***’Exit the WHO, it’s the right thing to do’ – Dr Tess Lawrie and the World Council for Health

Here’s hoping that the WHO (World Health Organisation) loses any and all of its unelected authority: https://twitter.com/lawrie_dr/status/1707091269644644582 See David Bell’s commentary on the plans of the WHO for global dominance: https://debbiehepplewhite.com/posts-about-the-world-economic-forum-wef-the-world-health-organisation-who-and-similar-sinister-and-unaccountable-organisations-who-collaborates-manipulates-plots-and-pays-to-rule-the-wor/ It’s really upsetting to see the UK is a

***Censorship – THE sign of the times – it’s everywhere and it’s chilling to the core. Governments, corporate entities, universities and medical establishments conspire against the people.

The amazing Molly Kingsley who does so much on behalf of others writes: ‘Let’s get this straight. @YouTube is censoring testimony given by a Kings Counsel barrister to the official UK Covid Inquiry on vaccine-related injuries on the basis it

***ESSENTIAL WATCHING – VERY SHORT VIDEO STATEMENT (2 minutes 10 seconds) by Robert F Kennedy Jr about the totalitarian and evil state of the world: “People in authority lie… they abuse every power we relinquish to them… they’re going to have access to our children… to compel unwanted medical interventions on us… they did that in the war…” “They are orchestrating obedience on us to enslave the entire human race and plunge us into a dystopian nightmare…” It’s already happening isn’t it.

This is a very short video statement by US Presidential Candidate Robert F Kennedy Jnr confirming the evil and totalitarian regime being imposed on the world – truly a ‘must watch’. We cannot afford to ignore this warning – and

***September 2023: Rolling out covid jabs again – including for children – “unconscionable”, How can this still be happening? Global figures: 17+ million dead from covid jabs; 2 billion serious adverse reactions.

@PierreKory “Completely untested, variant-outdated, toxic vaccines approved for infants. I called it unconscionable as the (P)FDA no longer even bothers to pretend science and public health are their guideposts. They used to do a much better job of pretending.” https://twitter.com/PierreKory/status/1701951778470924409

***An amazing mother lambasts the school board for putting cult-like gender ideology before the safe guarding interests of the children and for undermining parents’ responsibilities and rights. This is a ‘MUST WATCH’ indeed! And further links on this topic…

There is no need for further introduction, please watch this short video which says it all about the demise in our schools and in our societies: Merianne Jensen @MerianneJensen ‘Spoke to the PWCS School Board tonight about #ParentalConsent and their

***Bill Gates and his ‘decade of vaccines’… His plan – to vaccinate the world… and further information about various vaccines…including the very dangerous HPV jab now given to boys as well as girls

https://twitter.com/Inversionism/status/1699527745103913431 Thanks to @inversionism on X (Twitter) for flagging up this documentary: ‘Bill Gates and his decade of vaccines. This is a great report from James Corbett on Bill gates and his nefarious agendas to inject every human being on

***We have thus far failed a generation of children and young people, what about their experiences and voices in schools? Listen to Montgomery Toms’ responses to the cognitive dissonance of his teachers who blindly followed the irrational government covid mandates…

@TomsMontgomery ‘PLEASE WATCH & SHARE An inside story, from age 14-18: How I fought against the education system during the Scamdemic, where this has led me and the responsibility my generation has when fighting against Agenda 2030. Time Stamps: Going

***Music, art and poetry documenting the covid-19 plan, the global totalitarian responses to ‘covid’, and the covid-jab/s invention and roll-out – all crimes against humanity

Doctor Dr McHonk-Honk – a satirist and talented song-writer and musician – launching with his original song no. 101, ‘Anything But Ordinary (Do Not Comply)’. This made me cry: https://twitter.com/TheEyes2022/status/1697970572091605069 For links to his work, go here: https://twitter.com/TheEyes2022 Here is

***Why are the covid jabs still being manufactured and used when there are so many injured and killed by them? Their continuation can only be considered as intentional evil and greed…

My blog now includes links to videos of numerous truth-tellers, whistle blowers, medics and scientists, and statisticians giving evidence as to covid jab injuries and harms. The numbers are huge for covid injuries and deaths with significant excess deaths unaccounted

***After the “BUILD BACK BETTER” global leaders’ mantra, note the latest adopted mantra by leaders who implemented merciless, military level propaganda, totalitarian covid lockdowns, covid jab regimes and heavy-handed police responses to deal with mask and mandate protestors: “NO-ONE WAS FORCED” to get the jabs!!! Dearie me!

As the level of covid jabs deaths and injuries are revealed from studying world-wide statistics (an estimated 20 million deaths globally at the time of starting this post), hear what the leaders are now saying – with not an ounce


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