June 2024 – Thank you to (Ex Dr) David Cartland (a brave whistleblower and truth-seeker in the UK) for flagging up this brilliant and important video (not long) of Dr Sabine Hazan describing her research findings – and the suppression of her research:


Below is the link to a previous thread featuring the ‘smear campaign’ against ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine despite a range of promising findings about their use to treat covid 19:


25th June 2024 – Sense Receptor on X flags up this information and video footage:

“[W]e knew 30 years ago that there was a risk for [gene therapies] to be integrated into sperm, integrated into ova, and passed onto offspring. In fact, we sterilized people before giving them gene therapies…”

“You are being lied to on a massive scale.”

In this clip from a video posted by Mic Meow (@MicMeowed), taken from a Halt Hospital Homicide rally, toxicologist and molecular biologist Janci Lindsay (@JanciToxDoc) describes how the COVID-19 injections are gene therapies, and how gene therapies have been known—for 30 years—to not only potentially integrate into sperm and ova, but also cause cancers.

“[W]e all knew this 30 years ago. The reason why gene therapies were never, ever brought to the forefront is because we knew 30 years ago that there was a risk for them to be integrated into sperm, integrated into ova, and passed onto offspring,” Lindsay says. “In fact, we sterilized people before giving them gene therapies so that they would not corrupt the gene pool.”

Lindsay adds, “we knew that they caused leukemias and lymphomas because they caused leukemias and lymphomas when people were given gene therapy, and that’s why they were not mass released.” The toxicologist notes, “this was not something that we pulled out of a hat. This is in the scientific literature. These have always known to be gene therapies. When you deliver a nucleoside to a cell with a sequence and you cause that cell to produce a protein it would otherwise not produce, guess what…that’s gene therapy and it always has been.”

“You are being lied to on a massive scale,” the toxicologist says. “We thought that if we just talk to the CDC, if we just talk to the FDA and show them how mistaken they are…they are in on this…they are corrupt as hell. And they are killing your children. They are actively killing your children.”

Lindsay goes on to say that she’s “trying to do some experiments in sperm and getting the official permission to do so, so that we can look and see if there’s, in fact, genetic integration. Because there are over 1,000 reproductive biology labs in the U.S. and not one of them, not one, has looked to see if this has integrated in our gametes.”

The toxicologist adds: “[T]hey knew, early on in 2021, that these went to the testes and these went to the ovaries. And not one academic lab, not one professor, not one scientific researcher—and I have begged them personally—has stood up. That’s how unethical they are. That’s how much they have love for money instead of love for truth and love for life. They are betraying humanity on a massive scale and we have to stop them.”


29 June 2024 – And so it goes on … William Makis MD flags up this latest development:

NEW ARTICLE: CANADA declares WAR on IVERMECTIN – Two doctors suspended in June 2024 – $44780 fine, re-education camps, and a College employee goes undercover dressed up as a Trucker!It’s WAR. Canada’s Colleges of Physicians have gone berserk on IVERMECTIN in June 2024.Two Canadian doctors have just been suspended:

1. June 17, 2024 – Saskatchewan suspended Dr.Tshipita Kabongo for 1 month, with $44,780 penalty (the largest penalty ever issued for prescribing Ivermectin, in the world) 2. June 20, 2024 – Ontario suspended Dr.Jeremiah Hadwen for 8 months, with $8000 penalty and re-education training ordered, for prescribing Ivermectin. The College Investigator went undercover, dressed up as a Canadian Trucker, went to the Ottawa Canadian Trucker Convoy wearing recording devices and attempted to catch a young doctor (Dr.Hadwen) prescribing Ivermectin. I’m not aware of any other “Sting Operation” using an undercover Investigator to try to catch someone prescribing IVERMECTIN. This is like a movie. The Canadian healthcare mafia is completely out of control.These Canadian doctors have been persecuted for discussing Ivermectin for treating COVID-19 (or very similar COVID crimes): Ontario – Dr.Crystal Luchkiw – license suspended Jan.27, 2024, $28370 penalty Ontario – Dr.Mark Trozzi – license revoked Jan.25, 2024, $94960 penalty Ontario – Dr.Ira Bernstein – license suspended Aug.26, 2023, re-education ordered Ontario – Dr.Patrick Phillips – license revoked Jun.6, 2023, $6000 penalty Ontario – Dr.Miklos Matyas – Feb.27, 2023 re-education ordered for this surgeon Ontario – Dr.Mary O’Connor – resigned Feb.4, 2023, was under investigation MB – Dr.Christopher Hilton Hassell – Nov.15, 2022 – $6000 penalty, resigned MB – Dr.Wilhelmus Grobler, Jul.16, 2022, $6165 fine, censured, re-education BC – Dr.Stephen Malthouse – license suspended Mar.28, 2022 Ontario – Dr.Rochagne Killian – license suspended Oct.27, 2021 Ontario – Dr.Chris Shoemaker – suspended Jan.6, 2023, complaint ongoing, Hearing in July 2024 BC – Dr.Charles Hoffe – complaint ongoing May 31, 2024, hearing delayed BC – Dr.Daniel Nagase – complaint ongoing (hearing delayed) AB – Dr.Roger Hodkinson – complaint ongoing, Hearing delayed in May 2024 AB – Dr.Eric Payne – complaints ongoing Ontario – Dr.Kulviner Kaur Gill – Feb.3, 2021 complaint ongoing I apologize if I missed anyone, there are certainly more physician victims. WHY NOW?I believe that SOON, Canadian doctors will be mandated to take Influenza H5N1 mRNA Vaccines, which will have severe side effects up to and including death. Failure to comply will come with huge fines, re-education camps, or license suspensions. That’s why Dr.Tshipita Kabongo was hit with an unprecedented $44780 fine on June 17, 2024 and Dr.Jeremiah Hadwen is being sent to a re-education camp to be re-trained in “ethics” after his 8 month suspension is over. They are being made examples of, so that the remaining 100,000 Canadian physicians keep their mouth shut and comply.Perhaps we need to start arresting the leaders of these Colleges, for their extensive crimes against Canadian citizens.The Colleges must then be dissolved and every College Official must be banned for life from healthcare. And if you need IVERMECTIN, just let me know! IVERMECTIN can treat not only COVID-19 but also Influenza including H5N1.High dose IVERMECTIN can successfully treat COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Induced TURBO CANCER – with typical starting doses of 1mg/kg/day.Follow me for IVERMECTIN related information that cannot be censored or punished, as I don’t answer to any College of Physicians in Canada! Article Link in photo to avoid shadowban, just re-type the URL in the 1st photo at the top, into your browser to access


***Testimony of ‘interference with research’ – Dr Sabine Hazan, “What I saw with this pandemic is not science” (referencing hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, microbiome – important information that was suppressed) … and more …

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