Thank you to Jim Ferguson for flagging up this uplifting speech up – citizens fighting back:

‘Canadians slap down Klaus Schwab. Canadians are standing up against the the Globalist Parasites and calling out the undemocratic unelected World Economic Forum. Well done Canada. Hold the Line.’

I’ve already covered a lot of developments (internationally) regarding 15 minute cities (or similar) so here is some back-story and developments to date:

21st January 2024 – Many people are enjoying this short video clip of Kevin Roberts giving his observations to the WEF folk, he writes:

‘My message to the self-appointed global elites: Your time is up.’

Do watch!

25th January 2024 – Is this a significant sign that support for the World Economic Forum is diminishing. AVE flagged this up via X:

‘BREAKING: House Republicans have introduced legislation to defund the World Economic Forum. The Defund Davos Act would specifically block any federal agency from providing funding to the WEF. The U.S. has spent tens of millions on the WEF over the years, something GOP lawmakers say needs to end.’

April 2024 – Another LTN (Low Traffic Neighbourhood) scrapped in the UK – Newcastle City Council decides:

***An absolutely brilliant ‘MUST WATCH’ short speech standing up against the ‘Globalist Parasites’ and calling out the undemocratic, unelected World Economic Forum… referring to 15 minute cities and the intent behind them – and more…

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