Connect with @MaggieOLiverUK – she writes, ‘Over 10 years ago I resigned from Greater Manchester Police in disgust at what I saw. Victims failed by Senior officers, Chief Constable and ACCs in the most inhumane and unlawful of ways, feeling ashamed of my part in the process although powerless to change it, despairing of where my life would go as I walked away from a career I loved to speak the truth. It cost me dearly. In 2019 I was burnt out. But I recognised my job was far from over, as the horrors I’d seen were far worse than I could have ever imagined. I knew there was still a marathon to run, but that I could no longer tread the path alone. So I founded The Maggie Oliver Foundation not knowing the first thing about starting a charity, nor the super human effort it would take. And I’m not gonna lie….. it’s been at times draining, depressing, overwhelming, challenging, frustrating, unbelievably hard. The past months have in some ways been some of the most stressful and horrifying I’ve ever endured. But, they have contained some of the most incredible, uplifting, emotional, proud moments of my life as I watch the team that we are begin to achieve the most amazing successes for the victims and survivors of abuse who are being monumentally FAILED by police & the authorities. Knowlingly, deliberately and, in many cases, unlawfully. I can’t say much more right now, but we are built on truth, honesty, decency, principles of right and wrong, and shockingly what we see repeatedly is leaders, PSBs, Senior officers who don’t share those values. We see victims treated horrendously, the regular abuse of power & a total unwillingness to ‘back off’ when they are wrong. We’re supporting & fighting for many who are challenging the way their cases have been handled. Many wins for those victims, cases reopened, charges intended to criminalise victims being overturned & much more. We are building important links with organisations to whom we are going with our concerns which are now taken seriously & acted on with positive outcomes. And I know this would never happen without the amazing team The Maggie Oliver Foundation. An ‘A Team’ of passionate, committed, professional, dedicated & caring individuals who share my vision & passion for a fair & just society. Where those who have been let down so badly are treated with empathy, kindness & respect, not further destroyed by a system which doesn’t care & is frankly just broken & corrupt. So today I’m celebrating yet another win, for a young woman who was almost driven to take her own life by the way Greater Manchester Police treated her. She stood on a bridge a few months ago, ready to jump off when our incredible Legal Advocacy Manager reassured her & told her she wasn’t alone. And yesterday her belief in him, & our fight for her, paid off. Today she wakes up free from the 2 years torture they put her through! So happy Saturday everybody. Good can prevail over evil in the end. We just have to fight, and follow the path and never give up.

28th November 2023 – Progress update:

***The Maggie Oliver Foundation – Maggie Oliver “resigned from the Greater Manchester Police in disgust”. “Victims failed… in the most inhumane and unlawful of ways”. She founded a charity leading a team to support victims and survivors of abuse “knowingly, deliberately and, in many cases, unlawfully”…

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