune system as part and parcel of their natural biology?

I am not entirely ‘anti-vaxx’ despite the impression I give, but I do think that parents should not say ‘yes’ without doing their research first.

With regard to the covid-19 ‘vaccines’, no, I don’t trust them a jot – and I’m not persuaded about the quality of the research, nor the honesty and intentions of those promoting them so vociferously.

About the covid-19 jabs:

Check out the link provided!

Read, listen, despair…

The rise in autism:

Described as a ‘new killing spree’:

Why indeed – this is not a small question:

Shocking vaccine schedule:

This immune deficiency was warned about in the early days of the covid-19 jabs. Everything is coming to pass of those brave and distraught scientists who were censored and vilified – but where is the accountability?:

Study about heart damage from covid-19 jabs:

‘From Florida’s Surgeon General, a devastating indictment of the vaccine and its pushers’:

Jab injured in New Zealand:

‘Smoke, Mirrors and the “Disappearance” of Polio’:

‘Turtles All The Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth’ a review of published science:

The explosion of autism:

Bill Gates the major funder of the UK medicines regulator:

2023: Another press conference with Christine Anderson and associates – flagging up the next plans for the mRNA jabs and targeted sections of the population such as ‘pregnant women’. This is certainly a crime against humanity and it continues:

MMR and autism cover up:

List of papers featuring the covid-19 jabs and findings:

I wonder how many more cover-ups about infant vaccine injuries and deaths will come to light:

COVID Jab Tied to More Adverse Events and Deaths Than All Other Vaccines in History Combined So, why is the CDC silent on this? “If you have government officials staring at a very loud signal and telling you there is no signal, that’s a signal in itself,” said @sasha_latypova:

The HPV jab is another really dangerous jab. One of my relations – a boy – was paralysed for two days after this jab, but some are seriously injured for life, some are killed and some kill themselves because the injuries are so debilitating. Learn what happened to Colton Berrett – such a needless tragedy. We should all live our lives as if this was our son, grandchild, brother, sister, cousin – because it could happen to any of our young people:

Doesn’t it look like cover up after cover up re covid jab deaths? [Note that I find it impossible to call them ‘vaccines’.] Here is a doctor’s testimony in Australia as she tries to find out the cause of deaths of so many young people and children via ‘freedom of information’ – watch to the end:

Deposition about vaccines [a deposition is a formal written statement, made for example by a witness to a crime, which can be used in a court of law if the witness cannot be present]:

‘If anyone who is pro-vaccine watched this 9 hour deposition in full between

@AaronSiriSG and Plotkin, they wouldn’t be pro-vaccine anymore. Siri is a beast of a lawyer. It’s full of horrifying omissions, willful attempts to avoid the truth, and Siri trying to keep Plotkin on point because he kept trying to weasel and ramble his way out of admitting vaccines don’t have safety testing, or that you shouldn’t consider aluminum adjuvants as an acceptable placebo control to discern safety.… Here is just a few minutes where Plotkin admits to experimenting on orphans, the mentally ill, and the disabled.’:

I started a new post featuring the presentation of Dr Denis Rancourt featuring his detailed analysis of data of excess deaths in numerous countries where these peaked following successive covid jab roll-outs – I suggest this is a very important presentation and do watch to the end as this includes important questions and answers:

‘Dr. Mike Yeadon, former vice president at Pfizer, tells Dr. Drew that the experimental mRNA injections administered during the “pandemic” were deliberately formulated to accumulate in the ovaries and produce mass infertility. Full interview:… For more content like this, visit: ‘:

Michael Yeadon shares some history and information about polio and possible causes:

The realities of the consequences of various jabs are increasingly being revealed – we are in a new era (alerted by covid jab injuries and deaths) when it is becoming clear that we cannot take for granted the safety of any vaccines without serious investigation first:

‘This is story from the director/writer of the Trace Amounts documentary. He was a full grown adult male who got a tetanus vaccine with mercury in it and it obliterated him and nearly destroyed his life. He developed severe mental illness, muscle twitching, numbness, tremors, sensitivity to sound, vision problems, bowel issues, and countless other symptoms immediately after the vaccine.’

Inversionism writes:

“Listen to Dr Theresa Deisher explain how aborted fetal cells are used in vaccine and drug development. The most horrifying thing she disclosed is how the cells are harvested… To effectively harvest the heart cells from a fetus, it has to be kept alive during the extraction process. Meaning they have to cut open the chest to access the heart without anesthesia, extract the cells while it’s still beating, and then euthanize the fetus before or after extracting the rest of the tissue and organs for sale to pharmaceutical and biomedical companies. They do the same with garnering the highly sought after fresh cells from the brain, but instead cut open the face while the fetus is still alive. I’m still dumbfounded that this is allowed and acceptable in any single capacity, and honestly wish I could forget it. Anytime I think of vaccines, I’m reminded of this disclosure and feel disgusted. It’s terrifying how devalued human life has become in the eyes of “modern” medicine and the establishment, and the lengths pharmaceutical companies will go to get what they want. It’s so inhuman and objectively evil. If you think abortion rights have anything to do with the rights of women to choose or bodily autonomy, then you’re naive. They don’t care about any of our rights at all, and COVID demonstrated that to all of us many times over. It’s about profit, power, and other nefarious agendas. This has to stop.”

What kind of perverse creature is the human species? And what kind of perverse human beings could do this – with or without a conscience? If everyone knew this, what would they think about the advent of ‘vaccines’ now?

The HPV jab is proving to be a very dangerous jab with a high rate of injury:

Sally Beck writes about this: ‘HPV ON TRIAL! More than 270million doses of the HPV vaccine have been administered in over 125 countries since it was introduced in 2006. It was supposed to prevent cervical cancer but instead we have yet another emerging vax scandal.’

More about the HPV jab – Jacqui Devon on X writes: ‘In 2008, young girls started to get the HPV jab (trade name Gardasil and Cervarix) in an attempt to guard against cervical cancer. A few years later, I started getting emails from concerned parents whose daughters had become extremely ill. I did a lot of research and interviewed some of the girls. I had articles published between 2016 and 2017 by mainstream publications and news outlets. Many of these young women were suffering with premature ovarian failure which basically meant their periods had stopped and they’d entered early menopause. I remember thinking back then, these girls will never be able to have children. These victims are now in their twenties. As far as I know, there have been no studies on how their fertility is these days. My guess is that many of the girls who had these toxic shots are now infertile. In 2018, Gardasil was recommended for boys too. It was said to prevent anal cancer. A study a few years back showed that girls who’d had the jab were more likely to develop cervical cancer. Go figure.’

Can vaccines cause cancer? Read some thoughts and information about this serious question:

***About vaccines – information about contents, research and serious side effects – we can no longer assume all vaccines are ‘safe’ …

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