28th Dec 2023: I’m highlighting Dr Simon Goddek’s experiences as an example – one of many – censored and vilified, career totally undermined. I think it is so important that people gain an awareness of the range of livelihoods and lives that have been drastically undermined or ruined during the covid years:

Simon writes via X,My name is Dr. Simon Goddek, and until exactly one year ago, I was banned from this platform for spreading ‘medical misinformation’. Now, I live a remote and self-sufficient life in the Brazilian rainforest. In this thread, I will tell the wild story of how I ended up here’


Below is the link to a previous post featuring the acts of censorship and vilification for some others – bear in mind, there have been many such people but we just don’t hear about this state of affairs via the mainstream media such as the BBC – in fact, they will most likely take action to label any challenges to the official narrative as ‘mis’ or ‘disinformation’:


Simon suggests several people/accounts to follow:

‘There are accounts that seem to pop up everywhere, but did you know that many are silenced and shadowbanned by the algorithm? Here are ten accounts they didn’t want you to follow in 2023 but are essential to follow in 2024’:


Mike Fairclough via X writes:

“If what we wish to say amounts to lawful free speech, we should say it. However, people are increasingly self-censoring out of fear of reprisals. The archetypes of the mythological hero and the heroic quest are potent antidotes to an age of creeping tyranny and offer powerful rebuttals to self-censorship and cultural disempowerment”

Mike Fairclough, Brownstone Institute


Direct link to Mike’s article, ‘The Hero’s Voice is Within Your Reach’:


I have devoted an earlier post to the experiences of exceptional headteacher, Mike Fairclough, here:


Truthteller, Dr Vernon Coleman, describes his expulsion from the Royal Society of Arts and his treatment by the BBC Panorama personnel. I was invited to be a member of the RSA and I’m not at all happy to learn about Vernon’s expulsion. I shall query this and withdraw from the RSA if necessary. This wide scale censorship is a disgusting development so evident during these the Covid Years:

Royal Society of Arts Expelled Me for Telling the Truth


‘On 15 February 2021, BBC Panorama aired a “hit job” on several prominent doctors and scientists who had the integrity to speak out against the covid agenda.  The title of the programme was ‘Vaccines: The Disinformation War’.  BBC’s reporter for the programme was none other than disinformation agent Marianna Spring.

Because of this BBC documentary, Dr. Coleman was expelled from the Royal Society of Arts (“RSA”) for his “views and his involvement in the BBC Panorama programme,” despite the BBC not asking for his consent to be “involved” with the programme and that ‘Vaccines: The Disinformation War’ has been widely recognised as trashy and dishonest.

Dr. Coleman responded to the BBC’s programme in two articles which he published on his website vernoncoleman.org.  The website is no longer available but copies have been archived on the Wayback Machine website.  The articles referred to can be found HERE and HERE.

In the first article published in May 2021, Dr. Coleman said: “The BBC’s Panorama programme is now rightly regarded as trashy and dishonest for forging documents. But Panorama’s trickery involving Princess Diana was trivial and insignificant compared to the way it has supported the Government’s covid fraud and helped promote a fraud which has already resulted in many thousands of deaths.”

On 20 February 2021, Oracle Films and Covileaks responded to the Panorama programme by releasing the second of their series ‘Ask the Experts’.  The first Ask the Experts was released on 7 December 2020 and was banned by Facebook and YouTube within two days. You can watch ‘Ask the Experts (Covid-19 Vaccine)’ on Odysee HERE.

As one of the doctors who had been included, without his consent, in the BBC Panorama programme, Dr. Coleman contributed to the second part of Ask the Experts titled ‘Ask the Experts II (We will not be silenced)’. 

In Oracle Films’ documentary, Dr. Coleman said: “The BBC’s official policy is not to allow any discussion or debate about vaccination. Instead, they accept as gospel anything the Government, the regulators and the drug companies tell them. Those who question any aspect of the Government line are banned.”

You can watch Ask the Experts (We Will Not Be Silenced) on Odysee HERE.

Below, Dr. Coleman describes just one of the impacts of BBC’s nefarious programme.:


***Another case of censorship and vilification – Dr Simon Goddek describes his experiences … (and further examples of other people hounded and excluded for voicing their concerns)

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