6th January 2024 – Efrat Fenigson writes on X:

‘The German government announced Net zero “it’s only two weeks to save the planet” taxes on agriculture, and the farmers are giving the finger. They blocked roads and protested, which caused some of the measures to be lifted, but the diesel tax on agriculture was not, hence more protests are planned for Jan 8th. **Good luck!**’


UK: Jim Ferguson is also flagging up the protests in Germany and in France – and provides a link to an international freedom organisation for like-minded people:

‘Protests in Germany: Farmers there say there is Net Zero chance of them backing down over Government failures. Protests are rapidly intensifying in Germany, evolving into large-scale demonstrations nationwide. Similarly, in France, thousands of farmers are paralyzing cities and towns with their protests. Meanwhile, government officials, criticized as puppets of the World Economic Forum, are attempting to implement Net Zero policies.

Join us http://freedomtraininternational.org


Some important information from Christine Anderson regarding the farmers’ protests on 8th January 2024:


16th January 2024 – Vigilant Fox shared this news:

‘Literally. French farmers, like their German counterparts, are also fed up with crippling, globalist policies in the name of curbing climate change. Thousands of farmers demonstrated today from Occitania to Toulouse and dumped more than a hundred trailers’ worth of manure and waste. Video:

@LucAuffret H/T:

@AnonymeCitoyen What do you think about this move from the farmers?’


Read what people say about the ‘Community Notes’ added in response to the claim that mainstream media is not reporting on the German Farmers’ protest – for example, John Davies writes:

‘The community note suggests the MSM are covering the protests. Unfortunately the MSM spin on why the protests are happening is not accurate. They say it’s about farming subsidies being cut, which they are, but that’s just one part of the story. The protest is about the Globalist supporting government trying to control the food supply, including forced purchase of farms. We saw this in Holland and the US. It’s tyranny by governments following the disgusting WEF 2030 agenda’


23rd January 2024 – Are farmers beginning to protest in Scotland?


25th January 2024 – Now in Poland:


30th January 2024 – Macron deploys 15,000 police officers to prevent the farmers blockading Paris:


1st February 2-24 – Phoenix reloaded writes on X (click on the link to see the videos of farmers’ protests in different countries):

‘FARMERS STORM THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT BUILDING IN BRUSSELS PETROL BOMBS SCORCH THE EARTH, EGGS AND PROJECTILES ARE THROWN AT THE WINDOWS ! Major roads in Brussels were blocked. the heart of the WEF in Brussels has been brought to a standstill by over 1000 tractors to protest #Climatescam and the net zero stranglehold that is desperate to kill farming and our only source of food ! Farmers have battled the WEF controlled governments of the west…Germany, Holland, France, Poland and many more collide with the fascist foot soldier WEF Police… FARMERS HAVE BEEN BATTERED AND ARRESTED BUT THEY WILL NOT SURRENDER ! Bill Gates and the WEF plan to own & control the worlds only farms & sources of water we will then be totally at the mercy of the most evil organised crime syndicate the world has ever known (WEF/EU/NWO) THE FIGHT IS ON YOU ARE EITHER FOR GLOBALIST ENSLAVEMENT OR FOR FREEDOM ! Farmers & truckers of Europe & the west fight globalism head on…these heroes are literally the only thing standing between us & globalist enslavement. MSM play down the significance of this resistance or for the most part dont mention it at all but it is happening globally …GOOD WILL ALWAYS CONQUER EVIL ! Of the few mentions MSM have uttered about the actions of the farmers in some cases they actually have the audacity to claim that the farmers are protesting about climate change inaction.



2nd February 2024 – Conservative News Feed flags up a very short video clip of Dr Patrick Moore, founder of Green Peace, challenging the claim that CO2 is causing the Earth to warm – Patrick states otherwise and that CO2 is a really essential nutrient – this is an important video to watch. Of course those scientists and people warning the world about the narrative of ‘Net Zero’ and of ‘reducing your carbon footprint’ are censored and vilified in the same way that alternative voices to lockdowns and covid jabs have been silenced and not represented in the mainstream media (unless to demonise). Conservative News Feed writes:

‘When they started coming after the farmers is when I knew for certain that all of the climate change initiatives are all about control. You’re going to solve climate change by taxing more? We all know how well our governments spend our taxes. But now they’re coming after farmers and we need to wake up before it too late. If you control the food, you can control the population. This is why Bill Gates is buying up farmland. This is why they’re taxing farmers out of business throughout Europe. If you think climate change is real then why did Obama buy waterfront property in Martha’s Vineyard? And to uproot society all of a sudden for an unproven theory is beyond comprehension. I could see if was a black and white issue. But obviously it isn’t. Drive your EVs, I don’t give a shit. But leave the farmers alone!’


2nd February 2024 – Is this really what is being reported – that the French police (on the occasion shown) have sided with the people? I hope so – but won’t believe it until further information is provided about this scene on the video. Jim Ferguson writes:

‘Police are beginning to stand and side with the people.

The Police have families and are also part of our communities.

The Globalists hate them just as much as the rest of us.

When the security forces stand down and side with the people its game over for the Globalists.

Its time to stand our ground. Its time to resist. Join us’ http://freedomtraininternational.org


And now Italian farmers:


German farmers blockade country’s biggest airport’:


8th February 2024 – Is this a genuine development? Wall Street Silver writes via X:

‘BREAKING: The EU have surrendered to the farmers

1. Dropping its 30% reduction target on emissions from farming

2. Reversing unrealistic pesticide quotas

3. Allowing more land for agricultural use

4. Agreeing to stop telling EU citizens to eat less meat’


18th February 2024 – I am incredulous that any councillors have the audacity to ‘ban meat and dairy’ – and thank goodness Wiltshire councillors look set to support local farmers and their produce – but shouldn’t we expect nothing less than that?


26th February 2024 – Andrew Bridgen MP (Independent) flags up another good article written by Sally Beck and published in The Conservative Woman.

Andrew writes:

‘Why are the Government promoting policies to reduce food production when we have food inflation at 10%, twice the average rate of inflation? This is happening across the globe.’

A sinister agenda down on the farm

By Sally Beck


14th March 2024 – Telegraph article flagged up by Simon Miln via X entitled, ‘Net Zero is dead. Only the fanatics haven’t realised it’

“Many advocates of Net Zero live in a fantasy world and are, apparently, content to sacrifice the future welfare of the UK’s population on the altar of arbitrary and artificial goals. It takes between 3 and 5 years to build a new gas-fired power plant at an existing site under the UK’s current planning system. Another 1-2 years is required for contracts and project finance. Unless we start now, we face blackouts within a decade.”


26th March 2024 – Farmers along with their tractors roll into London to protest. Alan on X writes:

‘Lots of tweets suggesting the farmers are protesting about issues which were directly caused by Brexit. Why then, are farmers in France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Belgium, none of which have left the EU to my knowledge, also protesting, and have been for months and months? Perhaps it’s nothing to do with Brexit and everything to do with anti-farming policies being introduced globally under the guise of Net Zero?’

Do read the further responses to this development in England:


***January 2024 – news about farmers’ protest in Germany… and in France… and other countries – the fight back is happening… The damage of ‘Net Zero’ and ‘reducing your carbon footprint’ is huge and challenges to this globalist and fear-mongering narrative are not represented in the mainstream media (censorship as usual)… A developing international crisis as farmers in other countries actively protest against their governments complete with their tractors!

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