I really urge people to watch the section which is David Martin’s talk of an explanation of ‘premeditated domestic terrorism’ – plans from 1965 – the beginning of modifying the naturally occurring common cold to engineer the coronavirus chimera (by ‘gain of function’ – Fauci) – all planned and patented for many decad. ‘The key driver is the media’ with ‘the intent to get the world to accept a universal vaccine template’. You really need to watch David Martin’s short talk – and also the whole event if possible:

Nick Hart on the science:

Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier:

This is a completely unacceptable set of circumstances:

This – yes – morality suspended indeed:


Dr Bhakdi’s Criminal Charges took a back seat…


United States – estimate of deaths caused by covid 19 jabs:


***ESSENTIAL TO WATCH: D. Martin from 13 minutes to 35 minutes “From 1965… Nature was hi-jacked… Science was hi-jacked… Morality was suspended… This is premeditated domestic terrorism…”

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