Time to get behind this important campaign – whether you’re a parent, a teacher, a member of the public or a politician:


This is what I wrote (via Twitter) in response to listening to this speech, “The end of this powerful speech brought me to tears. If this tweet has had so much exposure, why so few retweets. People who mean well, who are naive and think they are compassionate, know not the seriousness of these pernicious idealogical developments in schools.”

Below is a link to an earlier post featuring the developments of this pernicious ideology in our schools – not just in the UK. This provides examples/evidence of what our children are being exposed to in schools, via the media and in public:


Minister Nick Gibb tells parents to ‘complain’ rather than withdraw children over their concerns about inappropriate curriculum content. Parents have complained – vociferously – including protesting outside schools. I am so very disappointed with Nick Gibb’s response and one might consider his response reflects his naivety or subjective bias over the seriousness of this issue:


In Wales – where Welsh parents have approached me about their grave worries regarding content and lack of transparency of the relationships and sex curriculum in schools provided for even the youngest of children:


Gender assignment according to the current law:


I agree, why would a transgender man want to look ‘more manly’ and yet go ahead with having a baby?


“It’s not the job of teachers to reinforce a fiction and a lie and a belief that is not grounded in reality”:


Anderson (Stonewall’s chair of trustees) is totally incapable of answering a simple question about fairness in women’s sport – says it all doesn’t it:


James Esses reviews ‘Iain Anderson’s Car Crash Interview’:


Stonewall issues a statement in response to the interview:


Who is in charge – ain’t that the question!


This article is worth reading – does it reflect a fudge regarding what constitutes ‘sex education’ as compared to ‘relationship education’? Are the boundaries blurred and, indeed, exploited by curriculum content providers and even by biased, naive or misguided school personnel?


I recommend reading the article in full (link above) as there is a lot of information including use of a BBC video which was subsequently withdrawn by the BBC! Below is a section of the article which includes some of the response of Education Secretary, Gillian Keegan, re grave concerns regarding ‘gender’ ideology. In “allowing more time”, doesn’t this, in effect, enable schools to carry on regardless with content that at least some parents find highly unsuitable for their children – worryingly so?:

On Thursday, Education Secretary Gillian Keegan announced the government was pushing back the release of its guidance for schools and colleges when a child is questioning their gender.

She said: ‘It is a difficult and sensitive area and more information is needed about the long-term implications of a child to act as though they are the opposite sex.

 ‘We also need to take care to understand how such actions affect other children in the school or college. These decisions must not be taken lightly or in haste.

‘It is vital that the guidance we publish gives clarity for schools and colleges and reassurance for parents. 

‘So, we have made the decision to allow more time – to speak to teachers, parents, lawyers and other stakeholders – in order to ensure this guidance meets the high expectations that these groups rightly have for it.

‘In the meantime, schools and colleges should proceed with extreme caution. 

‘They should always involve parents in decisions relating to their child, and should not agree to any changes that they are not absolutely confident are in the best interests of that child and their peers. 

‘They should prioritise safeguarding by meeting their existing legal duties to protect single sex spaces and maintain safety and fairness in single sex sport.’

A Department for Education spokesperson said: ‘The safety and wellbeing of children and young people is our top priority.

‘Following reports of inappropriate materials being used to teach relationships and sex education, the government has already brought forward an urgent review of the curriculum and is looking at introducing age ratings to make sure teaching materials are appropriate.

‘The Education Secretary has also written to schools to reiterate that parents have a right to view teaching materials and copyright law does not prevent a parent from viewing external resources on school premises.’

Further guidance or amendment is indeed urgent:


At long last (long overdue), Andrew Neil takes an interest in transgender issues:


Angela SanMartin, a teacher with principles (from Florida) makes a statement about his position – so commendable and worth watching to the end.

“I’ve taught my students to reject tyranny…” .


A development for The World Swimming Governing Body’s position on women’s sports:


Children as young as seven to get NHS trans treatment

In the Telegraph: ‘Children as young as seven to get NHS trans treatment – Clinics will also consider the impact of other medical and mental health issues’ – replacement of the Tavistock Clinic:


Please consider signing this letter ‘Sex Matters’ to UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak – it takes seconds – thank you:


‘Mrs Braverman said forces should not be “policing tweets which express gender-critical views, or turning up to arrest someone who says a man can’t be a woman”.

Suella Braverman: Woke police are damaging public trust

Home Secretary orders investigation into officers ‘pandering to politically correct causes’ such as taking the knee at BLM protests


“…in failing to stop this promotion of an unscientific and harmful ideology in schools, the government bears some responsibility for the skyrocketing numbers of children arriving at gender clinics demanding puberty blockers and hormones.”


This is THE MOST FANTASTIC statement of a mother lambasting the school board – the video is only three minutes long and is what needs saying. Our UK Parliament is a disgrace not grasping this nettle. PLEASE listen to this and circulate widely:


Family Education Trust: ‘Common theme here to keep parents in the dark. First schools and third party providers refuse to let parents see materials taught to children, now the DfE won’t publish the results of the independent review. What are they trying to hide?’


This is a very short video clip of an interview on ‘Politics Live’ (UK) that is well worth watching: ‘On Politics Live: schools need clear guidance on gender self-ID grounded in (i) clinical insight: the Cass review said social transition cd have long term psychological impacts on children (ii) the law that all children have right to access single-sex toilets & changing rooms’:


***TheBadLawProject: “PSHE as currently taught is unlawful and criminal… The State is a terrible parent… Abolish PSHE in schools… We are going to sue the Department for Education…” Children are being exposed to ideological child abuse, indoctrination and sexualisation in our schools. Please listen to this short, powerful statement to the end. Please sign the letter to Rishi Sunak ‘Sex Matters’ – it takes seconds.

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