***Another case of censorship and vilification – Dr Simon Goddek describes his experiences … (and further examples of other people hounded and excluded for voicing their concerns)

28th Dec 2023: I’m highlighting Dr Simon Goddek’s experiences as an example – one of many – censored and vilified, career totally undermined. I think it is so important that people gain an awareness of the range of livelihoods and

***An absolutely brilliant ‘MUST WATCH’ short speech standing up against the ‘Globalist Parasites’ and calling out the undemocratic, unelected World Economic Forum… referring to 15 minute cities and the intent behind them – and more…

Thank you to Jim Ferguson for flagging up this uplifting speech up – citizens fighting back: ‘Canadians slap down Klaus Schwab. Canadians are standing up against the the Globalist Parasites and calling out the undemocratic unelected World Economic Forum. Well

***18th Dec 2023: The ‘International Health Regulations Amendments Debate in Westminster Hall’ (including Andrew Bridgen’s speech) on the vile overreach – the slippery global power grab – of the World Health Organisation (WHO)

I really hope that all UK citizens wake up and make an effort to learn about this vile power grab (my unapologetic terminology as I do consider this scenario to be vile and a global power grab). This is not


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