***’Modern Medicine’s Great Controversy’ – exceptional, succinct summary of the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex by Dr Peter McCullough – this is a very important ‘must watch’ video described as ‘one of his best talks’ – relevant world-wide (plus Reiner Fullmich’s detailed ‘grand jury’)

NOTE (12th October 2023): With regard to world events these past few years, below is a talk by Dr Peter McCullough which in my view is an important, succinct summary described as ‘one of his best talks‘. I suggest everyone should find

***The hounding of an inspirational headmaster, Mike Fairclough, who spoke out on Covid-related safeguarding issues for children (including covid jabs for children) – It’s looking like he was only one out of 20,000 UK headteachers to raise questions publicly about the official Covid-19 narrative and responses – please support Mike with fund-raising for his legal fight

Please support Mike in his legal fight: https://bournefreelive.co.uk/controversial-eastbourne-headteacher-who-resigned-asks-public-for-80000-to-fund-his-legal-costs/#:~:text=Now%20he%20has%20launched%20a,Langney%20because%20of%20these%20views. Sally Beck writes about the issues raised publicly by the, then, highly popular and successful headteacher, Mike Fairclough, and the subsequent official ‘investigations’ that followed (in The Conservative Woman). I fully support


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