Andrew Bridgen is a very brave and rare individual who has been expelled from the Conservative party, ridiculed and ignored in the UK Parliament – and yet Andrew speaks truth to power and truth to the British people. One of the main problems is that the mainstream media notably avoids featuring any of Andrew’s commentary and efforts to hold the Government (and others) to account ‘by omission’. Indeed, the mainstream media avoids or diminishes any of the truly serious topics affecting the world’s people by the world’s warmongering, manipulative, psychopathic, rich, One World Government, people and organisations.

23 June 2024 – Direct link:

The link below is to the X thread started by The Vigilant Fox featuring the interview with Andrew Bridgen:

***A MUST WATCH: This 40 min video discussion featuring Andrew Bridgen MP and Liz Gunn (New Zealand) is really important and actually honours the importance and serious nature of Andrew’s challenges in the UK and also internationally – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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