6th January 2024: I read and recommended this book by Kennedy at an early stage of using my Naked Emperor blog to highlight questionable and nefarious global events – including the covid 19 ‘pandemic’. It was heavy going reading this book for me – partly because I read an ebook version before the hard copy was available. I recommend you invest in a hard copy version of this book so you can take on board the big picture of its contents and use it as a tangible copy to share with others.

What occurred to me from the outset of reading my ebook version was that I’d never seen such a heavily referenced book. I said so to my husband at the time. The book played a significant part in my embryonic suspicion of ‘vaccines’ and encouraged me to read and understand the medical field and ‘big pharma’ more widely.

Funnily enough, the impressive scale of the book’s references is an observation made by Dr John Campbell in his review available via YouTube. John has taken some time to ‘understand’ covid global events and developments and he himself admits that this is the case, he’s ‘changed his view’ with great incredulity and dismay of the world he sees now. Many people have appreciated that John has been on his own journey of opening his eyes.

This is the book:


This is John’s review – please watch – it’s not long, ‘Bill Gates, Big Pharma and Global War’ and of course, rightly, John continues to urge people to ‘make up your own mind‘:


The link below leads to my original recommendation of Kennedy’s book and also other informative literature and organisations (I regret not dating these earlier postings). Do take a look:


In fact, there are numerous references to the work of Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci in various posts on my blog. Skim through the titles if you want to learn more. Why Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci (and many others) have got away with their action, bribery and corruption (and murder) over the years and to date, I really don’t know. The scale of their corruption is off the scale.

It’s very disappointing that it has taken John Campbell so long to read Kennedy’s book. He might have had his eyes opened wider and more quickly if he had read it when he first learnt about it.

9th January 2024 – Dr Peter McCullough via X:

@RepMTG is on point. Fauci participated in the creation of the SARS-CoV-2 prototype in order to develop a vaccine against it. All GOF, all wrong. Well documented in Menachery 2015 2016 papers @baric_lab @EcoHealthNYC Wuhan Lab.


***’The Real Anthony Fauci – Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health’ by Robert F. Kennedy Jr – review by Dr John Campbell

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