Camus on X flags up another short video clip of MEP Christine Anderson speaking out – as she does repeatedly in and out of the European Parliament:

German MEP Christine Anderson:

“This pandemic is not over until every single politician, every single elected representative and every single on responsible for these draconian restrictions that have been imposed on the people has been held accountable.

And this will not be over until every single scientist, every single doctor, every single health care worker has been exonerated and rehabilitated…This will be over when every single one of these despicable people have been held accountable possibly even stood trial in a court of law.”

The link below leads to a thread featuring the work of Christine Anderson, and some of her MEP colleagues, who have spoken out about the unaccountable events from the earliest stages of the covid years – and persistently called for criminal investigations:

Watch this very short, revealing video of shocking information flagged up by Craig Kelly:

‘Justice is closing in.

Romanian MEP Cristian Terheş asks why Ursula von der Leyen would sign a €71 billion contract with Pfizer to buy 4.6 billion vaccine doses (10 doses per citizen).’

***June 2024 – MEP Christine Anderson has spoken loud and clear about holding those responsible for the covid years to account…

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