People often ask via their X posts (formerly Twitter) what was the trigger for people coming to the conclusion that all was not ‘as presented’ by the mainstream media and political leaders, and scientific advisors, at the onset of the covid-19 ‘pandemic’ 2019/2020. There were a number of triggers for me – not all overnight – but cumulative. One of the triggers for me questioning the pandemic narrative was the lack of context of the daily feature of fear-mongering graphs on the BBC to show the death figure rising – and the advent of national lockdowns. I was always left with a handful of rational questions which seemed to me to be very basic questions indeed.

It has been a huge blow to my perception of the the United Kingdom that our very own ‘BBC’ would be so complicit in what I now consider, like many others, to be a covid scamdemic and the greatest crime against humanity – with multiple layers (roles) of complicity (of individuals and institutions) that is chilling to the core. Having watched the BBC almost exclusively for decades, I now cannot bear the programmes and those involved as I feel such disdain. Commentators that I have even ‘admired’ for many years of my adult life now leave me feeling cold and even bitter towards them for their complicity – and moral cowardice.

Had there been an ounce of integrity, capability, conscience and courage amongst the mainstream journalists and commentators, to question the direction of travel (the lockdowns, the masking including of children, the promotion and uptake of toxic jabs INCLUDING FOR YOUNG PEOPLE, PREGNANT WOMEN AND CHILDREN), they may have saved much misery – including bankruptcy, starvation, mental torment, billions of injuries and millions of lives.

The mainstream media, including the BBC, has been hugely complicit in totalitarianism.

[As an aside – but an extremely important point – as the UK General Election looms nearer (one week to go), the absence of any debate involving our political leaders – Sunak and Starmer – to ascertain their political positions (and as leading political representatives of the country, their complicity) regarding the most horrendous genocide in Gaza taking place right now. The thrust of the debate/s has been almost entirely on which political party will tax the people the most, the NHS (National Health Service) waiting list, and how they will tackle the ever-growing increase in immigration and illegal immigration. These topics are simply detractors – and ignore in their entirety the position of many UK residents horrified by the annihilation of the infrastructure of Gaza and the utterly inhumane genocidal war crimes against the entrapped Palestinian people. In short, the BBC is presenting as a mere lightweight journalistic organisation with far more in-depth and important information shared by independent observation and commentators of world events delivered via social networks.]

Jeffrey Peel writes (27th June) – and I wholeheartedly agree:

‘Duty of Candour Should Apply to the BBC’

***June 2024 – ‘Duty of Candour Should Apply to the BBC’ by Jeffrey Peel – I totally agree!

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