8th January 2024 – The well-made ITV drama of this true and ongoing story has really hit the headlines in the UK and resulted in an upsurge of people (1.1 million) petitioning for ex-CEO of the Post Office, Paula Vennells, to have her Queen’s Honour Award withdrawn. Alternately, people are saying she should ‘give it back’.

The Guardian reports on the response of current UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, and opposition leader, Keir Starmer:

Guardian Headline: ‘Post Office scandal: Sunak would ‘strongly support’ review of ex-boss’s CBE

Calls grow for Paula Vennells to have honour removed as ITV drama brings Horizon scandal back into spotlight


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND people watch this production, Mr Bates vs The Post Office:


Journalist, Allison Pearson, states via X: ‘Calling for Paula Vennells to lose her CBE is a sideshow. Of course it’s grotesque she has an honour for “services to the Post Office”. But this is scandal and cover up on a grand scale reaching Government, the judiciary and senior bosses. Perjury, theft (by the Post Office from sub-postmasters), corporate manslaughter, threats, deceit. It stinks to high heaven. We need to see jail sentences.’

And do read what other people have to say via X – and also what they reveal about associated politicians past and present – in response to Allison’s comment:


Andrew Bridgen MP, who features heavily in my Naked Emperor blog as he plays such an important role in Parliament with the issues he raises, has frequently commented via X that he has fought for many years for those who have been persecuted in this disgraceful Post Office scenario. He has written a piece published in The Conservative Woman – an online journal that provides many alternative voices in these times of great censorship and really poor mainstream media reporting.

Andrew writes: ‘As many come fresh to the shocking facts of the Horizon scandal via a TV drama, for those of us who have been in this fight for well over a decade it’s a moment to take stock.’ He provides a link to his article describing his role and experiences of the Post Office scandal here:


And very understandably, people are asking the question as to whether it will take another twenty years before anyone produces a drama about the scandalous Covid years to make people sit up and pay full attention. Certainly, the Post Office scandal is a disgrace, heartbreaking, unaccountable and utterly unacceptable (a deeply disturbing miscarriage of justice which has yet to be fully addressed) – but in comparison, the Covid Scandal is a Goliath of an unaccountable disgrace – a crime against humanity – and it is looking like our UK Government and indeed most Parliamentarians are culpable, callous, indifferent and lacking in any semblance of compassion or interest in those people (young and old alike) who are jab-injured, or bereaved, livelihoods trashed.

And where is there any transparent professional inquiry into the worrying rise in excess deaths that Andrew Bridgen is endeavouring to bring to the House of Commons’ table?

Meanwhile, the official UK Covid Inquiry is costing a daily fortune of public money – an inquiry which, to date, many people recognise as being inappropriate and inadequate – with a ridiculous allotted time scale – looking farcical to an extraordinary degree.




9th January 2024 – Understandably, it’s turning out to be a common theme of people asking the question of whether it will take a mainstream media drama to highlight the failings of events in the Covid Years, look at this thread for example generated by VIBUK via X:

‘We are reading non stop posts about the failings of this government over the post office scandal. It’s not just the government that’s tried to cover this up & hope it goes away, it’s also the MSM so the general public were none the wiser!

The only people that really know are the people involved who are being lied too and censored. Peoples lives have been ruined & lost, our hearts go out to everyone affected by this awful scandal. We feel their frustration.

This is all too familiar to those of us who have suffered injury & loss from the vaccine. The majority of people are still unaware this has happened & is still happening due to the lies, the silencing & the censorship by our government & msm https://x.com/mailonline/status/1744073405689680034?s=46&t=uE89O8xyXpEHBDx1jkYZQg Will it take a TV programme for our truth to come out?? Not if we keep fighting & you all fight with us. Please don’t let it be 20 years for us to get justice.

Support us by signing up to our campaign & sharing. http://vibuk.co.uk You can also help us in our fight for justice by sharing & donating to our crowdfund

https://crowdjustice.com/case/vaccine-injured-and-bereaved/ Thank you


The Law Society Gazette:


***January 2024 – The UK Post Office scandal given wide publicity by an ITV four-part drama of the true story, ‘Mr Bates vs The Post Office’ – resulting in a public outcry, what will happen next?

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