Dr John Campbell provides a video featuring only Andrew Bridgen’s very powerful speech informing the ‘Excess Deaths Debate’ on 16th January 2024. The link below also provides a direct link to the official ‘Hansard’ parliamentary record of the full debate.

As is clear via my Naked Emperor blog, I’ve followed developments of the work of Andrew Bridgen in attempting to hold the UK Government and Parliament to account for some time – and this includes noting the consequent treatment of Andrew – for example, his expulsion from the Conservative Party and ridicule by many.

I haven’t found Andrew to be a natural orator although the content of his speeches has been important and on point for some considerable time. Without doubt, however, he gathered a head of steam for his speech below – and you can see how frustrated and disgusted he is with the grave inadequacy, failings and unacceptable actions (or lack of action) and absence of any accountability during the Covid Years including the issue of failing to acknowledge and investigate covid jab injuries and deaths, and now ‘excess deaths’ notably following the roll-out of covid jabs. He also calls out the total inadequacy of the current official ‘Covid Inquiry’ in the UK – another issue I’ve featured via various posts on my blog.

I really do urge you to watch this speech in full…


And then this is an excellent article featuring Andrew Bridgen’s speech in The Conservative Woman:

Andrew Bridgen gains more back-bench support for a full Parliamentary debate on excess deaths

By Kathy Gyngell who starts her article quoting Andrew Bridgen…

‘I BELIEVE that future generations will ridicule us for what we have just done in response to a seasonal airborne virus. We lost our collective minds. We imposed a brand new type of quarantine on a healthy population, in breach of all previous public health advice, in breach of our own carefully drafted, expert pandemic plan, and in flagrant breach of the sensible and experienced advice from many professionals. Those noble dissenters are being vindicated. One by one. Inevitably so, as the suppressed, shaming real world evidence emerges.’ – Andrew Bridgen MP, opening the parliamentary debate on Trends in Excess Deaths, Tuesday January 16


No one, even his worst enemy, could deny that Andrew Bridgen is a brave, exceptionally hardworking and determined man. He is the MP who goes where others fear to tread his pursuit of the truth: the Post Office scandal, vaccine injury and now excess deaths.

On Tuesday he crossed the second hurdle in his campaign to achieve a full parliamentary debate on excess deaths. The first, last October, was his speech on excess deaths in an adjournment debate. This one came as a result of his December 4 event at Portcullis House where he persuaded 20 MPs to hear Drs Pierre Kory, Robert Malone, David Martin, the analyst Steve Kirsch and Professor Angus Dalgleish speak on this very question to the crowded room assembled there. Following this success 17 sufficiently concerned MPs signed Andrew’s application to the Business Committee for a debate on ‘Trends in Excess Deaths’. 

Hence the debate that took place in Westminster Hall on Tuesday. I was glad to see him flanked once again by his similarly resolute colleague Sir Christopher Chope MP.*

You can watch the full ninety minute debate here.

Needless to say, and disgracefully, not one mainstream newspaper has reported it.  This is despite a record 23 backbenchers attending whose speech time limit, after Andrew’s opening 32-minute tour de force, had to be cut to three minutes each – that’s apart from the two front-bench speakers – the significance of which Andrew told me ‘certainly supports an application for a full three-hour debate in the main chamber’. His next hurdle.’

Do read the full article, link below:


19th January 2024, Andrew Bridgen writes via X:

‘I have made a submission to the @CommonsBBCom for a three hour debate on Trends in Excess Deaths in the House of Commons main chamber. I will hopefully be presenting the debate application at 4:15 pm on Tuesday afternoon. The Westminster Hall debate on 16th January was so successful that speakers were limited to three minutes each. There were over 25 MPs in the room and many didn’t get a chance to intervene or speak so there is very clearly an appetite for a longer debate. I am very pleased I’ve secured over 20 signatures for this Debate and hope the Committe can find time to allocate for this incredibly important topic. I would like to thank all of the MPs, from all four corners of the House, who have signed this application.’

Mike Fairclough responds thus:

‘It is the duty of every MP to attend this debate. Excess deaths within the UK are higher than excess deaths during the WW2 Blitz. Every member of the @Conservatives and @UKLabour must attend on behalf of their constituents. There is absolutely no excuse not to. This is why they were elected.’

And I respond to Mike with this comment:

‘I agree. There is nowhere to hide for politicians. They need to face up to the excess deaths’ debate and the possibility/probability that covid jabs have significantly contributed to these excess deaths including for younger, otherwise healthy, people. Or face total shame.’


Dr Peter McCullough provides a screenshot of the featured data and states:

‘Here are the data on ~1150 American deaths on the same day as the injection. People were healthy enough to walk into a vaccine center and were dead a few hours later. No investigation of these deaths by willfully blind’


Italian Police Unions Sound the Alarm Over Surge in Officer Deaths Post-COVID-19 Vaccination:


23rd January 2024 – update by Andrew Bridgen (watch the short video of Andrew garnering support and asking for a further debate):

‘I was honoured to be joined at the @CommonsBBCom by my colleague @JNHanvey who has been part of this fight from the start. I would like to thank the 24 MPs for supporting the application for a debate on The Covid 19 Pandemic Response and Trends in Excess Deaths.’


31st January 2024 – See Andrew Bridgen’s question in the House of Commons during ‘Prime Minister’s Question Time’ and the response by the UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak…

Coronavirus Plushie flags up the video footage and writes:

“Let me be unequivocal from this dispatch box that Covid vaccines are safe.”

Either UK Prime Minister @RishiSunak is telling a bald-faced lie, or he’s ignorant of the scientific studies which show the Covid mRNA injections are killing people. Either way, it doesn’t look good. Rishi, and all those who shouted “hear hear”, should watch @P_McCulloughMD here, as he cites some of those studies.


The Vigilant Fox provides more information about the lie of ‘safe and effective’ as declared by Ed Dowd:

ED DOWD: “Safe and Effective”

Is the Biggest Fraud of Our Lifetime “And it’s unwinding,” he says. “All you have to do is look at the Pfizer stock price – look at the Moderna stock price, and they are hitting new lows every day.”

“And there’s a reason why,” Dowd added. “Even though the mainstream media and our medical institutions won’t admit what’s going on, the word’s gotten out and uptake of the magic juice inoculations is about 6% now.


15th February 2024 – Watch this short video by Dr John Campbell who includes two video snippets which illustrate very clearly just how disingenuous the UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, is with regard to the scale of covid jab injuries across the UK – and his apparent ignorance about jab injuries. In the House of Commons, Rishi Sunak claims ‘unequivocally’ that the covid jabs are ‘safe’. And he claims ‘surprise’ that the two covid injured men in the audience for GB News are ‘silenced’ over their injuries. Dearie me – lie after lie…


According to an analysis of ‘official’ data in the UK, there are over one million deaths of ‘vaccinated’ people compared to a much smaller number of all-cause deaths of ‘unvaccinated’ people in all age groups, see here:


Andrew Bridgen writes via his own X post:

‘Remember that PM Rishi Sunak said only two weeks ago that “unequivocally the Covid vaccines were safe.” Ask my constituent Steven Miller.’

How long can this horrendous political and medical crime continue with no accountability in sight?


20th February 2024 – A brilliant article by Kathy Gyngell in The Conservative Woman describing the appalling resistance of the UK Parliamentarians to do the right thing for the British people:

‘Andrew Bridgen tells James Roguski ‘We must just say NO’’

Starting with:

‘We used to have a parliament that legislated for the people, I thought. That’s why I became a Member of Parliament for my home area. But now we have a parliament that inflicts laws upon the people. And, as I’ve said many times before, quoting the late great Tony Benn – who was a left-wing politician, but a great democrat – ‘When the people are scared of the politicians, that’s tyranny. But when the politicians are scared of the people, that’s democracy.’ And we need to get back to the latter.’

Do read the full article:


22nd February 2024 – Molly Kingsley flags up an important speech made by Philip Davies MP. She writes:

Blistering speech from @PhilipDaviesUK in @UKParliament just now during this afternoon’s debate on ‘Premature deaths from heart and circulatory diseases’. Highlights: “The largest relative excess of deaths since the pandemic occurred in young or middle aged adults…young and middle aged people are dying at home from cardiac events and we don’t know why…It is absolutely urgent and our duty to get to the bottom of this sooner rather than later.

Points out that there are many theories circulating … “the fact is we don’t know if [Covid vaccination] is a cause as certain data sets are not being released…until they are released it is impossible to rule this theory in and to rule this theory out.” Reveals that a group of cross party MPs have written to @DHSCgovuk , @UKHSA and @MHRAgovuk…in that letter, the MPs “warn that by withholding official data they are fuelling concerns and hesitancy about public health. We’ve asked that anonymised record level official mortality data be released alongside vaccination dates and co-morbidities without delay. We understand that the MHRA has collected and already shared this data with pharmaceutical companies.”

There is no reason “why this data couldn’t also be shared with Parliament and the public”.

Points out that “repetitive generic assurances are not serving to reassure anybody at all. Likewise the news from the ONS this week that they are looking to revise their excess death methodology….has done little to quell public concern. If anything it has done the exact opposite with people seeing it cynically as a sleight of hand.” “If there is any potential that public health interventions including Covid vaccinations are causing harm we must act on that without delay.”


The ONS explanation for the change in the way ‘excess deaths’ are calculated:


23rd February 2024 – Here is a very powerful five minute video clip from an Australian news programme actually referencing the moment when the UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, was caught out lying on UK TV! Then reference is made to developments in Australia – see the redacted Freedom of Information document.

Craig Kelly flags up this video footage and states: ‘ANOTHER HUGE TURNING POINT IN THE WAR AGAINST THE CRIMINAL COVID CARTEL Since 1st August 2021 SkyNew Australia’s presenters have been banned by their management from saying anything that dared questioned the “safe & effective” narrative. This dark period of history, where the Australian media was censored now appears to be coming to an end following Liz Storer’s comments the other night. SkyNews implemented the ban, prohibiting their presenters from telling the truth about the “vaccines” after being threatened & censored by the Covid Mafia at YouTube back in August 2021. Not surprisingly this censorship of a free media by was cheered on by Idiot Green Senators. Well now the censorship appears to be over. The day of reckoning is coming for the covid criminals. They can‘t hide from the truth forever.’


26th February 2024 – Inquiry into ‘excess deaths’ in Australia – Thought for Freedom writes:

‘BREAKING: The Australian senate acknowledges that the concerning rise in #ExcessDeaths seen in 21,22 has continued into 23 as evidenced by all cause provisional mortality from the Australia bureau of statistics, and, that there’s a need for further inquiry as to the reasons why. The walls are closing in! Again, to all the medical establishment, come clean before it’s too late. YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME’

Watch the short video statement:


26th February 2024 – Andrew Bridgen flags up an important conversation via a Rumble video – he writes:

‘It was great to speak with Dr Ali Ajaz and Kate Blewett about the incredibly important issue of Trends in Excess Deaths, Covid vaccine injuries and deaths; and why our political and medical establishments have failed in their duties to protect the public.’


18th March 2024 – Molly Kingsley flags up a video stating:

‘UK Medicines Regulator @MHRAgovuk and Health Security Agency @UKHSA fail to respond to Parliamentary demands for Covid vaccine safety and excess deaths data.

Two weeks ago – as shown in the Health and Social Care Select Committee clip below – Dame Jenny Harries promised to respond to a formal request for excess deaths data from a cross-party group of MPs, and to a related freedom of information act request, “very soon, in full”.

Despite MPs following up for that response a week ago, none has yet been provided. Silence too from the MHRA’s Chief Safety Officer and from DHSC Health Ministers. The already-extended deadline for the freedom of information act request that Harries refers to in this clip was 8th March.

Answers have been chased but not given. The issues at stake are significant. Parliament and the public deserve a response. If you are as fed up as we are with ministers and officials avoiding parliamentary scrutiny and accountability on this topic of concern for millions, please add your voice to our call to action’



***16th January 2024: Andrew Bridgen MP gives his strongest and most revealing speech in the UK Parliament to date – this is a MUST watch indeed! He really calls out the HUGE failings of the UK Government and Parliament – including their failure to investigate ‘excess deaths’… (and further developments – PM Rishi Sunak still claiming the covid jabs are “safe” in the House of Commons)

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