Christine Anderson has long since spoken clearly about the unacceptable and undemocratic events that have taken place in the European Parliament and elsewhere.

She has not been a lone voice in the European Parliament – a handful of MEPs have also spoken out. The video snippets available to see over the months via Twitter have given hope that not all politicians are ignorant, inept, wilfully blind ‘puppets’, complicit, fraudulent and/or evil.

I shall flag up other video snippets which I, personally, have found inspirational and which have given me hope that one day all the unacceptable and evil people and events may be officially and successfully held to account – no longer able to hide behind a corrupted mainstream media and rich, powerful people and organisations.

Compare Christine Anderson’s integrity, intelligence, courage and compassion with the current political leaders in the UK and elsewhere.

The tweet has been generated as solace to Andrew Bridgen MP (UK Parliament) who is currently being victimised in the House of Commons for raising the issues around vaccine injuries and deaths, and calls for the jabs to be stopped:

The tweeter writes:

“.@ABridgen The house of cards is tumbling as Christine Anderson MEP talks to a full house about the criminal investigations underway.”

Christine Anderson flags up how low even mothers are prepared to stoop when instructed to and when filled with covid-19 narrative fear – dearie me:

Christine Anderson flags up the work of Vera Sharav – as have I elsewhere on my blog. I’ve listened to Vera and she’s an utterly remarkable, and knowledgeable, lady and people should take heed of her warnings:

Christine Anderson comments on what 15 minute cities look like to her – sign of things to come:

What gives Christine the courage?

What’s the expression – speaking truth to power – and on record:

Is this really happening?

Christine Anderson and colleagues challenge the next part of the globalists plan to target the population (including pregnant woman) with further mRNA jabs:

This is a short video clip of Christine describing the manual used in Germany to put fear into the people – including the children – with links to the full interview:

‘German MEP, Christine Anderson: Governments around the world used outright psychological warfare—targeted even at children—to terrify their populations into submission with Covid tyranny, in a way that was globally coordinated. “In Germany, there was a manual on how to get the people to do what the government wanted them to do to adhere to these restrictions. They outlined [that] even though kids are at no risk of Covid, we have to make them afraid [that] if they catch it, and then they infect their grandparents, they’re responsible for having killed their grandparents.” And the exact same techniques are now being used to terrify everyone into submission with Net Zero/climate tyranny.’

Christine Anderson notes yet more hypocrisy of Justin Trudeau in the Canadian House of Commons re the issue of applauding a nazi – and she looks forward to Trudeau’s resignation – don’t we all! Listen to Christine’s short statement:

Read Christine Anderson’s warm and encouraging New Year’s greeting and accompanying statement:

23rd April 2024 – The courageous Christine Anderson calling out corruption – watch this event via a short video. She writes:

‘Scandal in the EU Parliament. I requested a short-term change to the agenda to clarify the vaccine deals between the EU Commission and Big Pharma.

When I say these 3 words:

Von der Leyen



The President of Parliament immediately cuts off my microphone

A 7-second vote follows in which all other parties reject my motion. (I have deliberately left this outrageous event unedited in my video). Immediately afterwards, Parliament adjourns for a break. That’s all! When in a pseudo-parliament technocratic centralism meets cemented bloc parties that are not even interested in clearing up the most serious allegations of corruption in the double-digit BILLION range against their own Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (the public prosecutor’s office is already investigating), could this anti-citizen construct not rightly be called the EUSSR?

Despite everything, I send you my best regards, Christine Anderson, MEP

***Christine Anderson MEP – a politician of integrity, courage, and one of few we can truly trust – talks to a full house about the criminal investigations underway

One thought on “***Christine Anderson MEP – a politician of integrity, courage, and one of few we can truly trust – talks to a full house about the criminal investigations underway

  • January 12, 2023 at 12:30 pm

    Christine Anderson:

    Dec 31, 2022
    🇬🇧|This year, a great filmmaker accompanied me everywhere with his camera for several months during my work in the EU Parliament. The result is the wonderful documentary “Fighting for Freedom”, which I will present to the public soon.

    Teaser Trailer:


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