Take a look, read the responses too:

My blog is packed with information about the ‘pandemic’ and responses to it. How much of this information (including important international developments) have we seen on the BBC?

So how shallow, how impoverished, how skewed, how misleading is the news and commentary programmes that we see on the BBC?

How much amounts to propaganda rather than transparency and information for the watcher?

I now have several posts on my blog documenting jab injuries and deaths in the UK and across the world. How can it be that there is so much available to learn about via Twitter and virtual silence – absence of information – via the BBC news and documentaries?

It is common to hear reference to the ‘Midazolam Murders’ via alternative media, surely this issue (see below) is really important to investigate for any serious journalistic organisation (which the BBC purports to be and even advertises itself as such)? Perhaps the BBC will do so ten years in the future?

Sadly, many more people may have, in effect, been euthanised by then – whether through design or by accident or sheer ignorance?

I wonder what the BBC journalists would make of this claim based on the findings?

See this absolutely shocking, extraordinary development – the BBC has gone full, blatant, propaganda, mind manipulation – they are the disinformation, misinformationists! BIG TIME:

I’m adding this below to show the range of responses to Marianna’s announcement about ‘BBC Verify’:

And check out the link from here:

The BBC delivers the Government’s propaganda – it’s all coming out now:


***The disgrace of the BBC UNVACCINATED DOCUMENTARY – in fact, the disgrace and betrayal of the BBC

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