I’ve copied and pasted what Bob wrote in his X message because I don’t want this to be ‘lost’. I think the point he makes is very important. Note that he makes his comments below in the context of him flagging up a very brief (video) statement by Tucker Carlson regarding people changing their minds and their understanding in light of longer-term findings about the toxic nature of the covid jabs. This is setting the context for Bob’s response. So please do click on the X link below to listen to Tucker Carlson’s comment and to see what others say in response to this issue.

Bob Moran writes:

“There’s a very worrying and ignorant narrative trying to take hold regarding the injections. Many late-to-the-party critics of the jabs completely fail to acknowledge a fundamental truth. Because it exposes how morally reprehensible all of them are.

To their core.

Their position is that IF everything we had been told about these injections being necessary, safe and effective had been true, the situation would have been fine and their promotion of them would have been acceptable.

Only in hindsight, with revelations about how ineffective and dangerous these drugs are, do they have anything to apologise for. And only with the benefit of that knowledge should any attempt be made to stop them. This is complete nonsense.

Let’s ignore the fact that it was BLINDINGLY obvious that these products were unnecessary, ineffective and dangerous from about January 2021 onwards. Let’s also assume that everything the manufacturers and advisory committees claimed about them had been true: They were absolutely essential to address a genuine emergency, they were as safe as could reasonably be expected, and they worked as advertised.

Absolutely none of those things would have excused anybody promoting or supporting the rollout of these drugs.

Here’s why: In 2020, governments all over The West had taken the barbaric and illegal decision to remove basic rights and freedoms from their citizens, in the name of public health policies. The implementation of these policies was understood, from the outset, by those who enacted them, to kill hundreds of thousands of people.

If they didn’t kill you, they were likely to make you poorer, devastate your mental health, destroy your business, deny you access to health care and more besides. Nobody, anywhere, was unaffected by lockdowns.

These injections were presented to the population as a CONDITION for these tyrannical, murderous, completely unnecessary restrictions on freedom being lifted. For some people, it was implied that they could lose their ability to earn a living, travel abroad, receive medical treatment or participate in free society, if they refused to take the jabs.

You cannot, ever, offer a permanent medical procedure to people under these conditions. No matter how safe or effective said procedure might be and no matter how severe the illness it is supposed to address.

The only way in which this would have been approaching ethical acceptability (again, assuming the drugs were not, in fact, designed solely to cause injury and death) is if all restrictions on freedom had been lifted prior to anyone getting a shot and absolutely no link had been established between the uptake of the drug and the future implementation of lockdown policies.

As a doctor, or politician, or broadcaster, your ONLY obligation was to state unequivocally that nobody could be offered these procedures under such coercive conditions because it totally violated fundamental medical ethics. You didn’t need to see any studies or graphs or models. You didn’t need to trawl through all the trial literature, underlining stuff with your stupid red biro. You just needed to say, “No. Not like this.”

Failure to take that position demonstrated a completely unacceptable disregard for the moral principles that should govern our approach to healthcare and the role of medical professionals and government.

Believing all the obvious lies you were told about these drugs at the beginning was not, and is not, an excuse for your endorsement of their roll out. There WAS no excuse for this.

If we fail to understand this truth, we set a very dangerous precedent for what could happen in the future. We also allow certain figures to maintain positions of authority and leadership who have demonstrated an astonishing lack of moral understanding, not to mention common sense.

You were wrong. And you weren’t wrong because you were lied to. You were wrong because you’re incredibly bad people whose opinions and advice on all matters should now be regarded as irrelevant trash.”


Bob has incredible insight into the covid years and he takes the harshest of views as shown be his final statement, “You were wrong because you’re incredibly bad people whose opinions and advice on all matters should be regarded as irrelevant trash”.

I would like to add a caveat to Bob’s last comment… What was fundamentally lacking in so many people was the capacity to think critically. We were all shocked at the outset of the announcements of a ‘deadly pandemic’ whereby we were shown people dropping down dead in the streets – and certainly led to believe the ‘virus’ was that dangerous, and absolutely primed/programmed by years of science-fiction of ‘drop down dead in the streets’ movies.

People were also primed by the notion that surely our politicians and mainstream media folk (‘the BBC’ for example) could not possibly be so corrupt and evil – and ignorant – to intentionally dupe the public (including the medical profession).

And so on… The scenario was simply, more or less, outside of the scope of people’s daily experiences.

The sheer weirdness of the covid scenario, and Government responses and dictates, shocked people to the core, DUPED people from the outset.

And then, as some people had a little time to gather their thoughts, noting that the mainstream media ‘data’ was given with no real context (for example, the daily deaths were not given relative to daily deaths of previous years, and compared with ‘flu’ – a common killer of the elderly – flu being a virus that mysteriously disappeared during the covid ‘pandemic’), some people could recognise events were not right, not according to many established ‘points of principle’ (I’m always banging on about ‘points of principle’) – people such as Bob saw through all this at an early stage.

***And consider that we have had a military level ‘psyops’ – propaganda exploiting mainstream media coverage – instigated by Governments and powerful elites. And all this has been planned for decades. Censorship, vilification, manipulation – off the scale.

In the UK, the leading group in the Government were arrogant, ignorant, power-crazed, totally unaccountable and irresponsible in their thoughts, responses, actions. These people were not, are not, fit to run a country. They did not apply the processes for parliamentary scrutiny that have been established over centuries. They are either not up governance because they do not have the intelligence and critical thinking, ethics – or even compassion – to run a country now or then, and/or they are quite simply corrupt (not just arrogant and incompetent) and not fit for any form of governance. I suggest some of them do indeed qualify for the ‘bad person’ category.

But I don’t think everyone who ‘didn’t get it’ is ‘bad’ – but I do think that people need to get their heads out of the sand and try to appreciate that the ordinary population of the world is under very serious, evil attack and, at some point, very soon – everyone may need to stand up and be counted.

As of today (6th January 2024), the official Covid Inquiry in the UK is presenting as an incompetent farce but it is serving to show up the leading politicians involved with the covid dictates to be an arrogant, schoolboy, elitist, anti-democratic, inadequate group and set of individuals. It may be ever thus that we do not have a transparent, effective inquiry of integrity. It’s looking like yet another waste of vast amounts of public money.

As for the lack of apparent interest in Parliament regarding the issues raised by MP Andrew Bridgen – goodness gracious – how bad can this be!

Daily death counts of ‘covid’ swamped the mainstream media news for months on end, and yet the issue of investigating very worrying levels of ‘excess deaths’ is being entirely brushed under the carpet. The ridicule and undermining of Andrew Bridgen has in itself been shocking and should be recognised for such a state of affairs. I have tried to capture the events that have occurred in Parliament in response to Andrew raising valid concerns as he himself has become aware of world events and developments being totally questionable.

I wonder how this will evolve over time… It’s all very chilling.

***Satirist, Bob Moran, makes it clear that the tyranny imposed on ordinary people by political authorities (supported by others) was never acceptable ‘even if’ the covid jabs turned out to be ‘safe and effective’ as claimed. Read what he says about this …

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