Well folks, I am beyond disgusted. Andrew Bridgen speaks to an empty House of Commons on raising again the very, very serious issue of the high numbers of jab injuries and deaths in the UK and beyond:

Here is the full talk/video:

Here is a link direct to my post featuring Andrew Bridgen raising this extremely serious issue in December 2022 – again to a virtually empty House of Commons. There is a great deal of information via this post below:


On listening to the response to Andrew Bridgen’s concerns, I (and others) could address every claim made with further comments and serious questions. For example, the statement that the reported adverse effects may not have been from the jabs, but the counter to that argument is the known under-reporting using the VAERS and Yellow Card systems.

It seems to me from the official response to Andrew Bridgen’s speech that we are doomed in the UK to a future of more and more mRNA jabs – and the people who will accept these will be the people who trust the government, trust the BBC, trust the NHS – they are no doubt fearful (after plenty of deliberate fear-mongering for years from the government) – and they are the people who may not have the time nor the access to sources of information other than mainstream information – especially considering the level of fascist censorship we are experiencing including in the UK. Already there have been several people who have commented that the Bridgen speech in Parliament has already been ‘taken down from YouTube’. If so, this in itself is a disgrace but a sign of the times is it not – that a speech in the UK Parliament can be censored speaks volumes to those of us who are aware of the disgraceful carry-on of these past few years.

YES – I’ve just checked. The YouTube video of Andrew Bridgen’s speech in the House of Commons has indeed BEEN CENSORED. This is what it states across the screen:

“This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

Well then, yet again, thank goodness for Rumble!

Andrew Bridgen touches briefly on the financial cost of the government’s vaccine policy to indicate how expensive this is for the taxpayer. And yet we know there are very inexpensive, re-purposed alternatives with great success which have been deliberately, and institutionally, discredited and more, see:


We need a Cromwell. “An immovable Parliament is more obnoxious than an immovable king.” … “I nearby declare this Parliament dissolved.”

Do watch the very short Cromwell clip here:

There are numerous tweets circulating featuring the absence in the House of Commons of politicians for Andrew Bridgen’s speech. Hundreds of people are aware – and disgusted – by their country’s absent politicians.

An anthem that speaks volumes:

The CDC acknowledges ‘debilitating’ effects from the covid jabs – but then what?:

June Slater comments on the empty House of Commons for Andrew Bridgen’s speech – was his slot on a Friday afternoon when most MPs are absent deliberate?

The debate now available on YouTube via the account of ‘Liarpoliticians’:

I’ve added the link below to three of my posts thus far because I believe it’s so important – please do take a look, listen to the podcast, read the accompanying claims:

Crimes of COVID-1984 Podcast | The Case Against Hancock et al

An empty House of Commons again:

Andrew Bridgen and Jeffrey Peel in conversation – some of the back story:


Meanwhile, read this appalling reply by a Member of Parliament to a constituent regarding the issues raised by Andrew Bridgen in Parliament – this is totally unacceptable:

The MP wrote to his constituent on 4th April 2023:

“Thank you for contacting me about Andrew Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire. 

As a nation, we should be very proud of what has been achieved through the vaccine programme. The vaccine is the best defence against Covid-19 that we have. Misinformation about the vaccine causes harm and costs lives. Mr Bridgen has had the Whip removed with immediate effect, pending a formal investigation.

The Prime Minister commented that it is “utterly unacceptable to make linkages” between the Holocaust and the Covid-19 vaccine. He added that he is “determined that the scourge of anti-Semitism is eradicated” and it has “absolutely no place in our society”. 

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me. “

Matt Hancock was the MP who originally accused Andrew Bridgen of anti-semitism which is, quite frankly, libellous. It is also a blatant distraction from the issues Andrew has raised in the House of Commons. Indeed, a number of highly credentialed Jewish scientists wrote an open letter to support Andrew, follow this link below for the open letter:

https://galileoisback.substack.com/p/jewish-scientists-stand-with-bridgen โ€

The disgraceful parliamentary response to Andrew Bridgen is referenced in this important article:


The attack on Andrew Bridgen continues – what a disgraceful attack this is:

Strong warning by Andrew Bridgen about the global power grab of the World Health Organisation (WHO). The proposed amendments of the WHO treaty must not be allowed to go ahead. This is so chilling – what will happen?:


12th April, 2023 – Andrew Bridgen has been formally expelled from the Conservative Party. I just hope he now springs into action to head up, or to join, an alternative to the dreadful main parties. None of the main parties deserve my vote or the vote of many others who see through the Parliamentary betrayal of UK citizens along with their betrayal and vilification of Andrew Bridgen:

Andrew’s wife, Nevena, speaks out:

Short interview with Andrew’s response:

Alternative media commentary:

A measured comment by Molly Kingsley with the summary:

“The single most damaging failing of the pandemic era was arguably the censorship and suppression of valid, reasonable and often essential questions.  If it is said to be irresponsible or dangerous to debate fully and openly our policy approaches to lockdowns, vaccine roll-outs, the role of natural immunity and the efficacy of masks, the problem is with the policies not with the debate.

Party political attacks on elected representatives for expressing lawful and honestly held opinions erodes our democratic system; indeed it is only a few short steps from authoritarianism.”

Look what Andrew’s wife, Nevena, has shared via Twitter – this is what happens to people who upset the status quo – who challenges the plans, actions and consequences of the powerful ‘vested interests’:

Let’s make it really clear, Andrew Bridgen is ‘not suicidal’ but how very sinister and unacceptable that anyone is trying to sow such a seed:


***2) Disgraceful absence of parliamentarians when Andrew Bridgen MP raises the issue of covid jab injuries and deaths yet again in the House of Commons (17th March 2023) – high time the UK Parliament was officially disbanded pending a full national, independent inquiry!

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