1st January 2024 – Dr Denis Rancourt via X writes:

It’s out. Let a scientist speak. Here is the 10-minute presentation I gave at the Christine Anderson @AndersonAfDMdEP and Eva Vlaardingerbroek @EvaVlaar“Make It Your Business” event in Ottawa on November 29, 2023.


I previously posted a full presentation, including slides of data, by Dr Denis Rancourt here:


A very short video clip of Nick Hudson who states via X:

‘A reminder that the entire Covid narrative is bullshit of the highest order. In 4 minutes you have to decide whether you’re a sensible person or prepared to divorce yourself from reality.’


Direct link:


[My heart is breaking for Allen Martin and his family – and his beautiful lost daughter – one of at least 17million+ deaths and counting because of covid jabs]

Allen Martin on X writes:

‘The last tiktok my beautiful daughter, Trista, would ever make. She would be dead in less than 24 hours because of @pfizer lies and the crimes of the monsters at @CDCgov and the @US_FDA. I’m in a really dark place right now. I miss her so much and I NEED MFers to pay for what they’ve done!’


2nd January 2024 – Read about Trista and developments here:


Dr Peter McCullough is circulating this information:

‘Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joe Ladapo calls for COVID-19 vaccines to be removed from market. Joins a growing number of govt officials, Assn Amer Phys Surg, and World Council for Health.’


4th January 2024 – developments in America regarding pulling the COVID jabs ‘off the market’ – Mary Talley Bowden MD states on X:

‘We now have 51 candidates, 40 elected officials from 20 states publicly stating the COVID shots must be pulled off the market. Many are also pledging not to take donations from Big Pharma. Over 17,000 physicians stand behind them. Tag your representatives who aren’t on the list. (1/3)


Dr Aseem Malhotra on X referring to an interview comment by Bret Weinstein (speaking to Tucker Carlson – the video snippet is only two and a half minutes):

‘This is a great tragedy of history’

@BretWeinstein is spot on. What’s worse is that this ‘dangerous technology’ is still being pushed and there’s no accountability for anyone so far for a jab that should likely never have been approved for a single human in the first place

17 million deaths estimated from the covid jabs:


9th January 2024 – Chris via X writes (and shares correspondence):

‘Excess Deaths 2022

@justinmadders Following up on our correspondence regarding excess deaths, I’m raising concerns about the lack of response from the UK Statistics Authority to a letter you sent Sir Ian Diamond in mid-December (attached). Does the UKSA not care about the ongoing rise in excess deaths? Do they feel there’s no need to explain why the greatest cause in 2022 remains “symptoms, signs, and ill-defined conditions”? (Meaning they don’t know.)

Do they feel no urgency to answer a written question from a Shadow Minister (and potentially a future cabinet minister)? Does Sir Ian Diamond think his previous “we don’t know” answer is sufficient for a Member of Parliament like yourself? Do you think it’s acceptable that you’ve received no response to such a critical question about why more people are dying of unknown causes?

Will they use Christmas as an excuse for continued silence on this dire situation? Do you think that’s acceptable? Finally, is ignoring a Member of Parliament, shadow or otherwise, acceptable when addressing a critical issue like excess deaths?

These unanswered questions highlight a concerning lack of accountability and transparency from the UKSA. I urge you to use your position to demand a swift and comprehensive response.


This is horrendous – I don’t understand how anyone can consider this law acceptable – flagged up by Victor Scott via X:

‘Proposed Brazilian law will imprison those who refuse vaccination. The end goal is to put these laws in place everywhere. It won’t stop with Brazil. Yet, some can’t recognize these obvious agendas and continue to act against their own best interests (promoting harmful vaccines).’


***A 9 minute video presentation by Dr Denis Rancourt – a MUST WATCH – ‘unbiased hard data’ revealing that ‘there was no pandemic’ as seen from ‘all cause mortality data’ – ‘hard scientific facts from looking at the data’ – ‘we found the vaccines are a toxic substance’ – PLEASE WATCH… And watch the tiktok video of Trista – one of millions of victims… We need ALL heads to get out of the sand…

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