Thanks yet again to The Vigilant Fox who has flagged up this video message:

‘Dr. David Martin Issues Direct Message to President Trump

This is important.

Instead of defending the COVID shots, “President Trump could easily say that he was conned,” Dr. Martin suggested.

Because once the truth comes out, the reality is this: “They’re going to set you [Trump] up for this.”

Dr. Martin took a hard stance on Operation Warp Speed, highlighting the grim reality of its consequences. “Operation Warp Speed, without his [Trump’s] knowledge, was actually signing the death warrant for a number of individuals who happen to be American citizens, who happened to be people that you [Trump] swore an oath to protect.”

However, the path forward, according to Dr. Martin, is not about pointing fingers but about taking decisive action. He called on Trump to sign an executive order to do away with money-making “pandemics” for good.

“The executive order that gets signed on the day you become president must be the absolute erasure of the pharmaceutical liability shields that are in place for vaccine manufacturers,” he insisted.

“If we want this thing to end, companies will be responsible for the products that they make, period. And then they’ll stop. The minute Pfizer and the minute Moderna have fiscal and civil and criminal liability for the things that they actually are producing … We will not have a pandemic.”’

I doubt you’ll ever hear anything about Dr Martin’s revelations and information on UK mainstream TV or in the media. Dr Martin, however, features in a number of my previous posts including this one, link below:

***June 2024 – Dr David Martin’s direct message to Trump – very important – key – to what could happen next…

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