Drag Queen story time is not acceptable. There are thousands of families expressing their deep concern about this development including by approaching their children’s schools, their local members of parliament, signing petitions and active protesting. I myself have heard from people from America and the UK – parents and teachers – who are deeply worried about the developments in their countries and in their children’s infant, primary and secondary schools regarding Drag Queen story times, gender identification, curriculum content that is not transparently available to parents, and associated issues. It is looking, however, that not only children are being groomed, but many of the teachers themselves. Some teachers have told me it is impossible to broach their worries in the staffroom about curriculum content (and its effect on children) such is the intensity and differing of opinions of this topic:

Buried quite deeply in the Daily Mail article is the statistic of 14,000+ people signing a petition to protest this event. That is not a small ‘right wing’ fringe group:

“A petition against the event was signed by more than 14,000 after being created by the group Art Not Propaganda.

The petition demands Tate stop imposing ‘gender ideology’ on children and claims that, as a state-funded institution, Tate is accountable to the public.

Previously, a spokesperson for the Tate said: ‘We do not programme artists in order to promote particular points of view, nor to reconcile differing points of view.

‘Our galleries offer a broad programme and visitors have the freedom to choose which aspects of it they engage with.’

 Women’s Rights Network’s Claire Loneragan, previously said: ‘Drag Queen Story Hour is very far from the innocuous presence that many people assume.

‘Quite aside from the fact that drag is adult sexualised entertainment, children are already being force-fed gender ideology — drag further normalises this in the adult world and confuses them.’

The Met and Tate Britain have been contacted for a comment.” 

Meanwhile, Nicola Sturgeon is feeling the backlash of ‘gender reform’ in Scotland (please note: Nicola Sturgeon went on to resign as First Minister on 15th Feb 2023, staying in post only until the Scottish National Party finds a replacement):

Mark Lehain writes about the problem of sex and relationship education in schools via his blog including some suggestions:

‘Let’s talk about sex (education)’

Response to the report on the Met Police:

Another women’s race won by a trans woman:

Absolutely not appropriate:

The descriptions of sex and relationship activities described in Miriam Cates report are totally unacceptable – and the mere notion that the curriculum is not transparent to parents, and withheld from parents, is outrageous. Whose children are these? NOT the States:

***Drag Queen story time and various gender identification issues – and how this is affecting the school curriculum which may be hidden from the parents – alarm and outrage is justified

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