Mike Fairclough writes via X:

‘This explosive new book is already rocking the establishment with its devastating exposés and forensic order of receipts from the pandemic. There can be no more hiding the truth by the key decision makers of the time. This should be compulsory reading for everyone involved in the @covidinquiryuk


Direct link:

‘Written by Molly Kingsley, Arabella Skinner and Ben Kingsley, executive members of the campaigning organisation UsForThem, this book forensically exposes how UK Ministers and senior government officials were repeatedly able to make poor quality policy decisions during the pandemic period with only limited scrutiny and too often with catastrophic consequences for the lives of millions.

The authors have meticulously evidenced how ethics, good governance, truth, integrity and transparency were grossly compromised during the pandemic period, and how these factors and a deficit of accountability created the conditions for what fast became an economic, social, medical, ethical and child safeguarding disaster.

Danny Kruger MP provides a powerfully candid afterword.’


Mike Fairclough has flagged up an article in The Daily Sceptic by the authors of ‘The Accountability Deficit’ featuring the absence of ethics and advice on ethics for very serious decisions during the covid years:

“The UK Government’s Ethics Committee reportedly challenged the purpose of vaccinating children, questioned the known benefits and harms for individual children, and called for urgent consideration of the issues. But the Department for Health and Social Care apparently cancelled the meeting on the day it was due to take place….. Senior officials at the Department for Health and Social Care sidelined and then demobilised the Government’s committee of expert ethics advisors at the height of the pandemic and following a series of unwelcome challenges to the Government’s policy ambitions….. We approached almost all of the major U.K. daily and Sunday newspapers with this story. Most of them acknowledged its significance. Three were keen to publish articles. Two got as far as writing it up, and one proposed to run it on the front page. In each case though, the story was dropped at the last minute without a cogent explanation. This is odd, because the paper trail for the entirety of this story is in public records and so is capable of full verification….. This is a significant public interest story which demands accountability” Molly Kingsley, Arabella Skinner, Ben Kingsley, writing in The Daily Sceptic


How Covid killed parliamentary democracy (but as Richard Wick replies, “Covid didn’t. Government politicians did and their Bureaucratic advisors together with supine uneducated and corrupt parliamentarians”):

“The initial lockdown order in March 2020 was made into law using an emergency legislative measure enacted the day after parliament had broken for Easter recess. Parliament didn’t debate lockdown until a full six weeks later. As Jonathan Sumption put it in October 2020, the government ‘deliberately delayed its urgent regulations so that there would be no opportunity to debate them before the recess’….. Yet the official Covid inquiry has not yet asked a single question about how parliament was cut out, bypassed, disregarded and disrespected” Molly Kingsley

@lensiseethrough writing in Spiked


Journalist Laura Dodsworth comments on Sadiq Khan and the covid inquiry:


Mike Fairclough notes:

‘The establishment is telling the @covidinquiryuk that we should have locked down sooner, harder and longer. However, pictured here are the Conservatives, during the December 2020 lockdown, at one of their many illegal parties and get-togethers. Covid had a 99.9% survival rate, with an average age of death at 82 (with 4+ comorbidities). Covid was never a great threat to the vast majority of people. The establishment knew this. It’s why Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, Neil Ferguson, Dominic Cummings, Matt Hancock and the rest of them all broke their own lockdown rules and carried on as usual. We don’t need a costly Covid Inquiry. Most members of the public have already thought about it and concluded that the pandemic response was an entirely avoidable disaster.’


This is a good article in my opinion. How anyone could have taken the slightest notice of Neil Ferguson’s ‘modelling’ (prediction of numbers of covid deaths) is beyond me – do read it to the end (it could inform the UK covid inquiry):


29th November 2023 – Jacqui Deevoy via X (link to short video):

‘Is Charing Cross Police station protecting Matt Hancock? Geza Tarjanyi @Geza_Tarjanyi reported Hancock for perjury several months ago. Today, he went to chase it up. Police refused to have a proper discussion with him and said they couldn’t find the original report, despite Geza being given a crime number. They also couldn’t trace the memory stick and paperwork that Geza left with them. Perjury is supposed to be reported to the police. This has been done. So why won’t the police investigate? Geza has now been given a new reference number but they won’t tell Geza what the number represents. The whole thing stinks.’


Dr Denis Rancourt via X listing the lack of accountability, and list of crimes against humanity, in Canada and other countries: ‘CONCLUSION ABOUT COVID: The entire covid campaign, from CIA-military planning, to initial Wuhan false flag, to WHO declaration of a “pandemic”, to medical institutional responses, to general lockdowns and impositions on personal behaviour, to unprecedented censorship and media alignment, to mandatory vaccination accompanied by dismissals from workplaces, to delicensing medical and legal professionals, to completely biased court rulings, to covering up vaccine harm and deaths, to egregious isolation and mistreatment of vulnerable populations, to shredding of constitutional protections, to criminalizing dissent and demonstrations, to locking away political prisoners, and on and on, in a total blanket of actual totalitarianism in Canada and many countries, has been an outright unjustified vicious assault against people.’


I featured the data analysis and presentation of Dr Rancourt of the pattern of deaths following covid-19 jabs in many countries, see here:


Below is a thread (one of many via X) laying bare that many people see England’s official Covid Inquiry with disdain, they see it as a farce.

Molly Kingsley writes (with a link to The Telegraph article):

An important article from @AllisonPearson. It’s hard to understand how an inquiry that is so manifestly structurally and philosophically slanted towards covid-deaths and harm (and apparently so blind to lockdown/ vaccine excess death/ harm) can satisfy public law tests of fairness and freedom from bias.

“It is terrifying how the number of excess deaths above the historic five-year average has continued while those linked to Covid have almost disappeared. In 2022, excess deaths (non-Covid) were running at between 500 and 1,100 every single week. Although that trend is slowing, why are tens of thousands of people who should be alive today no longer with us? Is it vaccine-related injuries, as some claim?”


David Paton via X flags up further evidence regarding masking:

‘New systematic review of evidence on masking children concludes: we fail to find any evidence of benefit from masking children, to themselves or those around them, from COVID-19. Given harms from masks, a devastating indictment of school mask mandates’


Similar events and questions asked in Germany about governmental responses to ‘covid’… here is a fantastic 10 minute speech describing the parallels by Professor Stefan Homburg:

Nick Hudson via X writes,

‘Ten minutes to destroy complete the fake pandemic. Congratulations,@SHomburg.’


UK – 14th Dec 2023 update via Alan on X referencing a comment in The Telegraph:

This sham inquiry is achieving nothing apart from protecting reputations and lining lawyers pockets. It is a genuine embarrassment. Sunak’s intervention should be the basis for an entire new inquiry, one which explores a proper cost-benefit analysis of those two dreadful years. I think we all know what conclusion it would come to.” Well said, @ProfKarolSikora


This is a BRILLIANT post by Mike Fairclough (below) packed full of information that SHOULD inform the UK Covid Inquiry (but it’s looking doubtful that the inquiry is transparent is it not!). The X link below also leads to footage of the huge protests in London that were never shown on mainstream TV. This was a sure sign that mainstream media was working in partnership with the Government dictates with no journalistic examination of the full scenario and consequences for ordinary people. Mike introduces this thread at X thus:

“Rishi Sunak told the @covidinquiryuk that the British public complied too much with work at home orders and that lockdowns caused more harm than the virus itself. Hundreds of thousands of anti-lockdown protesters agree with him but were actively attacked throughout the pandemic. The Prime Minister’s comments make it sound like the public response to the pandemic was organic and involved individual choice. In reality, a vast censorship network operated in the background to stifle debate and dissent. This is now reported in MSM (links below).

The @covidinquiryuk needs to examine the censorship industrial complex which expanded during the pandemic. How the UK Government dealt with dissenting voices and silenced those who questioned lockdowns, masking and the Covid vaccine rollout to children. Particularly why and how they portrayed many of us as dangerous extremists in the eyes of the public.

In order to do this, they would need to examine the use of the psychological Nudge Unit, Counter Disinformation Unit, Rapid Response Unit, the involvement of the intelligence agencies (MI5 and MI6), the use of the British Army to spy on British citizens (77th Brigade) as well as sinister actions such as shutting down the government’s Ethics Committee.

These are all on public record as listed below. “Downing Street’s controversial ‘Nudge Unit’ accused of exploiting scare tactics during Covid crisis. ‘Level of fear willingly conveyed on the public’ to get people to change their behaviour was a ‘far-reaching mistake’, says co-founder” Telegraph https://telegraph.co.uk/politics/2022/01/13/downing-streets-controversial-nudge-unit-accused-exploiting/

“Ministers had ‘chilling’ secret unit to curb lockdown dissent. Critics of Covid restrictions targeted by counter-disinformation team at the heart of the Government” Telegraph https://telegraph.co.uk/news/2023/06/02/counter-disinformation-unit-government-covid-lockdown/

“The intelligence community – which includes MI6, MI5 and GCHQ – continued ‘working closely’ with the CDU” Telegraph https://telegraph.co.uk/news/2023/09/01/secretive-covid-disinformation-unit-security-services/

“Ministers were accused of a cover-up last night after it was revealed that soldiers did secretly spy on British critics of the Government’s response to Covid” Mail https://dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12791297/Ministers-accused-cover-revealed-shadowy-army-unit-DID-spy-British-critics-Covid-lockdown-policies.html

“The Rapid Response Unit [Cabinet Office] pressured a Whitehall department to attack newspapers for publishing articles analysing Covid-19 modelling that it feared would ‘affect compliance’ with pandemic restrictions” Big Brother Watch https://bigbrotherwatch.org.uk/2023/01/inside-whitehalls-ministry-of-truth-how-secretive-anti-misinformation-teams-conducted-mass-political-monitoring/

“The Scandal of How the Government Shut Down its Ethics Committee After it Tried to Intervene on the Vaccination of Children” Daily Sceptic https://dailysceptic.org/2023/11/24/the-scandal-of-how-the-government-shut-down-its-ethics-committee-after-it-tried-to-intervene-on-the-vaccination-of-children/


Read what many people think about the official Covid Inquiry – its huge cost and its direction of travel:


“It’s democide and you’ll be judged.” Son of WEF co-founder, Pascal Najadi, calls for the arrest of WEF members, citing their complicity in injecting a “bioweapon” into 5.7 billion people, from which he and his mother are now dying.

It’s been looking like democide for some considerable time – and still the mRNA jabs are promoted and available in the UK.

The definition of ‘democide’:  ‘the killing of members of a country’s civilian population as a result of its government’s policy, including by direct action, indifference, and neglect.’ Collins English Dictionary.


Mike Fairclough flags up an article in The Telegraph (this challenge is very much needed – well done to Molly Kingsley and associates):

“The Covid inquiry is being threatened with legal action over fears it is biased in favour of lockdowns and has a “predetermined view” of the UK’s pandemic response. UsforThem has written to the inquiry to demand it alters its scope to ensure harms caused by lockdown are properly examined and witnesses are treated fairly.

The letter also includes a demand for the inquiry to examine the negative effects of censorship on Covid decision-making, specifically the Government’s Counter-Disinformation Unit” Telegraph


21st December 2023 – People refer to ‘The Midazolam Murders’ and journalist Jacqui Deevoy continues to work really hard to raise awareness of the ‘end of life’ issues – both historic, during the covid years, and in the current scenario. It is proving impossible to hold those involved and responsible to account. She continues to struggle to get the attention of the mainstream media. Jacqui notes this ‘euthanasia’ as a worryingly growing trend and continues to strongly warn about it – rightly.

Jacqui writes:

‘Back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many terminally ill people were given the Brompton Cocktail – a mix of morphine, cocaine and alcohol. It was named after the Royal Brompton Hospital in London, where the formulation of this mixture was standardized in the late 1920s for patients with cancer. It was in common use in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. However, a series of trials in 1977-79 found that the diacetylmorphine was no more effective than an equivalent amount of morphine, while tolerance caused the cocaine to become ineffective within a few days. As a result, pain management shifted to using morphine alone. In recent years, Midazolam was added to the mix so patients were sedated and well as pain-free. The Liverpool Care Pathway involved Midazolam, morphine plus nil by mouth. This euthanasia pathway was abolished in 2014 as it was deemed brutal and inhumane. But the truth is that it never went away. Behind closed doors, elderly and ill people were euthanised using the LCP method: but no one talked about it any more. Then, in 2020, NICE guideline NG163 was introduced and implemented. It was identical to the LCP and was brought in as a Covid protocol. Thousands upon thousands of elderly, disabled and people presenting with respiratory issues were euthanised. The majority were not terminally ill or at the end of their lives. Many were not elderly. These murders were a clear attempt to reduce the numbers of people who were costing too much or who were deemed to be of no value or benefit to society.

Governments saved billions by killing off innocent citizens and boasted about it in the complicit mainstream media, who are blatant mouthpieces for government propaganda. I could go on (and have done for three years) but the people who need to hear this information are blocked from hearing it by newspaper editors who can’t run this story and by TV channels that refuse to broadcast it. I’ve had help from the alternative media in getting this horror story to the public but millions worldwide are still unaware of what’s happening.

We now have assisted dying being pushed by celebrities and euthanasia packages being promoted and sold like cheap holidays. It has to be stopped – if it’s not, it’s destined to become normalised and, before we know it, being bumped off at a certain age will become an acceptable way to die. People who think it’s a good thing have no idea.’


For further information, the link below leads to further posts on the theme of ‘end of life care’ – certainly NOT looking like ‘care’!


Gavin Williamson, former Secretary of State for Education, has provided evidence for the Covid Inquiry which I’ve added to this thread – his comments appear to verify author Ben Irvine’s findings that the unions largely drove the direction of travel of the lockdowns:


11th January 2024 – Dr Aseem Malhotra flags up what looks like a delaying tactic by the UK Government. He writes:


‘ The investigation into vaccines was meant to look in detail at the rollout of jabs across the UK, including the setting up of the UK vaccines taskforce and the role of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation. It will also cover concerns around vaccine safety, including any suggested link between the jabs and heart issues, and whether reforms are needed to the scheme which is meant to pay out if an individual’s health is damaged after taking the jabs. No timing has been given for the postponed hearings, with further details promised “in the next few weeks”.

It is thought the decision is likely to push that part of the inquiry until after the next general election,

Click on the link below to check other people’s responses:


Here we go … a measles scare and sending children home again to isolate them. See what Molly Kingsley has to say referencing a piece in The Telegraph,

‘Unvaccinated children forced to isolate for three weeks as measles cases soar’
Health officials declare ‘national incident’, with more than 300 confirmed or likely cases identified in West Midlands since October

Molly writes: ‘It was grimly predictable that pushing C19 vaccines that were all risk and no benefit onto children would destroy trust in established immunisation programmes. But forcing unvaxxed kids into isolation won’t rebuild trust. We need education and honesty rather than more coercive tactics.’


23rd January 2024 – Holding Matt Hancock to account – will this ever happen? Chris on X provides a thread with many unanswered questions starting with his statement:

‘Hi @MattHancock

I have some questions about your tenure as the UK Health Secretary.’

And then Chris follows with multiple questions and a link to follow – it’s worth knowing about this life-and-death issue:


1st February 2024 – Molly Kingsley describes her feelings on some realisations (click on the link below for further context):

‘We first stumbled across this story in July while reading through the official summaries of every meeting of MEAG. We immediately recognised the significance of what we had found: in Summer 2021, at the pinnacle of the ethical dilemmas faced by Minsters and Officials during the pandemic – including the contentious and procedurally unorthodox decision of the CMOs to override the Govt’s own committee of vaccine experts (the JCVI) to roll out a novel, irreversible medical intervention to children and teenagers – the Govt deliberately scuppered the possibility of MEAG providing inconvenient ethical input by cynically denying it the opportunity to provide its advice.

Worse still, this followed the CMO, the most senior public health official in the country, having in January 2021 “counselled against producing documentation that offered recommendations, given the political aspect of decision making”; in other words, not to put its advice in writing. We wrote up the story in a fully referenced form – every sentence verified to legal standards – and gave it to the press.

The journalists we spoke to, for whom I have nothing but praise, recognised its public interest significance. We were told the story had been written up for publication by three major newspapers; in one case we were told it was set to run on the front page. Naively, I believed that after watching four years of appallingly cavalier, disingenuous and utterly ruinous decision-making, we were about to finally shine a spotlight on evidence – there for all to see in black and white – of a most serious failure.

But each time, the story was pulled at the last minute. We have never found out why. I have felt crushed knowing we now live in a country where senior decision-makers can act deliberately without reference to ethics, and that when they do, the Establishment will rally around, close ranks and protect their blushes. It has destroyed my faith in what we are so often told is a prized ‘free press’, for which I had once been proud to write. As a writer more eloquent than me once wrote (I paraphrase): a country which acts without reference to ethics is barbaric.’


27th February 2024 – Molly Kingsley flags up more possible corruption via X. She writes:

‘As Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government, Patrick Vallance set up the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce. He was uniquely positioned to influence government lockdown and vaccination policy and reporting at the time plus his evidence to the Covid Inquiry suggests he was a key advocate of the Government’s (unethical) Covid passport scheme. Whether or not there was a conflict at the time, the optics are deplorable and the further erasure of trust in public health should surprise no one.


Check out the link below to read what other information people bring to the table:


Molly flags up important developments in the United States as shared by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. She notes:

A warning shot to every politician who decided to play god by suspending half a century’s worth of medical ethics, law and morality; none more so than the UK Govt who in its disbanded its own ethics committee to force through its unethical policy.’

As Robert F. Kennedy Jr states:

‘The military has finally admitted that it wrongfully compelled service personnel to submit to an experimental medical product. There is still no accountability. That will happen when I am elected.’


29th February 2024 – Molly Kingsley flags up this interview in which she describes her observations and worries – thanks to the British Thought Leaders. Molly writes:

‘A real delight to be on and to get to cover so much ground – thank you so much @LeeAlanHall and team. Please do listen if you’ve followed UsForThem’s work over the years. And yep, the mystery of the disappearing ethics committee indeed, hey @DHSCgovuk @covidinquiryuk

– would be amusing were it not so damned serious.’


13th March 2024 – Molly Kingsley flags up new evidence from Patrick Vallance’s diaries regarding masking and jabbing children. Molly writes:

‘Damming: if there were any remaining doubts, new evidence from Patrick Vallance’s diaries confirms political ambition, not science forced school children into masks. Vallance also confirms the scientific premise for vaccinating children – that it was necessary to keep schools open and safe – was bogus. Yet where is the accountability?’


***Book: ‘The Accountability Deficit: How ministers and officials evaded accountability, misled the public and violated democracy during the pandemic’ by Molly Kingsley, Arabella Skinner and Ben Kingsley – out now! Plus, ongoing references to the UK’s official covid inquiry… (Additionally, Prof Stefan Homburg describes similar lack of accountability in Germany in response to ‘covid’)

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