The BBC played a major role in spreading misinformation claiming the covid vaccines are ‘safe and effective’. The public were exposed day after day, multiple times a day, to covid death counts, graphs with cherry-picked statistics out of context, and propaganda to be vaccinated, and yet now there is nothing – silence – about the vaccine injured and dead:

Cover-up of known miscarriages from the Pfizer trials – Naomi Wolf has been trying to alert the world to this for some time:

The deafening silence continues of officials and the mainstream media:

20th February 2023: “Nothing in the mainstream media…” June Slater:

More about menstrual irregularities, miscarriages and baby deaths of vaccinated women:

How does Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, continue to get away with stating in Parliament that the jabs are ‘safe and effective’ (on video when Andrew Bridgen MP raised the issues around jab harms and deaths in the House of Commons) when there are many people waiting for their injury claims to be processed?

Is Rishi Sunak implying these claims are fraudulent then as the jabs are ‘safe and effective’ and could not possibly have harmed anyone?

Covid jab victims in France… We are really in a dystopian world when none of these (world wide) injuries and deaths are even acknowledged via the mainstream media. We are living in a science fiction film it seems to me. How will this situation progress…

Andrew Bridgen MP again raises the issue of jab harms, deaths and excess deaths in the House of Commons to an empty parliament – this is how interested parliamentarians are in jab harms – and this will go down in history as an utter disgrace. Even if MPs don’t agree with halting the covid jabs pending an inquiry, or ‘don’t agree’ with Andrew Bridgen’s concerns (and the concerns of others), they could have stayed to argue their points and to ask questions. But they didn’t. I suggest they deserted a ship like rats to avoid this talk, because how can they admit any kind of accountability as the harms are so huge – from the jabs and from the lockdowns:

***”The Time for Ignorance is Over…People Need to See the Damage That’s Been Done…This is a Humanitarian Crisis” – Vaccine Injured and Bereaved ignored by the Mainstream Media and the UK Parliament

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