Many people who use Twitter (now X) have known about Dr Kary Mullis’s statements about the effectiveness and (mis)use of the PCR test for a considerable time. The PCR testing regime has been used to drive the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ narrative (and claimed ‘covid-infected’ statistics) therefore contributing to the deliberately generated fear, propaganda and coercion that has driven people to accept the experimental covid-19 jabs.

The death of Dr Mullis three months prior to the ‘pandemic’ hs been questioned by many… that is because there are a number of ‘deaths’ and ‘suicides’ which seem to have befallen people who present as whistleblowers and others who seek to tell an alternative ‘truth’ and challenge ‘official’ narratives:

The link below is to a 11 minute video explanation about the PCR tests and how they can be misinterpreted. Note the date this video was published of 19th September 2020. Significantly, read the comments people have left, even at this stage people were commenting how Dr Kary Mullis himself was saying that the PCR tests are not appropriate for viral testing, for example, one person wrote:

“The test was invented in the 1980s by Kary Mullis who won the Nobel prize for chemistry as a result. However, he said it was for research purposes only and should never be used for diagnosis. Mullis died last year but there is still video of him talking about the test and saying “If you do it well you can find almost anything in anybody”. Deaths from COVID went down to zero in August and have not risen by very much since. The small rise could just be due to false positive tests. If the government had not decided it must “test, test, test” it would not have found any justification for restricting freedom.”

***What did the creator of the PCR test, Dr Kary Mullis, say about its use? And what role did the test’s (mis)use play in driving up the numbers of people who were identified as ‘infectious’ – therefore being instructed to isolate leading to ‘contact-tracing’ and further enforced isolation …

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