21 June 2024 – Tucker Carlson writes (long video dialogue but important and a ‘must watch’):

‘Neil Oliver: Proud conspiracy theorist.’


6 July 2024 – Wide Awake Media via X:

“If we had a pandemic of anything, it was a pandemic of propaganda, a pandemic of lies and a pandemic of testing.”

Neil Oliver calls into question the entirety of the Covid narrative. “I’m not persuaded that there ever was anything novel called ‘Covid’. Covid came and influenza vanished. All the people that were traditionally in their tens or hundreds of thousands every winter [that] would die of the flu? Nobody’s dying of flu. What, this is now ‘Covid’? That’s kind of convenient.”

“What we ended up with was a pandemic of testing, with the misapplication of PCR tests that were never designed, according to their designer, to be used as diagnostic tools.”

“They simply took an opportunity to do something that they were planning to do anyway, which was to use a pandemic to seize control of people’s freedom, and their money—the biggest transfer of wealth in history. Job done. All of that was achieved.”


Previous post featuring the misuse of PCR testing:


***June 2024 – Neil Oliver and Tucker Carlson in conversation…

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