This anthem is not long – please watch, listen and reflect:

Not a mistake – substances in chemtrails:

Not a mistake – the planned pandemic:

Not a mistake – deadly vaccines for many years:

Not a mistake – manipulating and duping the public by fear (and always read the responses as they reveal further plots and plans):

Not a mistake – IT WAS ALL A LIE: NHS Director confirms Hospitals lied about Cause of Death to create illusion of COVID Pandemic – The Expose

Not a mistake – do listen to the full podcast and then consider sharing it with any legal people you know and members of the police. Also, read the accompanying statement below the podcast:

A concerned UK citizen who has sent many emails to the local MP (to no avail) added this one to the list – and sent me a copy of the email’s contents which I’m sharing here. There are many people who are writing to their local MPs with their concerns about covid jabs, 15 minute cities, the woke agenda, net zero on the pretext of ‘climate change’ – and have done repeatedly – all to no avail, it seems, based on the empty House of Commons whenever Andrew Bridgen MP represents the concerns of his constituents and other citizens of the UK (and further afield) regarding jab injuries, deaths and the high number of excess deaths. This is a copy of one of many emails sent to MPs – added here as just one example:

Dear ……………..,
Do find time to watch this short poem.  I would like to know your reaction to it?
Also,  have you bothered to watch and listen to your fellow MP Andrew Bridgend’s recent speeches in Parliament?  I would like to know how seriously you are taking the events of the past three years and whether or not you are likely to have the courage to speak out about the appalling mismanagement of the Government over the whole of the Covid saga?  The apparent wholesale acceptance of the vaccine push by all MP’s, from both sides of the house, seems to me a total dereliction of their duty of care towards their constituents.  It not only demonstrates a total lack of common sense and critical thinking ability but casts doubt on the whole concept of democracy and its ability to guarantee basic freedoms of speech, thought, movement, sovereignty and so on.  “Safe and Effective” was clearly a known lie.
I look forward to your thoughtful and considered reply.  “Considered” in the sense of being honest with yourself in the face of current knowledge and facts, not considered in the sense of wanting to hang onto your day-job.  There are likely to be many MPs who lose their seats in the next election unless there is a demonstration of collective humility together with a demonstration of personal responsibility in the face of collective cowardice.  The often near-empty Chamber does not inspire confidence in our political system.

Yours sincerely,

The question really is, how sincere are our Members of Parliament – any and all?

Not a mistake – a planned ‘release’ – watch this:

Not a mistake – blatant lying:

Well, well, well…

Follow this Twitter thread for further information within it:

What has happened to the medical profession?

They knew efficacy and long term outcomes were not known (or where they known so ‘not a mistake’ at all):

***’MISTAKES WERE NOT MADE – AN ANTHEM FOR JUSTICE’ written by Margaret Anna Alice and read by Dr. Tess Lawrie – the roles of the many participants…

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