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Sally Beck writes about the issues raised publicly by the, then, highly popular and successful headteacher, Mike Fairclough, and the subsequent official ‘investigations’ that followed (in The Conservative Woman).

I fully support Mike and agree with all the issues he raised regarding safeguarding children. What I find personally shocking, dismaying, chilling, is that he was only one out of 20,000 headteachers who responded with questions regarding the covid-19 narrative and subsequent official dictates.

As my profession is ‘education’, I too have been really dismayed by the public silence of other educationalists. Following many in the literacy field on Twitter (now X), I’ve thrown down the gauntlet (in effect) for them to speak up, to have a view, to discuss and debate the narrative and Government responses. The result has been many people ‘unfollowed’ me. Some publicly abused me and attempted to ridicule me. Others remained completely silent as if nothing was untoward in the world – not even any references to covid, lockdowns and jab mandates. A few wrote to me privately to thank me for speaking up where they felt unable or afraid to speak up – often because they feared for losing their jobs. It seems they were right to fear for their livelihoods when you consider what happened to Mike and also considering the ‘mandates’ for everyone to have the covid-jabs no matter what.

I was so concerned about the dangers of the inadequately tested covid-jabs that when I became aware of what presented as heartfelt and professional warnings from doctors and researchers across the world with the requisite ‘credentials’ and history to have a view, or express a worry, I raised such worries and caution with the literacy organisation I have been in for over 20 years considering they were actually friends and not just associates. I also raised my concerns about the transgender ideology which has affected schools directly. Some preferred not to discuss these issues, some responded privately (some partly supportive but some very sceptically), some were scathing even in the public (Twitter) domain instead of privately.

This developed into me being CENSORED by some in this literacy organisation – a state of affairs that we have seen worldwide – the suppression of free speech and people flexing their muscles to assert some kind of authority one way or another. Well, I’m too long in the tooth (mature) for anyone to attempt to censor me – and probably experienced the kind of dismay that Mike has experienced although his case is extreme considering he was hounded out of his profession altogether and investigated by government officials! It’s almost hard to believe this is the same UK as I/we thought it to be five years ago. By the way, I resigned from my literacy organisation – followed by several others in support (not pre-arranged with me).

Ultimately, this post is about the safeguarding of children – and how ‘we’ in the UK have utterly failed to safeguard the children. Instead, the powers-that-be (including parliamentarians, various medical organisations and the corrupted mainstream media – and the education profession generally) have done nothing less than manipulate and terrorise the children – possibly because many teachers were actually manipulated and terrorised themselves. This seems to be the pattern nowadays:

NOTE (12th October 2023): With regard to world events these past few years, below is a link to a talk by Dr Peter McCullough which in my view is an important, succinct summary described as ‘one of his best talks‘. I suggest everyone should find the time to watch as the information is relevant to the whole world:

‘Modern Medicine’s Great Controversy – Dr Peter McCullough’:

And yet more Government over-reach – this time into the legal system. ETHICAL APPROACH UK writes via X:

‘This is what you need to understand about the SOLICITORS REGULATION AUTHORITY (@sra_solicitors) and why so many desperate people have struggled to secure advice and representation from a solicitor in England and Wales in relation to challenging Covid 19 Govt narratives’:

Mike Fairclough asks (as many other people are asking):

‘When will the @covidinquiryuk start asking the real questions? “Why the unseemly rush to give our children a vaccine they don’t need? If the JCVI can’t agree, how can a child truly make an informed decision?” Allison Pearson writing in The Telegraph (Sept 2021) Chris Whitty overruled the JCVI and kids 12-15 started being vaccinated against Covid-19. This was unethical, immoral and unnecessary. The British public, which includes over 10 million children, deserves answers.’

The heading of Allison Pearson’s article speaks volumes:

Why the unseemly rush to give our children a vaccine they don’t need?

If even the experts can’t agree, heaven help a 12 year-old trying to make an ‘informed’ decision

Mike flags up the concerns of Miriam Cates MP: “When there are concerns about the future health of our children, why have we not waited for more evidence to emerge?” Miriam Cates MP, speaking in a UK Parliamentary debate regarding the Covid vaccines for children.

‘Miriam Cates MP, spoke at a Parliamentary debate about the vaccination of healthy 12 to 15 year old children against Covid-19 (on 21/09/21). Her words were very powerful, logical and backed by science.’

Make sure you follow up on the questions and statements (extracts) of Miriam – this link below also leads to further parliamentary speeches by other concerned MPs. Yet, to date (Nov 2023), covid jabs for children are still being promoted and given in the UK. How can this be?:

“One lesson to be learnt it is that young, healthy people should not have been forced, through restrictions on their movements, to be vaccinated against a disease that hardly affected them” The Telegraph:

Mike writes: ‘As I explain on The Freeman Report, many of us who questioned UK government pandemic policy were secretly monitored by the Counter Disinformation Unit. At the same time, psychological nudge units encouraged the public to view people like me as extremists. In doing so, the State was able to silence dissenting voices and create the conditions for us to be publicly vilified. This is profoundly undemocratic and more like Communist China than Great Britain. In the end, I was reported and investigated three times for expressing my lawful opinions about lockdowns and the Covid vaccines for children. I was also reported to the Department for Education’s Counter Extremism Division. I was cleared across the board each time but it resulted in me losing my successful career as a Headteacher (school principal).

Please listen to the podcast here:’

Setting the scene – no justification for injecting children with the covid jabs:

16th November 2023: Mike’s article for ‘The Daily Sceptic’:

Mike publicly questioned the reasoning behind the children being injected with experimental covid jabs at all, see what others have said:

“We became a culture that injected young children w/ an experimental drug, w/ known side effects, for a disease they didn’t have a significant risk from, mainly to use them as shields for adults. That is the most immoral, unethical display of anything I have seen in my life.”

And bear in mind these jabs have yet to be stopped, they’re still available and being promoted for children…

20th December 2023: Mike flags up Allison Pearson’s article in The Telegraph and he writes:

A historic mistake, a hysteria if you will, in which certain adults, acting for ideological reasons or because they were too scared to challenge the groupthink” Allison Pearson, The Telegraph

This is a very important statement about trans ideology within schools. It also applies to the education sector’s response to Covid. The danger of groupthink within the teaching profession and its safeguarding implications cannot be overstated.

When I qualified to become a teacher, thirty years ago, there was an intellectual requirement which has since been diluted. Today’s teachers are as much a part of the Tik Tok generation, and its nefarious influences, as the children in their care. If the latest thing to agree with (or at least to stay quiet about) is across social media, then teachers will embrace it.

This is why I have repeatedly stated that critical thinking and free speech go hand in hand with safeguarding children against harm. A view which has cast me as an extremist by some within the education profession. However, if something looks and feels wrong, teachers should stand up and speak out about it. They don’t all agree with the lunacy which they are encouraged to spread but they do self-censor out of fear of reprisals. This must end.’

Read the accolade written by Dr Peter McCullough for the forthcoming book by Mike Fairclough:

Mike writes via X: Earlier this year, I received the encouragement of US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Made possible by the great Dr. Peter McCullough. Two men who I admire enormously for their moral courage and commitment to truth and justice. Now, Dr. McCullough has generously written the foreword to my new book! Please read extract here

“Fairclough came into popular orbit during the pandemic as an advocate for civil liberties and protectorate of children who were offered up as innocent lambs to the unsafe, ineffective, mass indiscriminate COVID-19 vaccine campaign. Fairlclough’s story is one that needs to be told. This beautifully illustrated book is well-written and punchy. It drives home the fundamental message that free speech is the steel girder framework for which all civil liberties are crafted and defended. Fairclough, with The Hero’s Voice -Finding the Courage to Speak Out, stands today with his book as a sentinel, or an early warning system, for what has become a world-wide, contagious groupthink causing the human mind to grow dark; to be pitted against family, friends, and government in an epic struggle for rationalism, freedom, and pursuit of inalienable rights…….Fairlclough’s fight is your fight. We are blessed to have him and this book to serve as a guidepost during a time of darkness before the inevitable dawn”

Mike describes the outrageous approach towards the 12 to 15 year olds to take the jab without their parents’ consent or knowledge. Mike writes:

‘My former employer @EastSussexCC allowed children to receive this NHS leaflet in their schools, promising not to inform their parents if they booked a Covid vaccine. I found this profoundly unethical so I blew the whistle. “Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust has promised youngsters that they will not inform their families or teachers if they get in touch to organise a vaccine….. “Mike Fairclough, a headteacher in Sussex, said he came across the leaflets, which were being handed out to children at local secondary schools. ‘Saying to children “don’t worry we won’t tell your parents” is usually frowned upon and considered really sinister’ he said. “We will keep it quiet from your parents” sends out a really bad message’.

Telegraph 2021

29th April 2024 – Update from Mike – read in full via the link below:

‘All education professionals have a legal duty to safeguard children against harm. There are no excuses. Safeguarding is a vitally important part of our job under UK law. This is what I have done when lawfully raising my concerns about the Covid vaccine rollout to children. My assessment is simply that we should never apply a medical intervention to children unless there is a clear benefit and a proven safety record — a view which until 2020 would have been seen not only as a reasonable position, consistent with medical ethics, but a position against which to argue would have been considered extreme. 

My previous employer @EastSussexCC commissioned three consecutive investigations into me for raising my legitimate concerns about the Covid vaccine rollout to children. I was cleared each time and told I had a right to free speech on this matter. I then asked East Sussex County Council not to investigate me for exactly the same thing repeatedly in the future but they refused. They believed they could use the complaints procedure as a means to silence me.

I am now taking @EastSussexCC to court for discrimination, harassment, preventing me from making a protected disclosure and for constructive dismissal.’…

15th May 2024 – See below to note the growing (international) recognition for Mike speaking up about the need to safeguard our children and for challenging that this was not happening:

“These legal proceedings which Mike is bringing with his star barrister will generate publicity and could set a precedent. The name ‘Mike Fairclough’ could become very well-known indeed. I will now pay very close attention” The Telegraph’s Liam Halligan @LiamHalligan

“No one could have put themselves on the line more for British children than Mike Fairclough” The Telegraph’s Allison Pearson @AllisonPearson

“Thank you for your courage” Robert F Kennedy Jr, US Presidential Candidate @RobertKennedyJr

“An important fight for free speech” Dr Anthony Hinton, Consultant Surgeon @TonyHinton2016

“We have a very good example of the whistleblowing regime failing during Covid…Mike Fairclough…he tried to speak up about his concerns…he was smeared, he was silenced, he was investigated” Molly Kingsley (Author, Children’s Campaigner and Journalist) in discussion with Richard Tice on Talk TV @lensiseethrough

“You’re a hero to me too, Mike!” Neil Oliver, GB News Presenter and Author @thecoastguy

“No one should be threatened for raising a child safeguarding issue. That should not be controversial” Dr. Clare Craig, Diagnostic Pathologist @ClareCraigPath

“All power to you Mike. It remains chilling that you lost your job for trying to protect kids” Bev Turner, GB News Presenter @beverleyturner

“Respect for this man!” Matt Le Tissier, former professional footballer and Sky Sports commentator @mattletiss7

“Faircough’s fight is your fight. We are blessed to have him” Dr Peter McCullough, World Renowned Cardiologist @P_McCulloughMD

Support our winning side against @EastSussexCC here:

More about the case here:

***The hounding of an inspirational headmaster, Mike Fairclough, who spoke out on Covid-related safeguarding issues for children (including covid jabs for children) – It’s looking like he was only one out of 20,000 UK headteachers to raise questions publicly about the official Covid-19 narrative and responses – please support Mike with fund-raising for his legal fight

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