The amazing Molly Kingsley who does so much on behalf of others writes:

‘Let’s get this straight.

@YouTube is censoring testimony given by a Kings Counsel barrister to the official UK Covid Inquiry on vaccine-related injuries on the basis it violates their “medical misinformation policy”, adding with an Orwellian flourish “We know this is probably disappointing news, but it’s our job to make sure that YouTube is a safe place for all.” WTF.’

The plot thickens…

Alan on X writes: ‘I see Caroline Dineage MP has been going in heavy on social media companies who publish Russell Brand’s “conspiracy theories”, trying to tell the likes of rumble what they can and can’t publish online. Meanwhile in other news her husband is a former Deputy Commander of the Army’s 77th Brigade, the unit which tackles legitimate criticism of the British government by British citizens online, err… sorry… I mean tackles misinformation and disinformation online by bad foreign actors. I expect it’s all just another coincidence.’

UK Member of Parliament, Andrew Bridgen was expelled from the Conservative Party for raising serious worries and questions about the covid-19 jabs, their consequences and excess deaths in the UK – a state of affairs that is still ignored by the UK Parliament (as of September 2023). Dr Peter McCullough has faced professional censorship for raising his worries about the failure to provide at-home early treatment for covid and for his promotion of various treatment protocols going against the official directives in the US. These are two of many brave and important individuals who have raised the alarm about the responses of Governments and other organisations. Watch the video of Dr Peter McCullough’s observations and statements including references to the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organisation:

Andrew Bridgen writes: ‘Dr Peter McCullough lays it all out and names names of those responsible. Injecting people with the most dangerous part of the Covid 19 virus ( spike protein) using modified mRNA with no time limitation of the production of spike was a disastrous idea. World populations have been ravaged by the effect of the ‘vaccines’.’

It took Russell Brand only 1 minute 33 seconds to make this chilling, factual statement:

Molly Kingsley on X writes:

‘This is a strong tweet from

@elonmusk but still the elephant lurking in the room. Public debate was also shut down over vaccine safety, not only efficacy, including in relation to children. That should never have happened. We have a problem when one of the most powerful men in the world, and someone who is literally immune from cancellation, is unable to say that out loud.’

October 5th 2023 – Laurence Fox describes his arrest by six policemen, the confiscation of all his electrical goods including the phones and iPads of his children – and the direction of travel of the country as ‘soft tyranny’. I don’t think the tyranny is soft: the population deliberately pushed into a state of fear of covid, thousands killed and injured by covid-jabs in the UK and yet the mRNA jabs are still being rolled out, businesses and livelihoods lost to many, suicide and mental health issues off the scale – doubling down and no accountability visible of the UK Parliament as can be seen by the various posts on my blog. See Laurence’s post-arrest video here:

Calvin Robinson was sacked from GB News for his criticism of the treatment of Laurence Fox and Dan Wootten I believe, but this is the level of loyalty that should have also been shown to Mark Steyn by his GB News colleagues when he was manipulated out of the GB News team. Calvin is right to highlight the different response to Chris Packham’s statement on TV that he considers there is justification in breaking the law for his beliefs:

‘Prof @carlheneghan on pro-lockdown agenda of @covidinquiryuk: “I’m the only person who seems to be speaking from the other side. There are many more other witnesses who could come forward and speak and give oral evidence but they’ve all been sidelined.”‘

Many doctors who raised their concern about the covid 19 jabs had their licences taken away from them. Dr Anne McCloskey included:

Nov 2023: Article in The Spectator by Carl Heneghan, ‘We needed a Covid inquiry – but this isn’t it’.

Wayne Cunnington via X writes: ‘What would a proper Covid Inquiry look like though many are asking? One that parades all of government in front of a KC (Kings Council) that challenges every single decision they took that caused harms on millions of people without any wriggle room or exemptions permitted. Their guilt is clear from un-funded scientists and experts data released over the last few years already so all that is needed is who will squeal the loudest and first to ensure the rest receive the maximum sentence allowed’

Video clip of Dr Ben Tapper: ‘Three years ago, I prayed that God would turn me into a lion and let these words travel far and wide. He answered that prayer in a big way. This video accumulated millions of views in just twenty-four hours. Since then, I have been targeted by the Government to be silenced and de-platformed. My accounts reached millions of people per month, and when Biden called us out on national television, my accounts got deleted. “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” -George R.R. Martin What are the globalist so afraid of? They fear men who will not bend a knee to earthly masters nor cower to any threat. One man with courage is a majority, and courage is contagious! God calls us not to conform to this world but to be bold and COURAGEOUS! Conformity means you are doing what everybody else is doing regardless of what is right. Courage means you have the CONVICTION to do what is RIGHT regardless of what everybody else is doing.’

Rosa Koire explains: #Agenda2021/#Agenda2030: “Agenda 21 is really about restricting your ability to be FREE!!!” “It’s about designing a regional governance, so that you don’t have a voice – It doesn’t matter who you elect, the elected official will be part of the plan” “The idea is that you will NOT be able to get away from this ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!!! No FREE SPEECH, no RIGHTS and no ability to DISSENT” “TERROR is a requirement of this agenda, because they want to make you believe that you can’t think clearly, you can’t ask questions, because we’re in such a ‘bad situation’ that you must trust the GLOBALISTS for a solution!!! This completely destroys the INDIVIDUAL’S RIGHTS and it’s DESIGNED that way!!!” Guys, I don’t know how many clips and videos I have to post before you realize what’s really going on, but I’m really hoping that you understand what kind of DANGER humanity is in!!! Please, I beg you to get educated and help us FIGHT BACK against this TOTALITARIAN/SLAVE system that’s being imposed on us!!!!!

Ash Mahmood has filmed a series of tragic human stories of censorship and corruption of which this is just one – a heart wrenching story told by the mother of a girl who was murdered through a harmful drug along with medical arrogance, incompetence and corruption:

Ash states via X: ‘The MHRA were corrupt long before the COVID con. Please retweet the traumatic, lived experience of inspirational Joan. Her ordeal from ’78 has played out over & over. If only she’d been listened to,we could’ve all learnt the truth & ensured others didn’t suffer & die’

Raised by Dr David Cartland who has himself experienced devastating censorship:

‘Please share widely, was produced this time last year, within a short period YouTube banned it. Been widely censored since! Doctors For Patients UK. Ask yourself why a group of senior medics voicing safety concerns including a professor would be censored?’

‘Official Corona Facts’ – very important to summarise for the next globalist plot…

***Censorship – THE sign of the times – it’s everywhere and it’s chilling to the core. Governments, corporate entities, universities and medical establishments conspire against the people.

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